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20: Mac OSX Mojave

On this week's episode we talk about Apple's latest OSX release "Mojave". We also discuss the revolving door of todo apps and Kyle's recent trip to Orlando to attend Microsoft Ignite conference as well as Universal Studios, Disney World, and Epcot.
20: Mac OSX Mojave

In this week's episode, we talk about Apple's latest OSX release "Mojave". We also discuss the revolving door of todo apps and Kyle's recent trip to Orlando to attend the Microsoft Ignite conference as well as Universal Studios, Disney World, and Epcot.

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Well on the topic of software, I don't want to take too much time, but maybe I could just have a couple minutes talk about Mojave

You don't get no you don't get no time on this bitch. This is awesome dude. So Mojave OS 10 Mojave keeps rolling

Yeah, I took that as an affirmative sir. Thank you very much

Ha ha ha ha!


No, this is great, man. I mean you're talking about Tesla's version 9 and we got iOS 12 setting texts your wrong friends I

Mac OS Mojave the latest version came out of a S10 Mojave, so I'm gonna talk about that

Some some fluffy features, but I like it. I like it overall. It's been a good upgrade. I've had it now for a few days

Got it last week

Big some of the big ones they have dark mode finally now dark mode and OS 10 so

You can have that cool sleek stealthy

and the carbon look to the background and all of that shit.

In addition to that, the theming in the background now

changes during the time of day.

So they have some kind of the Mojave Desert picture back here.

And depending on what time it is, it's 6 o'clock right now.

It's got a nice dark hue to it.

And then in the morning, it looks like the sun's

coming up on one side.

Oh, that's cool.

I didn't know that.


So I just installed it right when I got back from my trip

to Saturday.


I enabled the dark mode, which is beautiful.

I love the dark mode, for sure.

but I haven't been able to play with it much more than that,

so I'm really excited to hear about this.

This is cool.

- Yeah, it's just nice visuals,

and they always do a good job with the visuals anyway,

but I think this is just a really nice feature,

and it's kinda cool how it blends in pretty seamlessly

in the background, but changes with the time of day

and all that, so.

Yeah, I don't know why, but it seems to,

it's very pleasing to do that.

Other updates that they had, yeah,

that's the dynamic desktop that I was talking about

where it changes throughout the day.

more file organization type stuff.

So they have stacks now instead of having

all kinds of images plaster on your desktop

like some people do or files you can group them by type.

So you can say, oh, this is my, these are images

or spreadsheets or presentations, et cetera, et cetera.

And kind of makes it a little more organized for you

if you have a bunch of stuff on the desktop.

I don't have a lot of stuff on the desktop.

However, I usually like to keep it pretty clean.

- Yep, I'm very tidy in that way too.

This is called dynamic desktop, is that what you're talking about?

- Yeah. - Okay.

Dynamic desktop.

What else?

The Finder now, they've made it easier for you

to look at files and get information on files

and even edit files without having to open the application.

So in some cases you can use Finder to preview things

with more detail than you had before

or even edit basic documents

without having to open the primary application.

- Oh, excellent.

So that, yeah, that's amazing.

- So that's really nice.

It's more of a productivity hack kind of a thing.

The thing I really like, and I haven't done it a whole lot,

I did it once though and it was really cool,

is that a lot of times I'll need to,

well, kind of like you can airdrop stuff to your Mac,

but you can use the iPhone's camera now,

and they call it continuity camera,

where you take a picture with your camera

and it shows up on your Mac.

- Not following, so as soon as you take a picture

on your phone, the picture file itself

just shows up on your Mac?

- It'll automatically show up, yeah.

So you can use, this is their description,

you can use your iPhone to shoot or scan

nearby object or document, have it automatically appear on your Mac. Just choose insert a photo

from the file menu and then you take a photo of something on your desk and automatically

shows up in the pages document where you can scan a receipt and a straight inversion is

immediately available and the finder has a PDF. It works with finder mail, messages,

notes, pages, keynotes, numbers. Just another way iPhone and Mac just click.

Yeah, so okay, so it's more of like something you would want to do intentionally, right?


a document and you want, like you said, a picture of a receipt, say for reimbursement

or something like that, you could go into the menu, trigger something, take a picture

with your iPhone and it knows how to make that connection and insert it at that particular


That's right.



That's awesome.


So really cool.

It just makes it super easy.

You don't have to email something to yourself, open it up, just download it and that shit.


I do that a lot.

I'll throw it into Dropbox and then copy it over and then add it to the doc that I was

doing, you know, that kind of stuff.

So that's slick.

Really like that.


That's kind of the big stuff. I think they made some changes the FaceTime. They're coming soon not out yet

But coming soon where you can have up to 32 people on a call

That's kind of needs that's also missing from iOS 12 so from the iPhone as well

So oh right so that'll come to both devices at a future in a future release. Yeah. Yeah, that'll be like the Thanksgiving update


What else looks like they updated the App Store? I

Maybe yeah, they did what what do they do just a new look and feel?

Exciting new editorial content

Hmm. I haven't really looked at the app store since the update so I can't speak too much about that

They do have a new news app, but I actually like I've had it open the last few days

and it's

It's kind of a flip book kind of a thing. I don't know

Is this one I think this might be one of the first apps that they talked about that are hybrid where it's actually a

a iOS app running on Mac OS.

Oh, that could be.

It runs in what looks like Safari.

'Cause it looks very similar to the iOS news application

that you use on your phone, right?

Yeah, yeah.

So this is their attempt at universal apps

like Windows has done.

It's coming, they're working on it.

I know that like they even kind of did a quick demo

of it on the keynote.

I think like the stocks app is one as well

and there was another, there's a third.

This looks, this certainly looks like the news app

from the phone.

- Well, that's very interesting.

If that's the case, it's gonna be really nice

for developers soon here.

I think there's a big convergence already happening

between mobile and desktop, but then also,

like we've talked about before,

when you've got frameworks like Flutter

where you can develop cross-platform.

I mean, I can see the beginnings of one language

that rules them all, and you might have different options,

but you could theoretically write an app in Flutter

that would work on a Windows desktop,

a Mac desktop and an Android device and iPhone device.

- Yep.

- That would be pretty amazing.

- Not to derail this too much,

but I was just at a conference,

that was the work trip I had mentioned earlier.

And one of the real quick demos we went through

was Xamarin, which is a Microsoft flavor,

that does the exact same thing as Mike was just describing.

But I did not know that it can write iOS apps.

It can write Apple TV apps.

It can write Windows desktop apps.

It can write Android apps.

Like fucking everything under the sun.

It can write an app for Facebook.

- Xamarin. - Xamarin.

Yeah, it's come a long way, I didn't know that.

- Apparently so.

- My clients can be really upset.

I gotta tell them I gotta start over

and rewrite that Flutter app and Xamarin.

- For the third time.

- There's only the third time.

We started with React Native back in spring.

Now we're onto Flutter, but fuck it,

We're gonna go all Xamarin now.

- Yeah.

- Whoever's first to market, right?

- Speaking of dark motes, you're a Todoist user, right?

- Well, it's funny you say that.

I've been all over the board the last few weeks.

I have used Todoist for a long time

and I've been trying other things

to see what's really best,

'cause I'll use it and then I won't.

And I need something that's a little more simplistic maybe.

I don't know.

That is pretty simple too sometimes.

I don't really have a good answer for it.

I've tried a few other ones

and I'm using a different one right now.

What are you using now then?

Well I was doing things, I think it was the app on iOS.

Yep, that's pretty popular.

And I thought okay, that's not bad.

And then I'm using this one called One List.

Oh, I'm not familiar with that.

That one's really simple.

It's about as simple as you get,

you don't even get categories, you just pull down.

It's all swiping gestures.


Well the reason I brought it up is Tidwist now has a dark mode theme as well that they

just released just the other day so it looks a lot nicer.

I like that way better than what they had before.

Maybe I'll switch back.

That was a hard to pull you over on now.

Well I have three of them on my phone right now just trying different ones.

I'm with you on that.

It seems like I always switch around although Tidwist it seemed to stick a little bit more

than the last few things that I've tried?

- Yeah, I don't know what it is.

I think that this might sound like a weak critique

or a complaint, but I find sometimes

like the data entry is too cumbersome of a process.

- In terms of all the keywords that it's looking for

and that sort of thing?

- Yeah, but sometimes I have a quick thought

and I only wanna spend maybe three seconds on that.

And so I like, the one list is nice

because quick pull down, type, type, type,

and you're done, you know, it's there.

So I don't know. I don't know. Sometimes the data entry and then the reminder too. Like I do like

I think you can do this with all of them but with with the one list it's very easy just to set up a

reminder. Yep. And I like that as well. Yeah. I don't know. One thing I haven't used with Todoist

because I don't really use Siri but I'm sure Siri could probably do some sort of voice

you know version of adding adding to your list right where I need to try that where it might be

be a little more intelligent than fumbling around

and trying to add it.

- That might be the fastest way to input something.

And for whatever reason, I feel weird talking to the phone,

so I don't do that in public.

- I don't either.

- But I could, I suppose I could,

and who would know any better

because they think, oh, you're just talking to somebody.

- Yeah, I know that the Amazon person in a box

can add stuff to your--

- Oh, that's a--

- Yeah, yeah, I was trying not to say it,

trigger everybody's Alexa that's listening.

(Bleep, beep)

Um, but yeah, I know you can do that with Alexa.

You can add to, uh, Todoist with no problem there

and the same thing in a watch phone.

- Wow.

- Yeah, I think it adds it to a specific list.

- I should try that.

- Yeah.

- You should give that a shot.

- Yeah.

- Get on the voice train.

- The voice train.

- What else you wanna talk about?

You were in Orlando.

We gonna talk about that a little bit?

- We can talk about that a little bit if you want.

So yeah, I went to Orlando for a Microsoft conference called Microsoft Ignite.

- Ooh, Ignite. - Ignite.

It's a fancy way. They might be able to charge a few hundred dollars extra for that name right there.

Probably true. It's not a cheap event, I can tell you that. I didn't have to pay for it, luckily.

So the last time that I was at a Microsoft event was with you, well, with you, was back in 2006.

It was at the MIX conference in Vegas.

Holy shit, that was 12 years ago?

12 years ago. Damn.

Remember they had the Hookah Bar? Did they have the Hookah Bar in Orlando?

Where did they have a hookah bar?

Yeah, they had a hookah bar in Orlando or in Vegas.

Yeah, don't you remember they had that,

maybe it was just an oxygen bar, so I don't know.

Oxygen bar, I remember that.

Something. Yeah.

I do remember the oxygen bar.

Yeah, that's what it was.

Yeah, they had a lot of stuff.

I don't know that they had anything weird as that.

It was kind of weird.

It was kind of weird even for 2006.

I think that was kind of like the thing though

at that time, wasn't it?

Wasn't that like all of a sudden like a big deal

to like go to a bar and sip oxygen?

- Yeah, it's like things that are artisanal now,

like that flavored oxygen.

- That was a really big, yeah, like blueberry oxygen

raspberry oxygen.

- Yeah, I think it was a big deal for about five minutes.

- Yeah, I didn't go, I think it was popular

at the beginning of the conference

and by the end nobody would fucking do it again.

- Yeah, so we went to a week long conference

in Florida, Orlando.

- How was it in Orlando just generally?

Was it fucking hot?

- Yeah, well, temperature-wise, yeah,

I think the temperature was usually lower to mid-90s

in terms of pure temperature,

and then once you factored in humidity,

I think it was usually in the upper 90s,

something like that.

- Okay.

- So definitely one thing I don't miss from the Midwest,

as you know, is humidity.

- No.

- And so that was really annoying,

and I'm so glad that we don't have that here.

But in general, we stayed at the Lowe's Portofino Bay Hotel,

which is a beautiful, beautiful hotel

that's on the Universal Studios grounds.

- Oh wow.

- It's got a little bay in the middle of the hotel.

So it's basically shaped like a U around this little bay.

And the whole interior of the hotel,

well, the exterior too, looks like Italy basically.

They painted it to look like little Italy village,

Italian village, right?

- Very cool.

- And then the really cool thing is that coming into the bay,

there's an actual dock that there's little transport boats

pull up every five minutes and you jump on them it's free and they'll take you

to what's called City Walk which is right alongside Universal Studios and

there's no cost to do that it's maybe a five minute trip something like that and

then they'll come bring you back as well so super convenient we went down early

we went on a Thursday so Friday my wife and I went to Universal Studios spent the

day there the beauty of that hotel also is that number one they give you

early access so you can get into the park an hour early and then in addition to that you get a free

fast pass to all the rides. Oh they have like a speed line. Exactly yep so you get you can join

that speed line in every single ride which was beautiful. Was that a big time savings too? It was

yes it's huge so to contrast that with Disney which we went to Disney the next day Disney will

only allow you three fast passes in the entire day.

- Oh.

- Last note I'll make on Universal Studios,

aside from it being a lot of fun.

And the fact that the Fast Pass was amazing

and the Early Access was amazing.

The whole Harry Potter stuff that they've got going on there,

they were building that the last time I was there,

which was, I don't know, eight years ago,

something like that.

That area of the park,

even if you're not a Harry Potter fan,

like the amount of detail and thought

and things like that that they put into that.

It's really well done.

Like the whole village that they built,

what is it called?

Hogsmeade is beautiful.

Like the whole thing is just,

everything is just so well done.

And just small details,

like you go into the bathroom and there's the character,

I think her name's Moning Mardal or something like that,


And she's like the ghost of the bathroom.

All of a sudden here over the speakers,

you hear like Moning Mardal like screaming

and yelling and carrying on.

So just small details like that,

Like I can see as a kid, you would just get lost in that place.

Like even as an adult, it was very impressive.

I've never been, but how long you spent a full day there?

Do you get to see most of it or do you need more time?

So because of the fast pass and because of the early access, we were probably

mostly done by one o'clock in the afternoon.

Oh, nice.

Uh, we still stuck around till, I don't know, five, six o'clock in the evening.

But, um, I know, like for instance, the Gringotts bank, which is another one of

the Harry Potter rides.

Um, that ride, I think normally has like a 70 to 90 minute wait.


Uh, we were able to walk all the way to the front of the line.

I think there was three people in front of us when we got there.


So that makes all the difference.

If you didn't have that, you'd be stuck in line.


Then it would have taken the whole day or maybe we wouldn't even have seen everything.

It's, it's hard to say, but to contrast out with Disney, we were there for the whole day.

That was the next day Saturday.

Um, and there we stood in a lot of lines, a lot of very large lines.

I think 60 minute lines, oftentimes.

Additionally, Disney, like Universal feel is very new,

whereas Disney feels very dated.

- Okay.

- It's starting to show its age a lot.

- They're not keeping up with the amenities as much.

Or the exhibits.

- You can tell a lot of it's been around a while,

or even things like, they have names

for all their different versions of areas,

like Tomorrowland, right?

It's supposed to be the future thing.

Well, anything future is gonna feel dated really quickly, right?

And they haven't updated that and who knows how long, right?

So it's cool still, but it still feels very dated.

And we went to like the E.T. ride, for instance,

and that's just really, really bad animatronics

that just kind of like fold over and then stand back up.

You know, just really, really bad.

I mean, it's very visually bad compared to other things,

but it was fun.

I mean, we had a good time.

I'm not above, you know, being a child at heart

or whatever you wanna say, right?

So I was there as a youngster.

I think mom said I was only five

or something like that when I went.

So I remember parts of it, but not a lot of it.

- Yeah.

- So it was fun to see a lot of the stuff.

And what I will say about Disney is the show

at the end of the night in front of the castle,

Cinderella's Castle, like that.

I've seen that both in Florida when I was young

and I've seen it in California not so long ago,

but the show there now with modern technology

and all the lasers and stuff that they can project

on the castle is absolutely spectacular.

Like they can make that castle look like anything they want

to make it look like an evil castle.

They can make it look like not a castle.

They can make it look like it's a scene

from a different movie.

Like it's crazy.

They just go through this whole montage

of like all their different Disney films.

and it just, sometimes it's a castle,

sometimes it's not, sometimes it's some other castle,

sometimes it's an evil castle,

like it's crazy the lighting work

that they can put on that thing.

- Well, I need to add, that's the bucket list.

I haven't done anything like that before.

- It was fun, it's worth doing, yeah.

- So what do you do in line for 60 minutes?

Do they sell concessions?

Can you drink beer?

- Well, I mean, you can definitely drink.

There is alcohol available in various places.

I don't know if you can just carry it throughout the park,

but there is definitely alcohol available.

like in one of the Harry Potter villages there was a bar,

which that's another one of these small details

that I was talking about,

like the bar to an adult, it very clearly is a bar,

like it looks like a bar.

- Yeah.

- Right, it's got the bar top,

there's spigots, just like normal,

but they're all branded or look very kind of woody

or something like in a Harry Potter style, right?

So like it's not just like a standard,

here's Budweiser, right?

- Yeah.

- Like it says Budweiser on it,

It's very stylized to look and feel like the Harry Potter world.

- Okay, so even the font types and the characters

and everything are just--

- And the taps, they look more woody

or something to blend in.

So you're not just looking over there and like,

"Oh, there's the taps for the beer."

Like a kid would never notice, right?

- Wow.

- So just the amount of detail was absolutely amazing.

- Yeah, it sounds like that'd be worth the trip alone.

- Yep.

And then another thing that I make note of

like that place is just printing money like one of the things that everybody

gets there is you can get a wand right so like they have wands for every character

you go to one of their little shops where they have a number of little shops

but everybody has wands so you walk around and you look at these little kids and they're

all swirling their wands because you can walk up to like windows and the way that they work

is the wand has a little IR sensor in the end of it and then the windows are looking for a

specific pattern and if you match that pattern it'll do something, move something, whatever.

And so all the kids have these things, right?

So you'll see like families of four and every one of them has a wand.

Well these wands are 50 bucks a piece.

Oh God man.

So I'm just like man, there's, I think they said in an average day there's what 25, 30,000

people there or something like that.


And you figure probably, what do you want to say, 60% of those probably are more.

Probably have 20,000 people have a one yeah day. Yeah, $50 and that's just some extra right

That's not the ticket the price of admission is 130 bucks a pop a million dollars and wands a day

What are those things cost about two cents probably yeah, probably nothing they're just plastic with a little IR receiver on the front

Oh, yeah, so

It's fun. It's a lot of people, you know, it's not something that I want to do on a regular basis because that gets really irritating after a while

Yeah, it's a good time. Yeah, but you've only gone what a couple times your whole life

Yeah, and then we also hit up Epcot, which you know again talking about being dated like that one's really feeling old and neglected

But it was fun. They did they had kind of a wines or a food of food of the world type thing going on

So as you walked around, you know, you walk around the lake and you kind of go through different parts of the world

different countries different cities whatever it may be well and then each one had its own cuisine like a little

a little shack that was serving like four small bite plates of various types of

cuisine from that area and then four alcoholic beverages from that area. We

just kind of walked around picked up a little snack from each little shack and

had a good time so it's fun. And I'm trying to get this straight you said this was a

work trip. There was work involved. Oh okay. This was just the first three days.

So we got all that into three days. Oh very good okay. Because you know Christina

- That is a very good trip planner.

We don't go on vacation to relax, you see.

We go on vacation to do stuff.

Oh, apparently Siri thought I was talking to her.

- It's holiday, China, China on 7th Avenue, San Francisco.

- Shut the fuck up.

- God damn it, Siri.


- She apologized to me.

That was amazing.

I'm gonna have to see if I can boost that volume.

- Wow, she's so friendly now.

- That was great.

- The first version, she told you to go fuck off yourself.

You know how many times I tell Alexa that and she just goes away.

Like she doesn't, she doesn't say sorry.

Oh man.

You sure is that?

Maybe that's the new competitive edge.

So yeah, so the next week then after, after those three days was the Microsoft Ignite

conference and that was primarily a Microsoft, you know, like well it's Microsoft.

So it's, I would say more it's an IT conference than it is a developer conference.

Although there wasn't a little bit of developer course work there as well.

But primarily they were talking about DevOps type things,

IT related things, and Azure primarily,

were the topics of the day.

Very good conference, very well put on.

They did a great job with everything.

Announced a few products, got to see your boy Scott Gou.

I mean, I didn't get to meet him in person.

I knew she wouldn't deliver on that.

She did ask about it.

She asked her boss who was at her booth,

and he said that after the keynote,

Scott would probably go do a bunch of press

and then probably would leave the premises.

So she tried but couldn't deliver.

Palmer, he's a busy guy these days.

It's all good.

Was he wearing his red polo?

Oh, of course.

Oh, nice.

What's funny--

How many red polos does he have in one?

I know, I was like, I wonder if he sells those.

He'd be like, here's my previously worn

Scott Gou polo, I'll sign it for you.

Like LeBron, you know, takes his jersey off

at the end of the game and gives it

to a lucky kid in the stands.

Here's my unwashed polo from the keynote.

Get Scott Gou's, you know, slightly like

what he armpit it uh you know polo shirt from the keynote so what's funny is

Scott do if you don't know who he is he's a big dev head figure for Microsoft

currently leads I think all of Azure basically very well known for wearing

red polos anytime he does any kind of talks publicized talks what's funny

about this is there's another guy that's in charge of the dev ops project

which used to be known as VSTS. I don't remember what his name is, but his Twitter handle is basically

kind of like stealing Scott Goode's idea. And so he's like, I'm gonna butcher it, but it's like Black

Polo Dude or something, right? Like something Black Polo. And he's apparently trying to

commandeer the Black Polo as his thing. Oh my gosh.

I would think in order for it to conform to Windows design styles, it'd have to be one of the four

or windows colors.

Black isn't one of the windows.

It's like green, red, yellow, blue.

Microsoft, little color.


Talk to the marketing department about this.

Yeah, I didn't think that went out very, very thoroughly.


But yeah, overall it was a good conference.

There was quite a few things that I have as takeaways.

I'm not gonna go through them all here, but.


Good number of interesting things.

Things that we're doing incorrectly

or maybe we could do better.

Maybe things that we're not doing at all.

So very good conference overall.

I would say next year, if they want to send somebody to that,

I would say that we should send primarily the IT

and DevOps groups to that,

and then maybe send the developers to Microsoft Build,

which is actually here anyway.

I think that'd be more valuable use

for the engineering team at least.

- Yeah, yeah, absolutely.

That's good to know.

I mean, some of the stuff you sent me

looked pretty interesting too, so looked like a good time.

Did you get to go to any of the mixers

anything like that really or not so much?

- Didn't really, no, I didn't really involve myself

in that too much.

The main thing was again Universal Studios,

which was a Thursday.

So they basically closed Universal Studios Park

and all the Microsoft attendees could go to that.

- Oh, that's cool.

- The conference itself was 30,000 people,

so it still felt really full.

- It's a town.

- It's a huge amount of people, yeah.

So one other big plug that I did wanna put on the show here,

we mentioned her briefly earlier,

when we were talking about GU is our good friend Aaron Rivkin

launched a product there called Microsoft Learn,

which was really well received, number one.

And number two, it's just a cool product.

So the idea behind the product is if you're a Azure developer,

you can go to the site, sign up,

and you can take coursework learning how to use

Azure products.

And the real cool part about it is it's a kind of

step-by-step program, but as you need Azure resources,

they'll spin them up for you or they'll tell you how to spin them up and it'll

spin them up on their own tenant and what that means is that basically they're

paying the cost of whatever that is while it's running and then they'll spin

it down once you're done with the course so you can learn how to use Azure

stuff without any cost to you which is really really cool especially if you

don't have like a visual studio subscription like we do where we get our

$50 credits if you're just new to the Microsoft platform and you want to learn

how these services work you can go spin it up on their dime, spin it back down

and there's no cost. What a great idea. That's a wonderful way to get developers

onto the platform, onto the cloud. If you don't have to pay for it, you can try

before you buy that kind of thing, get familiar with it, then it's probably going to draw a lot more subscribers.

They did some really brilliant things too, right? They gamified it a little bit.

So you gain experience points and you get badges and you kind of do all these

other things that sometimes people are like really competitive and want to

continue to learn more or use it more to kind of do these things rather than

and just strictly the learning aspect of it,

which I think was a smart move as well.

- And so the topic's pretty wide ranging

with the cloud offerings, like are they doing serverless

and a lot of other things that are available?

- So I think everything is supposed

to be moving towards this.

I don't know what total content portfolio looks like currently.

It might be fairly lean to start with.

- Pretty new. - They just announced it.

But I know everything going forward

and everything that they currently have

is supposed to be moving or adding content to it.

That's great.

Very cool.

I'd be hopeful that maybe we could bring Erin on at some point

and have her talk about it,

'cause she would be much more eloquent

and have a lot more insight as to what it is

and how it works.

Yeah, we gotta line that up.

That'd be great.

It'd be a great show.

What else you got, man?

I mean, I've been talking this whole time, basically.

You did pretty good.

Yeah, you got a few words in today, man.

I'm very excited.

A lot of good things happening over there.

Testlers and iPhones and conferences.

It's been a busy couple of weeks,

at least it has been it's been busy for me as well on the travel front I think

since the last episode what I was in maybe a last time maybe this was not I

can't remember I was in Denver for for a short time a couple weeks ago and I think

we recorded maybe after that so maybe that's all news I was out there for a

little bit and then got to work at the quote wizard office down there one day

Good to see the guys, that was good.

Was in Portland last week for a couple of days

and that was with this accelerator program

that we're gonna hopefully do an episode

about that in itself.

That'll be a separate episode,

but that's for a startup that I'm involved in

in the clean energy space.

And so that was a summer project for the team.

There's three of us on the team that were applied

for this Cascadia CleanTech accelerator.

And it's really a business accelerator.

You get mentorship and help forming a business plan

and learning how to create a pitch deck

and discovering certain aspects of the business,

a little bit with marketing and sales

and kind of the whole gamut of,

you know, when you're going,

what you need to have prepared going to investors

to seek whether it's a seed round

or maybe a series A or B,

or even more later stage funding,

like what, you know, how does that happen?

What do you need to do?

How do you prepare for that?

So that's what the summer was all about.

We kind of had the big event down in Portland

representing our pitch. And what pretty well. We learned a ton from this thing and that was really the value.

Prop. The whole thing. We didn't come away with like a big check. Last week but we have a lot of contacts that we're still following up with people that are interested.

Whether they're just. What do you want to say like. Not as advocates but.

cheering on the company, you know, like they want to see us succeed.

And so, and there's a lot of folks that we've talked to that, that want to help.

So, a lot of good things came out of that.

And I had, you know, had a networking event the next day down there and got to meet some more people.

Went to San Diego over the weekend.

Went to ballroom dancing on Sunday.

So you're, you're wiped out at this point?

I'm wiped man. Like this is Monday night. I'm going to crash.

I gotta do a little, you know,

a little work later and then kind of hit it hard.

- Right back to the CrossFit this morning.

- I went to CrossFit this morning,

got a good workout in.

It's been a month, it's been great.

It's been a month already.

I had a decent month.

I mean, it was the first time I've done

that kind of serious training in quite a while.

So I made it 14 days out of the month,

which I'd like to improve on that,

but I think that wasn't bad for just jumping back in.

And what about kind of benders on the outside of that?

How have you done in terms of that?

'Cause that was partially what it was designed for too, right?

Like not only from the fitness standpoint,

but you were hopefully using it to kind of keep yourself

on the straight and narrow to some degree as well, right?

- Yeah, yeah, exactly.

I think the problem there, like late August,

I was just, I've been back in Seattle since April

and progressively each month was spending more and more money

going out and was going out more during the week than I wanted to and spending

more money than I wanted to and so yeah I kind of had this tipping point in

August where I said this just isn't sustainable anymore I don't feel good I

don't like going out as much as I have been and yeah my my overall spend last

month I just kind of tallied it up today because it's the first of the month

well my overall spend going out last month was a little bit more than 50%

less nice dude so save the big chunk of coin there and use some of that money to

towards other things so I think I mentioned to you I'm gonna plan a little

mileage run up to Anchorage in a few weeks just a little getaway weekend and

bring a book and chill out and then I'll work from the co-working space one day

up there tell you what like I don't know if it's partially they getting out of

or vacay or maybe it's all or

Crossfit or combination of all of them, but you look you look I

Don't know for a better word good today

Like you look like you're here and awake and yeah, you know active and like you just don't look like beat up

I guess not not to say that you're looking bad

But like I don't know it's you just like seem like you have like a vitality that that hadn't been there for a while

Well, this is the first time since I've been back in April that I really felt like our forward thinking or excited about the future

like I've got some good things happening and yeah, it was definitely just a bit of a rut coming back to Seattle single

Trying to figure out how to live alone and and getting adjusted to that whole thing

And really just trying to figure out how to deal with some of the things that had been going on

Emotionally and I wasn't I knew it was gonna be a little rough. So I'm not gonna beat myself up about it too much

I didn't do anything too crazy

Just spent more money than I wanted to and had more hangovers than I cared to have for a few months

But yeah, this is fun. There's just a lot of good things happening. The turnaround has been okay

Like I'm okay, and I'm ready to look ahead to the future

So the fitness piece was kind of that cornerstone piece that changed everything because now that I'm getting up early a few days

A week to do that three four days a week

That changes everything. I'm going to bed earlier. I'm eating better

Eating cleaner. So that's huge and not going out during the week really much at all and

On top of that trying to step into some of my fears things that I've been scared of

Or afraid to do like dating online. I've done a bit of that

Although I've kind of backed off a little bit because I'm not I've got so much work right now that I don't have time

Yeah, honestly, I've got some side projects. I'm working on that. I'm excited about and

But I did start that ballroom dancing last month, so I've been doing that on Sundays

And that was scary at first because I'm not a dancer. I'm not really like

What do you want to say man? Don't really have any kind of moves.


Like, still don't really have any kind of moves.

But I've met a lot of great people doing that because it's kind of a group format.

So you have, like I said earlier, what, like maybe 12, 10 or 12 couples.

But you're not really dancing with your person much the whole time.

Like everybody's rotating just to get adjusted dancing with different styles,

like different height, different skill level, that sort of thing.

And so, yeah, like every Sunday night for an hour, I'm dancing with, you know, 12 different people.

And now that we've done this for a few weeks, it's the class and it's the same people who get to know

more people in the class and it's scary for everybody at first, most people, and then it

kind of becomes like a little family and a little fun thing to do. And so, yeah, I love it. I'm going

to continue to do that as well. I just think that those, some of those pieces have been

really helpful and positive. Yeah, I've, and it's a workout and I've been sweating a lot and

starting to get fit. So new routines, right? Like you mentioned, kind of here, like, how do I live

alone? Yeah. Now you're learning new routines, right? Because you don't have the routines that you

used to have as a couple. So exactly, you're establishing routines. So it's kind of starting to

Seems like it's starting to kind of regulate

Your behavior I guess a little bit or I don't for a lack of a better word. I don't know how to describe that any better

Yeah, I would say that I've gotten comfortable with discomfort

I think that's probably been the theme for the last few months and when I first got here

I just was trying to maybe mask a little bit of I didn't want to feel the pain right?

I didn't felt a lot of pain around

The loss even though like that decision to split up. I think was the right thing to do

I still felt that it was a big loss and so that was a lot to deal with and I didn't really want to take that on and

Dealing with a lot of identity issues like oh am I ever gonna find anybody?

Da-da-da kind of bullshit, you know you go off the deep end there a little bit

But now that I've gotten really comfortable with doing things that kind of scare me or are not

part of my normal routine and

Not only surviving through them, but having really great experiences with these things like

Yeah, I feel like I can take on a lot more

And I feel like I can do things that I wasn't okay with doing before and that's pretty exciting to see that start to happen

Yeah, dude, that's been great. It's been a lot of fun. I think I was telling you to like a few weeks back. I


Something that totally would put you to terrify me in the past

I would never even want to do this is like one of those guys on the street

They're like asking you know asking people to fill out a questionnaire or sign up petition

You know like the street guys on the corner that try to hmm well

For the for the startup program. We had to get some we did we had to do a customer survey

And so we we had a profile we had a questionnaire five questions that and we went out to South Lake Union for an afternoon

on Amazon's campus and

Asked people to fill out the survey

Do you have a couple minutes talk about climate change?

and did that for four hours.

So that was interesting too,

being talked about getting used to being rejected

like nine times out of 10, you're gonna get a rejection

in the passive aggressive city of Seattle.

Like some people won't even acknowledge

that you're there talking to them like,

hey, do you have a minute?

Not even a look at you, not gonna say anything.

- Avoid eye contact.

- Yeah, avoid eye contact, pick up your pace.

So I think just getting in the mindset of look,

people aren't going to talk to you or want to talk to you.

They're not gonna like you.

they're not gonna want and it's not a personal thing. It's just I do the same

thing to those kinds of people. Sure. Time. Yeah, you got other things you want to do.

Yeah. And I would say that's translated well to dating. So like I'm gonna date

people and it's gonna go really not well all the time. Like they're not all

gonna be home runs and most of the time they won't be anything that goes forward.

But I might not like the other person on the other end. They might not like me and

That's okay.

And it's just really been about accepting rejection

and embracing it as not a personal thing,

just a matter of fit.

And well, you just get used to that enough times

and then you find one that works

or you find a good experience on it.

You can't really have that if you don't try

or don't play, participate.

- Get comfortable with failure, right?

- Get comfortable with failure, yeah, exactly right.

So that's kind of what this exercise

has been the last four to six weeks.

going back to the gym, trying some new things,

is getting comfortable with failure, rejection,

and not giving a fuck, man.

Trying not to give a fuck.

- Good, I love it.

I'm happy that the CrossFit idea worked out.

- It was a great idea, and yeah,

I love the competitive part of it.

There's a lot of shit I can't do.

Some of this stuff requires a lot of flexibility,

and it's not just all strength,

and so there's a lot of things

I just don't have the core strength to do.

and doing like little substitute things

or smaller versions of them,

but I've already felt a big improvement.

Haven't really just starting now

to feel like I'm losing some weight,

but it's definitely like changing shape

and going from more blob to more muscle.

- Well, and those are like the small goals

that you need to attain, right?

Like you have like what your end goal is,

like that's your big goal,

which is very hard to see and attain.

- Yeah.

- Right, but then you have these small goals,

Oh, I want to be flexible enough to do this little move or I want to you know

And then you can check that off and now you're like oh now

I want to be able to do this fucking thing that that guy does that's fucking cool

Right like so you get these small goals that keep you motivated and like those are like incremental and

Achievable in a small amount of time or that's relatively small amount of time whereas like your big goal. You're just like oh my god

That's so far away. I'm never gonna get there. Yeah

Yeah, it's been really great to have those little yeah have those little victories and shoot for some something like that small

And even hell, even just getting up at 5.20 in the morning has been a pretty good goal.

That's a tough one.

You know, a tough one.

Yeah, it just requires like going to bed early at night and having everything ready and all


But I will say this, I just love that it's turning fall in Seattle now, like as much

as we're getting into the rainy season and then we'll be bitching about that another

three weeks.

Like it's been super nice.

Just the apartment's been crisp when I wake up in the morning.

I just love being under the covers when it's freezing in the room.

Yeah, I like it cool as well.

And yeah, the color and yeah,

aside from the gray sky,

it's a very beautiful time of year for sure.

- It is, I really like this time of year.

It's getting darker.

But you know, go take a trip down South,

go to San Diego, go to Orlando for a couple days

and boom, it's in vitamin D again.

- There you go.

Good time of year to travel.

- Yeah, it really is, it really is.

And there's some deals.

So that's kind of what this anchorage thing is about.

Although that's going the other way.

I think it's gonna be a little cooler up there.

a little darker up there too.

But I don't know, I kind of like that.

There's something about this season for me that,

this is for other animals,

like a hibernation kind of a thing, right?

Like getting in for the winter,

then hunkering down and I like this.

I don't feel like the summertime,

if you're not out doing something right now,

till 10 p.m. in the summertime,

you're kind of like letting it go and missing out.

And what I like about this transition is that,

I can be kind of guilt free if I want to stay in and read a book or

Lay on the couch. I'm really on that

So that that part's pretty cool

Right on dude. Well, should we wrap this up? I think you should wrap it up

We do talk about just see this like we talk about a lot of the same things we talk about Tesla a lot

That's my doing

I like it though. I like Tesla. No, I've talked about Elon Musk a lot too

I don't have a Tesla so I don't mind talking about him, but I feel like just recurring things we talk about that a lot and

Apple shit

Apple shit, yeah

Apple watches, Apple laptops, MacBook Pros, Mojave

Personal stuff

Personal shit. That's our cast we can do it with the fuck we want. Yep

You got it

Let's wrap this bear up. All right. Well, that's a wrap for this episode. You can contact us at Twitter on chipperSF

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