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19: New Tech Gadgets

This week we talk about Kyle's new Tesla Model 3 delivery and first reactions. We talk about Elon Musk's latest antics and the SEC lawsuit and wrap up with Kyle's other latest gadget the IPhone tennis (XS).
19: New Tech Gadgets

This week we talk about Kyle's new Tesla Model 3 delivery and first reactions. We talk about Elon Musk's latest antics and the SEC lawsuit and wrap up with Kyle's other latest gadget the iPhone tennis (XS).

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Shit, we recording right now?

Yeah, we be recording right now.

Right now.

Well, I got a message from...

Long time listener Wyatt this morning.

Who's Wyatt?

I don't care to share how it is that I know him.

Who's Wyatt, I have to say?

He sent me a little image here.

So one of those little one of those images where it's like two two side by side and

The top says what I want versus what I can afford and the what I want or the first

Segment is a woman looking out a plane window and in the background is the Eiffel Tower. She's flying over Paris

So that's the what I want and then in the one I what I can afford window is a woman

Sitting next to a washing machine

Looking at the door of the washing machine, so they look very similar in terms of like

So the reason that he sent me this is he was listening to the last episode and he said

"Thought of Mike's comment about girls on dating apps."

Oh yes! Yeah I'm kind of having a little bit of that reality as well.

I thought that was pretty funny. It's calling you out.


Well, it's not so much like what I want versus what I can afford, but kind of like where I think I'm at and where I'm really at.


Hence the joining the CrossFit gym a month ago.

There you go.

Did you have a month?

Buy monthly haircuts?

Yeah, right. Like a little bit of the personal hygiene.

The finesse.

I've been doing the bi-monthly grooming, haircut grooming, and I've been doing a ballroom dancing.

That would be in shape and in height.

It is actually good exercise.

It wouldn't replace the gym for me, I mean the gym and that, but I tell you what, I leave there sweating my ass off every time.

It's a workout.

Yep, co-worker of Christina's or former co-worker used to do a lot of ballroom dancing.

He's very, very, very good at it.

And he's a super fit guy and really loved it and would do it a lot.

I mean, he does other things like CrossFit as well, but generally, like, he loves dancing

and would do it like almost damn near professional.


I would, I would like to be, I'll never be professional.

I don't have aspirations to take it that far.

I could, I could even do that.

I think the CrossFit is going to help just with some of the fitness.

But, uh, yeah, I'm gonna continue taking classes there because it's a really inexpensive hobby.

If you wanted personal lessons, then you'd start paying more dollars for that.

But the classes themselves, it's really a pretty good value because you get

five or six classes for 60 bucks.

And if you wanted a private lesson for an hour, you'd pay about 100 bucks.

How many are in the class? I might have asked you this already.

um anywhere from i mean some of them

vary but our class has probably

10 couples oh that's not bad yeah so it's still nice to have a personal

lesson sometimes just to get caught up i did one but otherwise the classes are

for fun you get you get enough individual attention there but it's not

a deal breaker very cool so what's happening with you

Oh man.

Big news.

So last episode we talked about that I had placed the order

for the Tesla Model 3.

Yeah you did.

And come to find out that within a week,

they would be delivering the car.

So I now have the car.


So yeah, we went from order to delivery in a week,

which is crazy considering the lead time

from placing the initial $1,000 down

in the reservation system, right?

How long was it?

Two years ago or something like that.

Oh wow, yeah.

to real quick turnaround, which was awesome.

And the delivery process for the car was crazy easy.

Normally delivery process for a car, right?

You're gonna go in, you're gonna bring your trade in.

If you have one, you're gonna dick around with the guy,

you're gonna negotiate, talk to his manager.

Yeah, he runs back and forth for half an hour

trying to find out what he can and can't do for ya.

Hey, let me show you this amazing deal

I can give you, right?

Throw in some floor mats. Yeah, I'd be lucky

So all of that shit is done online so before I went in we had already managed whatever the loan was gonna be

Who is gonna provide the loan how much it was gonna be?

What kind of balance there would be remaining after trade in the trade in was estimated not estimated was?

They had a final value for the trade which also was done completely online

Through a series of photos and what the odometer reading was and that sort of thing really yep

So we knew all the financials going in

And then once you got there you signed most of the documents that you had to sign were legal not legal

government type documents so like release of title and

plate documents

Stuff like that that you can't probably do online because the government probably doesn't have systems for that sure

But in and out I would say we were there for maybe 20 minutes get out of here as opposed to I'm pretty sure when we bought them

I'm not madly sorry the Camry. I'm pretty sure we were there for

Two hours probably something like that. It was a long time. This is like drive-through car purchase. It was amazing

So we got done signing the paperwork. It's all indoors. So they drive your Tesla up onto this like red carpet type thing. Oh nice

It's all detailed, right? It's all super clean and slick looking and then they put you in it. They give you

Brief overview of some of the systems enough to kind of get you out the door and driving and then away you go

Like it was super super easy

making car buying fun

Right who would have thought that's the possibility

So it's kind of one of like the things that I've been noticing like you kind of have these like Tesla fanboys

It reminds me almost like back in the day the Apple fanboys

Okay, you know Tesla can do no wrong type of guys, right? Right?

And I think that's part of the reason is like all the things that they're doing are super customer focused

Making things super easy super streamlined and just making the whole process and end like a beautiful experience as opposed to like something that you dread

And that's a pain in the ass

Well, they've had their fair share of struggles with the production first and then delivery and we'll see the numbers soon in the next few days because

well q3 is over but

They were going to pretty great lengths. I would say to get those cars out to their customers

I read something last week that said that they were even finding a shortage of car transport vehicles

You know semis that have like 10 cars on them. So they're fabricating their own. Oh, wow

I didn't hear that story could deliver more cars. I

Didn't hear that one. I heard a number of like

users coming in or Tesla Model 3 owners coming into the actual

Delivery locations to help deliver the car. Oh, yeah, I heard that too

So that the employees could just handle the paperwork and then these Tesla owners could come in and give the person kind of the walkthrough

Of the features of the car and that sort of thing pretty creative. Yeah

to help speed things along and I think it worked like there was a whole bunch of different stories of

People coming in and helping them out in that way and getting pictures with the Tesla team and that sort of thing

That's great. I know that

Musk saw that on the Twitter. I think and said yeah, that sounds good if you have a plan. Let's do it

Just ad hoc is like yeah go into your local store and help out. Yeah jump in

Let these guys come in and help right

Very cool, man. I still haven't seen the test slide. I know you drove by a couple times. I haven't

Okay, like been able to take a look, but I'm very excited to see it

So I guess just kind of a couple quick thoughts on it like number one

I kind of I totally get it now like

Like I told you that I know there's a lot of people that are just like super super gung-ho Tesla

and we've both been pretty bullish on them

in terms of their ability to survive

and that sort of thing,

but I totally understand now why people love Tesla so much.

- Tell me about that.

- Just like I said, the experience is beautiful.

The car itself is amazing.

It's a very premium feel, which there again,

I've never had a premium car.

I've always kind of just been like,

whatever a car I'll get me, whatever I need to go,

I don't need to pay a lot of money for a car.

I don't really fucking care.

but this car is very nice.

- Like the feel of it is just high quality.

- Exactly.

Everything feels quality, it feels well built.

It performs really well.

Everything about it just seems like very well thought out

and very well detailed.

- I thought it was fascinating.

You sent me a video from like the first day

of trying it out on the Interstate,

short video of using the autopilot.

- Yep.

- Tell me about that a little bit

because I think you were saying

that it was a little interesting at first,

like trusting the car.

- Yeah, so currently the Tesla autopilot works in

as long as you bought the $5,000 option with the car.

- Right.

- So we did purchase that 'cause that's kind of

as we referred to in the last show,

that's one of the reasons you want the car, right?

It's some of the autonomous features that it does offer.

So one of them is basically once you're on a freeway,

you can turn on autopilot and it will maintain the lane

and it'll maintain follow distance.

So from any cars that show up in front of you,

you can say like, hey, I want to be three car lengths

behind this vehicle.

So once you turn on or engage autopilot,

you it'll just essentially drive itself in that lane

and speed up or slow down accordingly with no problem.

So doing it for the first time,

it gets interesting especially as you are making a corner,

like rounding a corner towards your right.

Like say you're in the middle lane

and you're rounding a corner to the right.

And especially if there's somebody outside of you

on the left lane is where it gets really uncomfortable

because the car, if the car was to go,

if autopilot was to fail, like the natural thing the car

would do would be veer into the left lane

or veer into whoever's on your left.

So that's a very uncomfortable feeling

when you're not controlling the car.

But it does a very, very good job.

It's pretty incredible.

I'm very impressed.

One of the other notes I wanted to make is like,

I feel like this is kind of an iPhone-like

revolution event in the world of like cars. Oh. So one of the things, version nine of the Tesla

software is coming out very soon, like any day it's expected. It's already available in some beta

testing cars. But like, in the history of any car that you've ever owned, like basically you go to

the dealer, you buy that car, right? And that car is that car for the life of the time that you own

Nothing changes. Exactly, right?

And so now you have a car that you're gonna own for a year

And now suddenly it can do all kinds of more shit that it wasn't able to do before like that's

Very that's a huge game. That's like a disrupting game changer, right?

And and they were forward thinking in other ways too with some of the hardware

Didn't you say that they have cameras mounted all over the place, but they're not really utilizing them to the first

So that's something we can actually roll into because that's the next thing I wanted to talk about is actually the version 9 software

that's coming out. So one of those cameras that is being not utilized

currently is up kind of behind the the rear view mirror. So in the windshield on

the other side of the rear view mirror and it's a dash cam is what it is. So now

they're going to enable a built-in dash cam. So anytime the Tesla is driving it's

gonna auto record using that camera. And the way that they're gonna implement that

is there's already USB ports in the car. So if you plug a thumb drive into that

And granted you have to put some stupid like proprietary named folder name in there

So that that way it knows where to record

But if you put that folder on the thumbstick plug it in it'll automatically start recording and ours worth of footage

And then just continually like delete and loop that footage over and over Wow


It's it's that's cool

And and that solves like one problem like if you're in an accident or something happens while you're driving

But the thing that it is missing is like if the car is just sitting idle

Like it'd be nice to have that recording as well, but that's also a battery suck right

Yeah, I see you're saying if if somebody came and keyed your car or

broken yeah

Wow, so they're starting to implement some of these another one that they're using

They had a number of them on the sides that were kind of unutilized

So now with the nine version nine software update, they're gonna implement blind spot detection. So

There's videos now that you can see so if you've ever seen like the Tesla console

It can show you like all these cars moving around you like it shows like a basically a visual diagram of what is on the road in front of you

So if you're driving down a lane and there's somebody directly in front of you

It'll show an icon of a car directly in front of you

Well now with blind spot detection it shows you them on your sides, which is something that it has never done before

So with that technology now also they can add auto lane changing

So the Tesla can make its own decisions of if it wants to move lanes or not for whatever reason

So that's another use of kind of cameras that were unused or were not used well

Just can't even imagine though being in the car behind the wheel and all of a sudden this thing is lane changing and speeding up and slowing down

Like how different that experience is from any kind of car driving experience. Yep

That's what I'm excited for and so to add even a little bit onto that

So one of the things they're releasing is called like it's called like drive on nav

And so what that means is like if you punch in a location on the nav system, so like I'm gonna drive to

Sunnyvale, California, right?

So as long as there's a path that it can navigate once you're on the freeway

It'll basically navigate itself completely

autonomously from

Freeway entrance to freeway exit Wow, and it doesn't matter if it has to navigate freeway interchanges

It'll handle that for you because it knows how to hand where it needs to go

So that's another thing that they're going to implement in this particular version.

So now you have basically freeway only autonomous driving.

And that happens now.

You don't need to have.

Now you still have to touch the steering wheel every so often for that to continue to work.

That's right.

So yeah, in order to make sure that you're not just abusing it and ignoring it, yeah,

basically the way that it works is when you're in autopilot mode, the steering wheel is semi-rigid,

but there's a tiny bit of play in it.

And so anytime it asks you, you have to like just shake the wheel a little bit in that

little play zone and it'll activate it and make sure your nose that you're paying attention.

Somebody got pulled over recently, yesterday or today, for having a laptop mounted on their


I saw that off the post that in the show notes or put a link to the video.

It's really funny.

I actually saw Brad or our boss watching that today in his office.


Yeah, the cop was basically bitching and saying

that you couldn't have a laptop open

while you were driving and the guy was like,

"No, no, no, this is, how do I close it?"

Oh, shit.

That's fine.

Yeah, you're gonna get those abuses.

So the difference mainly now between the,

what they have now in the version nine update

is that, A, it can navigate interchanges

and continue to direct you in the direction

of whatever your nav tells you you're traveling.

So that's one change.

The other change is there was no unassisted lane changes before.

So you could tell it to change the lanes while on autopilot, but it wouldn't do it for you

where now it'll make that determination if it needs to and it'll switch lanes and go

around somebody if it wants to.


Major improvements just by software over the air update.

That's the crazy thing.

Like, it's amazing.

So a couple other just real quick notes from the update because there's a whole bunch of

of the stuff that's been leaked out now that it's in beta.

So it can identify different types of objects.

So previously it can only identify cars.

And it didn't matter whether it was like a semi-truck

or a car or whatever, it didn't matter.

They all identified as cars.

So now they've got all kinds of different vehicle types.

In addition to the vehicle types,

it can identify people and shows it as a person

and they can identify bicycles

and they can also show the icon properly for a bicycle.

- Wow.

They've got a real time energy app,

so now you can see your consumption of energy

in real time.

That's nothing groundbreaking like Priuses and stuff like that.

I've had that for ever.

There's a calendar integration, which

I've not seen a lot of detail on.

There's a web browser coming to the actual infotainment screen.

And then another Easter egg.

They're putting Atari games.

Oh, yeah, man.

I love the old Atari.

So you can play Atari games.




- That's very cool.

- So yeah, that's the V9 software update.

Like I said, it's supposed to drop like anytime,

like any day.

So there again, we were kind of talking about the stock.

I don't know if we talked about this on the show

or if we were talking about it beforehand,

but with the next topic that we're going to talk about,

which is the SEC lawsuit, Tesla stock took a nosedive.

- Yes.

- And one of the things that hasn't come out yet,

but I think will help the stock price

is this version nine update.

I think that'll help.

This version 9 update. I think that'll help again boost their stock to go up even further

Well, I've always felt that way. I don't have any test this stock directly. I have some probably through some index funds

Yep, that's what I have as well

But yeah, I was thinking that when the dip happened it'd be a good time to buy a few shares

If I had some cash to throw in there, but yeah, seems like it's gone back up already just by him being

removed from the

Not board of directors. What is it? He's no longer the chairman. He's not the board chairman, right?

So what we're referring to is recently if you have don't follow the Tesla news like we do

There was an SEC lawsuit against Elon Musk for

Tweeting to he tweeted out basically that he had funding secured to take Tesla private

Yeah, he claimed that he had a deal and verbal deal with Saudi Arabian group

That would give him $420 per share

I guess it was $419 a share, but he rounded up a dollar because 420 sounded cooler and he thought that is

Recently off as weed smoking. Yeah, I thought that that would be more of a catchy number

But yeah, like the stock shot right way back up today

And I imagine you're right with nine coming out that'll probably even bolster even further and the production numbers

They're gonna announce from Q3. I mean Q3

They shattered any record that they had before in terms of vehicle production and delivery. Yeah

So they were expected to hit 50,000

Vehicles delivered I believe in quarter three and by all intents and purposes

It sounds like they've hit that and probably exceeded it that number was also supposed to be tied to profitability

So that would also be obviously a huge deal to their stock and even kind of to this point Elon sent an email out that says

We are very close to achieving profitability and proving the naysayers wrong, but to be certain

We must execute really well tomorrow Sunday, which was yesterday as we record the show if we all go out tomorrow

We will achieve an epic victory beyond all expectations

So by all intents and purposes it seems like they're definitely going to hit that which again

Between hitting their goal and getting profitability. That should be a huge spike for their stock big jump. Yeah

Very good news on the Tesla front there man. Very cool. Got to check out your car

What color did you get you got the metallic?

Silver yeah, it's a is that what it's called metallic silver

I have a picture here that I was gonna add in the show notes so that people could earn out in the show

That's but as a picture that comes up as you are listening to the episode, but oh nice here

I'll show it. I don't think that's exactly what was called that. I don't remember now

It is a silvery color with like a I think it does have some metallic in it

But I don't know what the color name you've got it. It was one of the colors that they

Removed from the standard base package right they removed a whole slew of the colors in order to ramp production

So that they have less customizability to worry about but yeah, you still can get it. It's just more expensive now more cash. Yep

I already have I already paid out enough cash for that damn thing. Yeah, no shit

Right on man. Well, so you got the Tesla you've had a busy few weeks. You were also

Over in Orlando, Florida flow ride. Yeah, that's oh, that's beautiful. Yeah sharp-looking car beautiful looking car

I like that metallic color.

Well, before we jump over to Orlando,

I got one more item.

Oh, shit. You did have a few things to talk about today.

In addition to my purchase of the Tesla.

Uh-oh, what else did you buy?

I also got myself the new iPhone XS.

Fucking shit. Oh, look at that.

iPhone X.




Is that how you say it?


People are calling it the XS.

XS Max.

It's the XS.

The XS.

It's like the not max model.

I'm guessing this is the not max model.

However, if you had the iPhone 7S,

whatever the gigantic, whatever that name was,

I don't know what it was called,

the bigger version of the seven.

The sevens.


This screen size is actually larger

than the big version of the iPhone 7.

Oh, I saw that.

And that's primarily because you don't have the touch button,

the home button at the bottom anymore.

It's really edge to edge screen.

Yeah, you don't have like the chin and the forehead, right?


So it's edge, yeah, top to bottom.

So super slick, I really, really love it.

I'll tell you what, the thing that I've already found

that I love the most is the inductive charging.

Like that is--

Oh, big difference.

It's amazing, like you just bam, set it down charging.

What the hell took them so long for that?

For Android's been doing this for how many years?

Has, yeah.

I don't know, I have no idea, but I have,

and the other thing is like the cheap chargers are amazing,

they're cheap.

Like it's a standard, it's not like Apple proprietary

Oh, get out of here really so like I can buy a cheap charger for like

Five to ten bucks on Amazon no problem. It works Wow

So does that charge about the same rate as the plug or faster or it's lower slower

But that's okay, you know again if you can just like lay it down somewhere like just have them everywhere

Like have a little charging pad everywhere you lay it down and you're charging all the time

Who cares put one on my hand so I can hold it and charge be amazing slap it on your forehead

What else you like about it faster better stronger face it. Yeah, I mean, it's it's a heavier

It's bigger phone like you'll feel the thickness. Oh, that's heavy in stainless steel. What is that?

I don't know it. Well right now there's a case on it. I have a appeal

Protective case on it. That's super thin. Wow, that's great. It doesn't really look like a case, right? That's what I wanted


I went with the white. It's a 256 gig. There's motion at your front door. Oh shit

Breaking in that is a cool image and swipe up to open and then do you still touch the oh?

Yeah, it does give you tactile feedback where the home button would be well

It's face ID, so it's looking at your face and it's saying you're not me fuck out of here

So face ID is cool

Some of the other things that I really like are more IOS 12 features

Like being able to integrate my my one password right into the OS so anytime a password field is detected or

Login it

Can auto fill from one password

And one password also can use face ID so like I don't have to touch it or do anything Wow unlocks it

That's great. That could be really handy


Don't know if you've noticed like anytime you have to do two-factor authentication

It now detects that in the message incoming and there's a little option to like fill that value

whatever comes through in the text message like automatically. I have not

tried it yet. I just installed 12 today. Okay. Yeah, that's a super especially like

as I was setting this one up because I have to log into everything again and

everything's two-factor like that was a damn lifesaver. I love that. Yep, so

that's really cool. The portrait mode on this is pretty amazing like in terms of

photography. The camera in general is amazing but the portrait mode is

particularly with its whole like depth of field adjustment thing. That's really

freaking cool. Oh because after you take the photo you can slide, there's a slider

determine how much blur in the background. Yep. So it's in addition to

taking the photo it's actually taking also depth measurements so it knows

like what the background is, what the foreground is and then you can adjust

those. Wow. So that's really awesome as well. Those are the main things I would

say the inductive charging by far so far my favorite thing.

That's really cool. I'm glad to see they finally implemented that.


That kind of frees up the

the lightning cable now if you want to listen to

or USB-C if you want to listen to music on headphones.

If you want to charge and be listening to music at the same time.

If you don't have the Apple headphones.

Oh, the AirPods.

Yeah. Oh, I saw the AirPods are on sale, or on,

I don't know if they're on sale, but they have the Macasko for about 160 bucks.




They're getting ready to release another version.

Isn't that right?

I don't know.

I don't know how soon, but I know

that they've been working on it.

All right.

They're actually supposed to be more water resistant

than the current ones are.


I heard there was an accidental feature that came out with iOS 12

where some people are complaining that the Messages app--

well, you know now they have like unity, unification

among your contacts.

So let's just say that you have my contact entry for you

has a couple phone numbers.

Maybe you have a regular number, a Google Voice number,

and a couple email addresses.

It'll combine all of those.

It'll know that you're the same person,

and so anytime there's a text chat or a message,

it'll link those all together.

- So it's like an auto merge,

'cause you used to have to do that.

You used to basically have to link accounts together

manually. - Yes.

Yeah, now this will stitch that together for you.

- Oh, excellent.

- The problem that people are complaining about

is that there are kids, for example,

like, oh yeah, for some reason, my text to my kid

is going to my husband instead.

And my text going to my friend is going

to my other friend instead.

And so there's some issues where they're stitching

the wrong things and sending messages to the wrong people.

That could get people in trouble.

That could be bad.

You gotta be very, gotta be very careful

what I'm saying on here the next few days

until they roll out a bug fix for that.

I hadn't heard about that.

That's funny.

Yeah, I just heard that today.

There's people blowing up the Apple forums.

And I don't know if they have a fix yet or not.

I'm not sure if they figured that one out.


So yeah, that's my other big purchase.

So I've got this, got the Tesla.

For the Tesla I did buy a couple of other things as well.

I had to buy, so one other quick note on that is you don't get

a spare tire with the Tesla, right?

That's extra weight.


So the battery, they try to keep the weight down.

So we did have to order like a pump.

I got one that you plug into like a light cigarette lighter


And then the funny thing is, is the pump

comes with a built-in can of that like fix-a-flat shit.

- Oh yeah.

- And so they encourage you to use that stuff

because that's like your only option.

So we have that, it comes in a really nice

little Tesla zip-up bag.

And then we got tire chains

'cause we'll take it up to the mountain

in the winter for skiing.

And then we also got like this,

basically just like a cable holder

so that the actual charger can like loop around

a cable holder on the wall

and not just be laying on the ground.

- Yeah, and right now you're just using

your garage power to power that thing at night?

- Yep, so 120 volts standard outlet,

charges at about the same rate.

So you get about 120 miles of charge in a 24 hour period.

- Okay.

- So far that hasn't been a problem.

I think we're just gonna kind of play it by ear

and just kind of let it roll until we run into an issue

and then decide if we wanna upgrade to a 240

or something like that.

For now it seems to be working okay.

- Oh, I didn't think about that.

So if you have an appliance outlet installed,

you could get double the power.




I was thinking that you'd have to go full 480,

but that's another, that's a different option maybe.

That's Tesla super charging power right there.




Quad core charger.

I think it's possible maybe you could do that.

I'm not sure.

I know the, if we do go to the 240 volt option,

we have to buy a new charger

and they have a big unit that you have to buy

that goes on the wall that handles that correctly.

And maybe that one also could handle 480 as well. I'm not sure. Yeah, I don't know about that

I I'm not an expert on this, but I've done some electrical work and I'm pretty sure that I mean you're only getting

240 coming in you're getting to 120 is coming in from the from the power pole

Oh, okay, so I don't know if they would have to bring if they can actually give you another hot

Yeah, so I think at that point it's three phase 480 and normally you're getting

two phase I

Don't know that'd be interesting if anybody has any experience with that

- Yeah, so you'd have to have the power company involved

at that point.

- Maybe, I don't know.

Maybe there's ways to convert.

I'm not sure if that's possible or how you would handle that

or if the power company could even do that for you.

I mean, they do that for commercial buildings,

so it's theoretically possible.

I just don't know how many residences

have that kind of power.

- Sure.

It's been pretty funny, man.

Like I see, we posted kind of the last episode,

you know, I shared it on my Facebook, whatever,

and a number of people reached out and they're like,

You got a Tova?

Yeah, baller status.

Yeah, I will.

Something like that.

I mean, jeez, man, you got iPhone XS.

What'd you call that?




Not tennis.

The iPhone Tennis.


You got an Apple Watch.

I don't have an Apple Watch.

What are you talking about?

Oh, you don't.


Oh, you have a different one.

You're talking about rain.

Oh, OK.

Rain's the one that got the tennis and the Apple Watch.

Oh, you're not full baller status then yet.


All right.

We'll give you a break.

Mini baller.

Mini baller.

Baller in training.

well what the hell man you know you only live once why not

i i would love one if it weren't for the fact that i don't have

accessible parking

uh... where i'm at currently would be like street parking and

i could do that maybe but that'd be kind of pain in the ass and then i don't

know where i park it down here and

i would definitely not

recommend that i've seen a number of stories about people leaving them on the

street or whatever and somebody just coming in key in the fuck out of the

hood stuff like that so just

being assholes and being like, "Oh, you got a big fancy car. Fuck you."

Yeah, I woke up this morning at 3.15 to some assholes around the corner, like, in a big fight.

I don't know if it was, like, some college kids that were...

It was a boyfriend and a girlfriend that were arguing with each other,

and then somebody else got in the middle of it, and they're...

cussing and screaming at each other, and I hear the cars, like, zooming around.

I don't know, I just...

don't think I'd like to have the Tesla.

Especially not in the U-District, yeah.

Yeah, not in the neighborhood, not in that hood.

So, I'm okay for now, but...

I gotta check it out.

It's just a beautiful car. Everything I've seen about it. I'm

I love it and especially like we've talked before if they do implement some of those autonomous features

And you could have that thing kind of drive around in park and shit. I think that'd just be so cool

I think if they implement that we're gonna have to take another san francisco road trip. Oh, yeah, man

I don't have to engage turbo mode. It'll already be on man

Mad max mode. Did you hear about that?

Oh, they're gonna is that the new easter egg they're putting in this one? It's not an easter egg. It's it's basically the

the aggressiveness at which it will change lanes.

Oh, how aggressive.

Yeah, so there's like, you know, whatever,

the lowest end of the scale and the upper end of the scale

is Mad Max mode.

That's what they labeled it.

So it'll be like those crazy assholes on the interstate

that are like switching four lanes back and forth

just to--

Cutting in real quickly.

Oh, I like that.

Of course you do.

I would like that very much.

I just need to have a setting on there

to tell it to go into HOV mode when I'm driving by myself.

There you go.


We could do that.

- You should get HOV status anyway,

you're in an electric car.

- Yeah, I mean, that should qualify.

It doesn't some states actually, you know?

- Really?

- I think in Denver, they had an I-25,

it used to be one time that it was HOV

for two or more persons, but then also electric vehicles.

- Well, I think we've talked about this in previous episodes.

Like I feel like we're approaching a point

where they should eliminate HOV as being an occupancy thing

and make it that it's an autonomous thing, right?

- Autonomous driveline.

Yeah, exactly, 'cause eventually the autonomous cars

are just gonna be able to follow each other

like a bunch of computerized gizmos

and just fly down the road

because there's nobody coming in or out

or it knows how to handle it.

They're communicating with each other,

they know what's happening, what's coming up ahead

and you can be packing a lot more density onto that lane.

Exactly, right, and they could be going

at a high rate of speed

'cause they're gonna handle everything perfectly.

100 miles an hour, why not?


They analyze the road conditions at an absurd rate.

I can't remember exactly.

You know the number on that, but it was something like a hundred,

hundreds of thousands or maybe even a million times, like in a second,

it was ridiculous.

Maybe in some respect.

I know Elon was talking to, I think it was in Joe Rogan,

because I think Joe Rogan was concerned about ice, right?

And they started to talk about it on the podcast and, and Elon was basically

saying that the car, I think evaluates road conditions like a thousand times a

second. Okay. Maybe that's it. I mean, it's still impressive.

You think about, I might not even see something in a second.

And this thing's already looked at a thousand times.

And that was his argument, right?

He's like, you might notice that you're slipping on black eyes

after two seconds.


You know, the car has evaluated that road now 2000 times.


He's already adjusted accordingly and everything else.



I'm very excited, man.

Unfortunately, I picked the car up like two days

before I had to go on vacation or on a work trip.

So I didn't get a lot of chance to drive it.

But so far, so good.

and I definitely love it and really happy with the purchase.

Well, very cool. Come pick me up some time and we'll go for a spin.

Maybe get some barbecue or something like that.

I'm down with that.

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