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47: Mo Podcast Mo Problems

We talk about how we are looking at switching up the format of the show a little bit. More mileage and travel talk. We follow up on the Impossible Whopper taste test. Mike gives us the latest Spinn Coffee updates, we talk about the newly announced Sonos Move, and more!
47: Mo Podcast Mo Problems

We had some technical difficulties getting the live show off the ground this week on the podcast, so we were late. We talk about how we are looking at switching up the format of the show a little bit. More mileage and travel talk. We follow up on the Impossible Whopper taste test. Mike gives us the latest Spinn Coffee updates, we talk about the newly announced Sonos Move, and more!

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Time speaking of recurring pieces. Hey, we have a spin coffee update, but um, do we have it?

We need a special coffee grinder sound or something

All right


Don't get too excited guys. It's not I haven't given you the update yet. It's not that exciting. All right


(upbeat music)

Welcome, Mike, to a problematic episode 47 of the Coffee and Code Cast.

This is a bunch of bullshit.

It's 6.23.

Yeah, this took a little bit.

We had some Facebook trouble this morning.

This morning.

What am I talking about?


Feels like it's been a long time dealing with this horseshit hair.


Some Facebook troubles were here and were live.

It's episode 47 of the Coffee and Code Cast, a tech podcast where we talk about neither

coffee or code, and I'm Kyle Johnson.


here and today on the show

I had a lot of follow-up to do here. We're gonna talk about a little follow-up with the impossible whopper

spin coffee update and

Crypto recap from our great session with Brent Lyman with coin me that we had a few weeks ago and

A lot of good news. So it's been a couple weeks. We got a lot of catch up on so

That's what we got for today

Yeah, stupid Facebook. We tried to get our streaming app working just as we normally do every single week

and nothing would connect. We tried multiple methods and so we eventually

just had to fall back to YouTube because nothing was working. I could do it

through my phone. Because YouTube works. Yeah, YouTube works. Well, and there's all

kinds of shit going on right now too. I think there's something, there's mostly

some solar flares or something going on because this beautiful road board, if

road, you know, we got to get ahold of road too because there's a touchscreen on

this soundboard that we use for our recordings and last week came into the

office, fired it up and screens black. Yeah it still works. Yeah, it still works.

Touch the screen if you know where the buttons are. Yeah, if you remember where they were,

then you can do that. So I put in a service request a week ago to

road and they must be really busy down there because I haven't heard anything

back from them yet. Yeah. So I'm a little here, I'm a little agitated today, you know.

Like there's a few things going on my $600 board took a shit

Kind of and then you know Facebook streaming is not working. This thing's telling me there's no internet connection

We're trying to use different applications. We use the iPad which is sling studio. Yeah

OBS studio we tried OBS studio the note no bueno and on top of that on top of all this shit

You know, I just came off of like a 45 hour fast. Oh the stress is gonna make you want to eat

Oh, I just want all the carbs. You need me to pass you one of these beers

It looks delicious. I'm fucking mad. I can't have a beer right now

Show is not gonna be the same without beer. We need to go to the one of those axe throwing fucking places

Just cancel the show bring your bear. We're gonna throw some axes and I'm gonna break some shit. That would be great

I'll feel better and

You guys won't have a show to listen to today, but I'll feel better about things

Well, the good news is we always have virtual beers. Would you like me to crack you one of those three of them?

Does that make you feel better? Yeah, there you go, buddy. We need some yeah, I should just do some tequila

that'd be better. Oh, I have some of that in my office. I could go make that happen if you would

prefer. It's okay. We're already 23 minutes into this thing. 23 minutes. Oh, well, we start 23

minutes late. Late. Yeah. Yeah, late. I don't know where we get comments from people because

normally we get comments on Facebook, but however, we're not on Facebook. So I got slack, I guess.

They should be able to comment on YouTube as well on the live video feed itself. I was wondering

about that. I ended up, I didn't see that.

Feel free to comment. However, also on the Facebook post that I made for this particular

entry, wherever you want to post, we'll keep an eye on all of it.

I just don't see the option to comment on there, but...

Maybe I have that disabled. So if that's the case, jump over to Facebook, make comments

there, jump on our Slack, make comments there.

Anywhere that you can reach us, teams.

We'll figure it out. Join the quote wizard teams.

I'll give you a special authentication code.


Don't listen to Springer, all right?

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.

Our IT might not be so happy with that.

Yeah, I'm a little frazzled, but I'm doing better now.

That's fine.

Everything's working good here.

Well, it's been a long time.

When was the last time we were on YouTube?

Oh, man.

A few months ago.

That has been a long time.

I know.

It's been a while.

Once we moved to Facebook, we never went back.

We tried.

I know.

Well, and this is a work in progress, but we do have plans soon, hopefully, to...

We just need time, we've been busy, we've been really busy.

We need some time to figure out how to get

the multi-stream setup, that way we can go to everything.

- That would be the ideal solution,

but Facebook is a little picky about having third-party

apps streaming to their platform, and I guess rightfully so,

but they make it prohibitively hard to do that.

'Cause I have a whole system setup that can make that work,

but because of their hoops that they make you run through,

it's been pretty tough.

- Who the hell knows what we're gonna be casting on

next week, but hopefully we can figure this stuff out

be back on our normal schedule here. Well, and hopefully we're one of the things

we're talking about a little bit with our episode not last week two weeks ago.

Yeah. With, sorry, I'm drawing a blank on his name. Brent, yes. Mr. Liman, yeah.

Everybody, we got some really great feedback on that and everybody thought

that was a good format. Listening to us talk about Tesla news and what not for,

and some Larry King news. That's right, breaking news, Larry King's seventh

divorce or ninth divorce? I forgot I'm in it. 800 kids. I think he had three more

since last time. It's only been a couple of weeks, but hey man, it should have been

fast in these days. We got great feedback on that episode and I think we're

gonna try and move to more of a guest format as much as we can. Obviously,

that's a little bit difficult to line up week after week after week, but where we

can, we'll bring guests on as much as we can. We have a pretty good list going

already. We're gonna try and expand on that. Yeah. So yeah, I think that'll be

fun. If you have any ideas for guests that you would think that you know

that may be interesting, whatever, send them our way.

- I agree, I concur.

So that would be, my hope is that we could start

queuing them up and flip it around a little bit.

So right now where we maybe have one guest every

six episodes, I don't know what our streak is lately,

it hasn't been that great.

- Probably more than that.

- More than that, that we could,

anyway, try to have a majority of our episodes

with guests and then we can kind of do some filler

or special topics that we just wanna cover.

I mean, because let's be honest, pretty much all we do is filler.

That's all we do.

It's all filler all the time.

That'd be our new, that's our new motto.

There you go.

The coffee codecast all filler all the time.

Yeah, I like that better.

You know, I think, I think that there's only so much to say there and

content's getting a little tired sometimes.

But, you know, if we could talk about Tesla and all the other cool shit,

spin coffee in the first 20 minutes and have somebody as dynamic as Brent

Lyman, come on and talk about crypto.

I think we got ourselves a show.

I agree. And we can get into some other topics that are non-tech too. So I'm excited for that.

I think that'll be fun. It'll bring some unique perspectives. Yeah, cool stories.

Agreed, agreed, agreed. So we're working on that. It's a work in progress. We'll probably keep doing what we're

doing until we can get that rolling. I mean, we'll start bringing on more guests as soon as we can.

Yeah, travel has been the biggest issue as of late. So I was out of town last week, which is why we didn't do the show.

I'll be coming I'll be out of town again another

Couple of times before the end of the year you're getting some status this year

But well the problem is none of those flights have been counting for anything

The recent flight all the way across the country was not on Delta. That was American, right? That was American. Yeah, you got to get yourself a

Put why don't you just put my Alaska code on that trip? I did find I have an Alaskan account Alaska miles account

Do you but I don't ever use it so like could I get those miles? I think it's not being my name too

who can't just leave.

- Can you get 'em post?

So like the flight's already done.

Can I go in and say like, oh no,

that flight should have been applied to this mileage number?

- So that's a good question and the answer is yes you can.

So you can go back retroactively,

I think 90 days on Alaska.

Maybe longer, I don't remember.

Every airline has their own policy,

but at least 90 days you can go back and fill it out.

I had to do it before.

I think if it's in a certain timeframe,

like 30, 60 days like that,

then you can just do it online.

If it's longer than that, then you have to fill out a form

and you might have to send them in a ticket stub

or something like that.

- In Alaska and American are partners?

- They are, yeah.

So I mean, that trip to Charlotte would be

a hefty mileage run.

It's probably good for about 5,000 miles.

- Well, I'll have to look into that.

- So I would certainly go back and get the credit for it,

even if you don't use it.

- So no, you can't have my miles.


- I tried.


But if your account's not active,

you have to be an MVP gold member

if you want to redeem those miles.

Yes, I'm sorry. I didn't tell you that. But fortunately I am. So yeah, if it doesn't work out for you, lucky

not so lucky for you. That's bad.

Well, it's good. Yeah, you so you're yeah, you got to figure that out. I'm surprised Delta doesn't go down there.

They go to Atlanta.

They do, but you'd have to connect. And it was deemed that we did not we wanted a direct flight apparently.

See, if I had it all over to do again, I would book my own shit.

Just book your own shit and say, Hey, I'll meet you guys there. What time do I got to be there?

Exactly next time. I won't make that mistake again. I'm supposed to be going back to the sack at the end of the month

So I think I got another mileage run come up there. That's not very many miles

Oh, no a thousand miles. You get a minimum 500 each way. So okay 1,000 miles

I'm almost at MVP on Alaska, but I've been cheating with Delta. So that's why it's a little difficult this year to get it

On the topic though, there was an email that came out today from Singapore Airlines

Well, it was in the Seattle Times. Seattle Times breaking news story. I get like 850 breaking news emails from them every day

And this particular piece of breaking news was about a Singapore Airlines flight

It's the new longest flight from SeaTac Airport and it goes from

Is it to Singapore

Which airport was it I can't remember the airport now gosh darn it we were just talking about this earlier today

Anyway, there's a new direct flight

Let's just pretend it was Singapore. It's on Singapore Airlines. That makes sense

It was a 16-hour flight and it's 8,100 miles

one way

nice, I think that's interesting because the

Delta has just recently quit flying from where was it because it affected our trip to Asia here coming up to where I

Want to say it was we're flying Korean. It was Singapore to Narita to Narita

Yeah, yeah, so so Delta no longer flies that South Korea there. Yeah. No, no, Rita's in Japan. Sorry. Yeah

And Delta no longer flies that so we got bumped on to I think Korean Airlines, but you were saying that yeah

But yeah, that's a pretty big that's pretty healthy flight there 16 hours. He said 15 hours and 50 minutes

8,010 miles. Okay, so I was a little short there, but

Yeah, the Singapore's Changi Changi Airport longest non-stop flight from Seattle

So when are you taking the run? Well the mileage run thread was blown up today because I was talking about that one of the guys is

mileage red front mileage run

Thread yeah, there's about six of us. Is this a text chain? It's on WhatsApp. Oh, yeah

yeah, it's on WhatsApp and

One of the guys is in the market for MVP. He's close. He's in the running for MVP gold this year and he was

Contemplating could I get 75k and I was like well

If you went to Singapore once or twice then you could yeah, what's the cost of that flight by the way?

I'd looked into that already

You can do an economy ticket for about eight hundred fifty bucks in octahs

I was looking at dates in November and that was the cheapest one I saw so hey

So for the small amount of sixteen hundred bucks you could be MVP gold right yeah

Now you could do economy for like fifteen fifty or something like that and you get a or not economy economy plus

I think that gives you a different air code. So depending on what your seat, you know, your seat code is

Oh, right. They give you a bonus per based on your class

If you were in first class you would get a hundred percent of the miles so sixteen thousand and then you'd get another

50% bonus just for

class of service and

Then there's another one that they match. It's like a matching one

200% hmm, so that's what it is like the

You get 200% bonus for being in first class and you get a 50% bonus if you're like an MVP already or something

I don't know. It was a lot of miles. Yeah

40,000 it was a ton of miles excellent

Well, that's been the other problem that I've had when I flew to Nashville. I flew on miles. Yeah, so got no mile bonus for that

So all the big trips that I've taken they've been zero miles

You got to do miles and money, you know miles and monies of the ticket is that right?

Well, if you want to get mileage credit and you want to use some miles then yeah, it's not always a good deal

If it's a short trip well, it doesn't matter what kind of trip it is

But sometimes they'll get you what I found to be really good. Sometimes it's just doing a one-way

Each way with miles and money. Sometimes they have a good deal where you can get you can find a 10,000 miles and

I don't know 80 bucks hmm or something like that, you know

It just depends it gets really squirrely. I wish there was a way that we could get all this data

I would write an app that would just pour over all of this and figure it out and say well

If you just did a miles and money on this one you did this many miles and da da da da da da

Sounds like something that could be there could be some money there

There could be until until that thing went live and everybody found out about it and then they're like you

I'm like we don't want you giving away all the secrets. Yeah, we like when they people I don't use their

Miles efficiently and spend too much money

All right enough about miles we need to move on here, right? Yeah, we got some follow-up

- Oh, good friend of the show and long time listener.

- Simon. - Simon.

- Yeah, Simon reached out to us tonight

while we were finishing up our show notes.

- Yeah, so he made the show notes.

- Yeah, so he made the show notes.

That's what happens when you reach out to us,

you get on the show notes.

When you talk about the show notes,

you get on the show notes.

So yeah, it was a good conversation with Simon.

He's doing really well, recently promoted.

So I want to give him a shout out for that.


He's been at the, well, I don't know if I should give that

away, but yeah, he's doing really well.

And he had follow-up questions on our taste test episode of the Impossible Whopper.

I don't know how we missed this, but it was a really good question.

He was wondering, well, basically, if the prices were not an issue, if it was the same

price, which one would we get?

Well, and I think we kind of answered it without answering it directly, right?

I said, basically, if you gave me the Impossible Whopper and said this was a whopper, I would

eat it.

And you wouldn't know the difference, probably.


And after that episode actually aired, my wife did the same thing.

Like we went and got, I got a regular, no, I got a, I think we didn't get the two,

we didn't get the original and the impossible.

We just got her an impossible whopper.

And I think I had a regular burger of some variety, but she didn't know the


Like she was just like it tastes like a whopper would taste, right?

So I would be very much on the, on the side of, you know, I would, I would go for

the impossible whopper, all things considered.

If it's the same price, same everything, like, you know, and you're not doing a

side-by-side taste test, you're never gonna know the difference.

I would agree. And I think that's where we fell short. We did the side-by-side,

and when you're really trying to be discerning about it, you're gonna pick

up little differences in it. But had it been a blind taste test, I probably would

have said, "Oh, nice whopper, thanks." Right. Yeah, if I had a, you know, a super

palette, like a wine tasting palette, and I'd be like, "Hmm, tastes like..."

Rubber tires. Yeah. Very nice. Exactly. Seaweed. Seaweed. Anyway, that was a good

question and then so yeah go out and get one if you haven't yet get all the

impossible whoppers I mean the shit's exploding so we talked about KFC on your

no that happened while we were on break so did it really yeah we should have

added that to the notes KFC now is doing impossible chicken nugs chicken nugs

this is that's gonna be really interesting and I don't know if there's a

kid is there a KFC down in Soto yeah it's the Taco Bell so we're gonna have to do

this again too we'll go down there make sure it's not a game day this time that

was kind of hectic last time.

This one I'm actually really fascinated with because like burger texture is one thing.


But chicken is going to be a whole different.



Unreal, dude.

The thing that I think that has going for it though is the breading.

Like they can flavor the breading any way they want.

Yeah, that's true.

And it's probably going to just take on that flavor, right?

Whereas the burger, you have to kind of, all the toppings and the sauce.




So yeah, the nugs.

This would be the first, if I had those, I think that'd be the first time that I've

been to KFC probably since I live in the Midwest.


I think.

I can't think of a time I've been to KFC anytime,

anytime in the recent history.

No, yeah.

I can't, I don't even remember.


Even going to the KFC Taco Bell Drive-Thru,

I'm going Taco Bell, man.

Come on.

You got to.

You have no choice.

Well, and especially when you're drunk at 2 in the morning.

Yeah, I don't want a greasy bucket of chicken.

I want a bunch of tacos, jarrupas, and--


all that good shit.


Like the only time that I can remember eating KFC,

like my parents would sometimes like take us out

to the lake and we'd get a bucket of chicken

and a bunch of sides and we'd have a picnic out by the lake

and that's like the last time I can remember eating KFC.

I think that's what, yeah, I think that's probably the same.


Is it child and maybe perhaps in college at some point

in time, although I was mostly at Alvarado's

playing erotic photo hunt.

Heck yeah.

Do you know, that just reminded me.

I looked at our stats recently.


And if you look at our stats

and what is the most popular pages on our website.

So if you've ever been to our website, it's pretty simple.

There's the homepage.

How much to look at?

There's the homepage, there's the about page,

and then there's a page per episode.

Guess which one is number two?

Shut up.


The erotic photo hunt.

Erotic photo hunt, people are looking that up.

What is this?

Yeah, no, I think they're just looking

to find where you can play it.

What if we could, we gotta link into that somehow.

I mean, we should be able to do a marketing play here.

we could like put a site together with all the places to play and have that

link on our page and say if you want to know where to play or purchase erotic

photo on click this link here maybe we just got to make our own erotic photo

hunt game yeah hey we're never mind I'm not gonna go there yeah we're soliciting

volunteers that want to be on the next version boy all right let's move on from

that now what is this next thing I don't even know what this is crypto

recap. Oh, there's not much to cover here. I just wanted to give him a shout out.

We already did a little bit earlier today and I just thought like you said it

well. Like it was just that we got more responses from that one than I think any

other one. Not only that but the live show we had a lot of people

jumping in on that one. That was our biggest episode that live at least that

we've had ever. And I had feedback from multiple people saying that was our best

episode ever as well. So if you haven't checked it out yet go back to episode

46 check out the cryptocurrency podcast Brent and Lyman coined me a crypto Bitcoin advisor and

Well, I was what I was thinking is that it'd be fun to have him back on a more regular

Cadence so maybe if there's certain events like the having event that you you know, we talked about have him back for that

Right. I think that'd be good. It's some follow-up with with with some of the guests

Yeah, I have some follow-up get some more questions

maybe go a little more in depth because you know, I learned a lot from the episode. I think a lot of people listening did too

But it was very elementary from his point of view and there's so much more going on that he'd like to cover and get into

Different things like that. So I think it'd be fun to have him come

I don't know maybe another six weeks whenever there's a special event, but it'd be fun to have him back on here every so often

Yeah, I think it's a mixture of the two podcasts. So we tried to do another podcast at one point

That was kind of more of a guest format exactly like that

We named it 30 minutes with us and we did one and it was great

I actually really enjoyed it and I thought it was good, but it was a much higher production value than what this is

That took a long time for you to put together. Yeah

And and it probably didn't have to be that way that was probably more on me than anything

But I think we can incorporate the same thing into this show and kind of bring more guests on and make it more

Interesting and more a wide breadth of topics. I think so. Yeah, I agree

Well, and that's one way we get to having guests all every week is if we have a few recurring pieces like that then

Gets a little easier to schedule. It's not just one offs all the time

Speaking of recurring pieces. Hey, we have a spin coffee update. Buttoon do it

We need a special coffee grinder sound or something

All right

Don't get too excited guys

Haven't given you the update yet. It's not that exciting. All right

Well, you can decide for yourselves

So it's been about a month

Since the last update this one the August update came on August 30th

So they got it in just in the nick of time though. Those guys have been a little squirrely with their updates, but

Yep. Yep school year is off to a great start apparently here. Yep, and what do we got here?

Investor factory tour so I can always tell with the length of these things like that the

Probability of shipping, you know like the eminence of shipping and I'd say based on the length of this one

There's nothing she made anytime soon

This investor factory tour, so they've been busy looking for more investors and trying to show them

the production facilities in the Shenzhen. Very cool. There's some

animated gifts dropping parts on a conveyor belt. That's kind of fun.

So that's what they're doing in August.

This guy here is doing some plastic injection molding and showing how the machine works.

Which is good to see so they're actually making parts. That's that's always a promising sign, right? That's that's a bonus

How are they making parts when like last week there are two weeks ago? They were testing shipping shipping was imminent

That's all they said, but you know like maybe maybe this is old footage, you know, they're just like getting us excited again

So yeah, they're doing that. Oh

There's an important update here the spin logo

they oh

This is now this is fun. So


Ooh, they did the rub test. Are you familiar with the rub test?

No, I'm not. Tell me about the rub test, Mike.

Well, we can take this offline too here. Maybe this is not appropriate for all audiences.

But no, they have a new logo that's debossed and it's on the back of the machine. And they

wanted, as part of their quality control process, they implemented what they call the rub test

to determine the amount of scuffer abrasion damage that might occur to the sticker during

shipment, storage or handling. I mean the level of detail that these guys are going into

is you just don't see this it's unparalleled. I mean Tesla doesn't go through this kind of

rigorous testing that these guys at spin do here. So I mean this is just a very clearly a very robust

a very powerful machine quality testing on the scales that you've never heard of before.

You're very sold on this. They're briefings here giving they're doing their job.

I mean, this is no bullshit.

Listen to this quote.

The rub tester rubs two printed surfaces against each other

face to face.

Important to know.

In the same plane at the same speed, 60 RPM.

Under a constant rubbing pressure,

the custom developed rub test equipment.

I mean, they had to buy equipment to fucking do this shit,


It wasn't just like a couple guys like brushing up

against the side of this thing.

They have special equipment that runs at 60 RPMs,

face to face, rubbing.

Okay. Can also be used to evaluate chrome transfer from the coated surface during

rubbing and is used by spin to evaluate the rub resistance of the logo sticker.

I mean, that's a rigorous process with special machining just to make sure the

fucking sticker doesn't fall off.

This is why you don't have your machine because they're spending more time

testing rubbing.

What's the over under now that it comes in like doesn't come in 2020.

I mean, I'm really worried.

We should put so we should have like a bingo game where everybody could put

their bets on when Mike's gonna get the spin coffee machine.

That would be awesome. I want to take dates whoever's the

closest to get some kind of prize. We don't have shirts or

swag. We have stickers. Yeah, I'll have to come up with

something. Anyway, let me hurry, I'll hurry along here because

there's just so much to cover. But you know, tooling. Yeah,

yeah, continuing the tooling. 20 colleagues are working on this

huge project. They got other departments doing some things.

The first off tool, the fought inspection. Our first tools have

been created. Now it's time to inspect them. So they're doing

and that stuff. Hand polishing the steel tools. That's got to be done by hand. They actually

mentioned they have a picture of this woman here. The tool department manager informed

us that this woman has worked as a hand polisher since 1994 and she's one of China's most

experienced polishers. Wow. The talent. The talent. They got the nose. They got the coffee

nose. This fucking guy that they found somewhere that can sniff coffee. And they got the rub

test machine and the hand polisher since 94. She looks like she's 94. She's

probably been doing this a long time. Oh, there's even like animated graphics here.

Oh, they're all, dude, there's all kinds of gifts. Yeah, this, I mean, somebody spent a

lot of time putting this on the... Oh, that's precision rubbing right there. Yeah, that's

right. And that's the, that's her badge. It's like proof that she actually, you know,

is a real factory worker. Yeah. The tool construction department. Yeah, they're doing

some stuff. Got a man this thing's so long. Grinder adjust ring tool. The complexity of

tools how they got to get the grinder ring just right. Yep. They're showing how the injection

molding works here. Giving you can basically get a just short of a PhD on how injection molding

works by reading these letters here. I think I'm gonna if I ever get hang up my hat as a developer,

I think I could go to Shen Zen and fucking build an injection molding machine based on the details

they provided these emails here. I mean, these are like schematics and all kinds of diagrams

and moving parts. Yeah, I don't know what else to say, man. There's a water tank that

comes apparently you can put water in this fucking machine when it shows up. They're

working on that. That's good. That's good. I don't know. There's other things. Good.

Nothing about shipping on this one. Until the next update. Thank you for your continued

support spin team. Well, that's good information. I mean, I'm glad they have top talent.

top rubbing talent, buffing talent.

- You just don't find that anywhere else.

- It's true.

- You don't hear Elon Musk talking about

the talent that they have rubbing the tools

and all that kind of stuff.

Making sure that door handles don't wear off

after 100,000 uses.

- Yeah.

- You know, all that kind of shit.

They just throw it out in the wild

and they charge $60,000 for it, they hope it works.

- Yeah, no crash tests or anything.

- Unbelievable.

- You don't need that.

- That's the shits for amateurs, man.

- Exactly.

Well, I tease and cajole, but you know, I'm really excited for my spin coffee maker.

One day it'll come.

Hopefully when I'm still around on this earth, I can brew a cup of coffee.

In the meantime, I have to use my primitive tools, my Cuisinart, uh,

mill grinder and my French press.

Well, it still makes coffee.

That's the, uh, the advantage to that.

That was a very exciting update, man.

I feel like that was just, I had more passion behind that than any other.

You did.

You say you sold it.

You sold it hard.

I think pre-orders are just like off the chain now.

Like I think their hotline is blowing up.

- I think we'll make a segment out of that

and we'll spin for sponsorship again with that segment.

'Cause you were passionate.

- I mean, if you read that email too

and you saw the GIFs the way I saw it the first time,

you would be passionate too.

I mean, there's clearly a lot of heart going into this

and well, we wish them well

in all the projects that they're working on over there.

- All right, let's move on to the news, shall we?

- Please.

(upbeat music)

I'm gonna skip over.

I'm gonna go down to number three in the news.

- Which one is this?

- This is the new Sonos move.

- Look at you just jumping around here.

- Yeah man, we running out of time.

- I'm shaking it up.

Now we got time.

We're about 30 minutes into this.

- Oh, very cool.

Okay, Sonos move.

I'm excited about this.

So I love Sonos as you know.

I have lots of them in my-

- You have so many.

This is a very cool update.

I love this. Yeah. So this is a leak actually. This hasn't even technically been announced

although I think it was supposed to be announced on the 26th. But it's a portable Sonos speaker

which currently none of their lineup allows for this. They're all plugged in. I like this

design. This is very cool. So it's very similar to you have some of these too. Now you just

recently joined the Sonos family. I do. I have a pair of the Play ones. Is that right?

Sonos ones. Sonos ones. Yeah. The newer models, right? Yeah. The newer. Yeah. Two Sonos ones.

with Alexa integration.

- That's the one, yeah, I got two of those.

- Yeah, so basically they're creating

yet another version of that.

And it sits on a dock and has a battery in it,

and so it charges.

You can use it via Wi-Fi,

which is the way that all of them work currently.

But you can also switch it into a Bluetooth mode,

just like any other kind of portable Bluetooth speaker

that you might buy on the market.

- Very handy feature, so dual purpose there.

- So yeah, it can work in your home,

just like any other of the Sonos products that you have.

Or if you wanna take it to the beach or whatever,

You know, you can take it and use it with Bluetooth on your phone away from Wi-Fi

on battery mode and it'll work.

I like that a lot because you don't have to have the app.

If one of your friends wants to play music,

they don't have to download Sonos app and Wi-Fi connection,

all that whatever the shit is required, you know?

That's true. And it supports other things too though.

It supports like AirPlay, just like all the other ones do.

So I think anybody with an iPhone should be able to theoretically connect to it

via AirPlay. Oh, nice. But yes,

Bluetooth would work as well if anybody wants to connect to that as well.

The form factor is very similar to what the Sonos ones are. I think it's a little bit squished, but I think kind of wider.

The dimensions I saw were larger. Yeah, yeah for sure.

I believe it was. Yeah, it was. The depth probably about the same, but I think the height and the depth.

Height and width? All that shit. Everything but the depth.

The volume.

It's bigger. The volume is bigger.

The volume, yeah.

Yeah, it passed the rub test apparently because here it is on sale right now. You can buy one well

I don't think you can buy one. Oh, they're almost out. I

Haven't seen anywhere that they're that they've been announced officially yet

This is all leaked information and what people have gathered by looking at some of the screenshots and photos of the product

I'm just spreading a lot of misinformation

Yeah, you're excited man, it's fine. You got excited about your spin coffee and you're excited about the sonos

So all these things I like to spend money on things that I can't actually fucking get my hands on right now

Like I'm a you know, I like buying stuff and then three years later. It shows up like that's a nice surprise

Yeah, that's great. So another thing that's nice about this is like I said

It has a docking station. So when it's at home if you're just using it in Wi-Fi mode just like any other sonos

Mm-hmm. It can sit in the docking station get its power from that and and run


Also, it's charging while it's sitting on the docking station, but if you're away as well, you can use a USB C

Power cable to charge it up as well

Which I think is a good move because yeah if you're on an extended trip or something like that and you want to

Use it for a while at least you can top off. They've covered every angle at this product

I'm really impressed with all these features and this is probably one of the things that that Sonos got dinged up the most on like

They use it as a feature because like they're like hey at least when when I walk outside my

Music doesn't stop playing because I went away from the speaker too far, right?

But on the same token like everybody uses Bluetooth speakers. They're everywhere

So I think this is a good move and a good way to get themselves into into the market with that kind of a speaker as well

And maybe get people into the door that maybe wouldn't before right now

They're gonna get one. Yeah, and they're gonna be like, oh man, this is amazing

I can play it via Wi-Fi and it'll keep playing even if I run around the room or out of the house or whatever

So maybe it'll bring more people in the door to to sonos


Why not because I think there's a lot of value in this product just as an outdoors as a portable

indoor outdoor speaker and

You know back in the day it was it's been a while now, but I bought one of the older Bose models for my parents and it was a

similar idea where he had a dock that plugged into the wall with USB and then it just like you just pick it up and

Undock it. Yep, and I thought that was very cool for its time

It was one of the only ones like that a lot of these are just you got to plug it in to charge it

And this was really really slick. So love that they did that and by having all these different connectivity options

That's really cool, too

But if the bonus is if you have a sonos system then boom it just integrates and then bam

You can have three speakers playing four speakers playing and I would use this for instance on our rooftop deck

So currently we have a sonos play five that sits up on the landing and I have to like drag it out every time

We want to use it which is I mean it's fine, but it's not convenient. No

Whereas this guy we could just take him out take him off the dock bring him out onto the deck and and he would connect to the

Wi-Fi just like any other speaker and we could play whatever we want bring it back in set him set him on the dock

And he charges up overnight. Yep. So I think this is a great product

And I think I definitely will probably pick one up much to my wife's sugar in oh

She won't be that upset. She well, she doesn't think we need anymore. I disagree. How we have enough a technology in the house


And she married this, you know, she was she knew what she was getting into. Yeah, that's right

So yeah, I'm really excited about this. I August 26th was when they expect expected the presser for this

But I haven't seen any additional details on it since then bummer. So

Hopefully comes out soon and hopefully they come out with the outdoor waterproof speakers

That's been on my list for a very long time hot item. Yeah, that would be very nice to have you can get them through

I think sonance which is like a partner. Yeah, they're really expensive really. That's too bad. Yeah

Or sonance, I don't know how you pronounce them. I think it's sonance. Yeah, it doesn't matter

I used to do that kind of stuff, but I'm not sure how you pronounce that one. Yeah

Yeah, that seems a little surprising that they wouldn't have already come up with outdoor speaker. That's a pretty popular

One well, and I thought I had read at some point back in the day that even their CEO had said they were working on it

But again, that might have been like more of a partnership with some other third party because they're also releasing stuff through Ikea

Mm-hmm. So they have some cheaper like a hundred and sixty or a hundred and twenty dollars speakers that I they can get through IKEA

Like one of them is a standalone one of them is like the base of a lamp. I love that

I've said there they have a hole go ahead. Sorry. No, that's all I

Yes, just the base of the lamp and then obviously put your lamp on top of it

But so that the you know, it's not another speaker laying around. It's actually kind of part of your decor

Well, I want to just add that IKEA has done a lot recently to expand and create a smart home

division and a whole line of smart home products including the Sonos integration

I love those like the lamps the whole thing everything they're working on very

cool stuff and I like IKEA's products anyway and I think this is just a really

smart addition to what they've got their offering over there I think that's

pretty smart yeah oh oh shit there you go buddy those three bears you gave me

like really fucking starting to hit now so yeah have another oh boy okay moving

on what do you want to talk about next? I want to jump up one since we're jumping

around everywhere let's talk about the saw about AMC and Netflix. What do we got

going on with Netflix? Yeah well this you know so here's the deal like Netflix

has done some premieres with the theaters right it started out just being on

Netflix only and then everybody would have to get a subscription but recently

they've started to put movies out in theaters first for a pre-release I guess

you would call it. So people could go to the theater and see a Netflix film. And then at

some point later on, they could watch it at home. And so the you have you heard of the

new Scorsese movie that's coming out the Irishman? No. So this sounds awesome. I read this in

the New York Times a few weeks ago. And I was just excited about the movie. So that's why

I started reading it. And I had no idea it was about Netflix or any of that shit. I didn't

know it was a Netflix movie. But yeah, it's Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. And there's

some, there's some really cool stuff in this movie. So it covers many decades. Okay, first

of all, I just go and say that. And so they're using these new special effects. Did you see

the there's a Will Smith movie that just came out? And I don't know the name of it. But

they're using the same technique. So they can do de aging now digitally. I don't know

Have you seen this?

- I've seen similar, yeah, yeah, yeah,

I've seen similar things in small format kind of videos,

but nothing to this.

- So it's the Will Smith movie where he's like fighting

himself when he's younger or some shit,

and but he looks like he did when he was on

Fresh Prince of Belor.

- That's crazy.

- And so they went through a making of kind of a thing

and they showed how they do this and it's crazy.

I don't understand how it all works,

but they put a bunch of tracking dots on his face,

like probably 50 dots on his face,

And then the computers will track his movements,

whatever his nose, eyes, lips, everything's doing.

And then they can apply a skin to that,

which is his younger self.

And then whenever it moves, it moves like he does.

And so yeah, it looks like he's 20 years younger,

30 years younger.

- That's insane.

- Fucking crazy.

- In real time.

- In real time, man.

So, I mean, I think it's probably done in processing.

I don't think it's actually like real time, real time.

But he's doing the movements at his current age

with all these dots.

And then they go back and they figure it out.

- Yep.

- But it doesn't matter.

It's him, and it's very realistic.

Anyway, they're using the same D-Age technology

to make these guys look younger too.

So they're showing a picture on this article here

of a younger, you know, Robert De Niro.

And it's just kind of crazy what technology is doing

these days.

Talk about deep fakes.

I mean, this is like crazy shit.

- Yeah.

If you want to see like kind of on this line, I think maybe you even shared it,

but this Bill Hader Tom Cruise Deep Fake.

Is that, have you seen that one?


Where they're talking, I think he's talking to, oh, who's that late night host?

I thought it was, wasn't it Jimmy Fallon?

Yeah, one of those.

Yeah, one of those.

And it's, he's talking about something and like within an instant,

like it goes from Bill Hader telling a story and then he starts talking like Tom Cruise

or imitating Tom Cruise.


But then the face immediately switches.

As soon as the voice changes and it's like so seamless, you're just like, wait a minute, what just happened?

And like suddenly it's Tom Cruise talking and not Bill Hader anymore and then like he'll switch back to his voice

Yes, and suddenly boom. It's right back to Bill Hader. It's really creepy and there's like so it's so flawless and there's no

You know no breakpoint where you can be like wait a minute

It's switch now like it just takes you a minute for like your focus to adjust and

Understand what it's a Jedi mind trick. Yeah, look at it and you think whoa. Did he switch spots all of a sudden, right?

Very crazy. Yeah, I'll have to link to that as well as obviously this Netflix show in the show notes, but yeah, super crazy

So anyway back to the whole premise of the story here Netflix versus AMC so this new movie the Irishman

They wanted to have AMC do a special release. It's a hundred and fifty nine million dollar movie

and so

You know

Paramount pictures didn't want to spend

160 million on this movie so go to Netflix where they don't they just give you blank checks apparently so

Very cool shit. Um

Anyway, the dispute is is how long should it stay in the theaters and

You know AMC has 11,000 screens worldwide

And so they wanted to have it shown there first and I think

The problem was that they said look we want you if you're gonna show it in our theaters

Then you have to abide by the same rules that all the other

Movie companies make and you have to stay on theater you have it exclusively on the at the theater for 90 days and

They've been going back and forth on this trying to negotiate the contract because they're saying well look you know like statistically after 42 days

You know that's where you really start to see a big dip in attendance and revenues, right? I mean you're not getting the same

Big bucks coming into the store after 42 so you're basically telling us we have to wait another 48 days

before we can put this thing on Netflix.

And so I don't know where it landed.

I should do a follow up, 'cause this is a little old.

It's a couple weeks old.

But at that time they hadn't come to any kind of,

they were kind of at an impasse.

They didn't know what to do about it.

But I just thought it was an interesting topic

because you're seeing all these,

like we've talked about it before

where you've got all these different cable, you know,

and now it's like, well, the shows that cable

make kind of suck and it's like the Netflix's

and the Prime, Amazon Prime's and all these guys,

like they make the best content,

but you have to have their service to see it.

And now you're starting to see this morph back into like the way things used to be,

where it's like, well, it's a Netflix movie, but it's at the theater, you know?

And I just think it's interesting, like, how these things are kind of shaking out

and how it's going to play out in the long run.

And I assume it's because how big of a blockbuster price is involved here

that it has to go to the theater so that they can kind of recoup some of that money.

Like, obviously, Netflix makes tons and tons of money for this type of stuff,

but maybe not at that kind of a price point.

- I agree.

I mean, how else do you make $160 million back?

And you ideally are gonna wanna triple that, double that.

I don't know, you're gonna wanna do a lot better

than 170 million on it, you know?

- And then you wonder too, like, okay,

so the idea here would be that it's in AMC

or in theaters for some specific amount of time

and then would come out to Netflix generally.

So how much of the pop,

US population has a Netflix account?

That's gotta be a really high percentage.

So why would you go?

Yeah, unless you really enjoy the theater experience,

which I know a lot of people do.

So that's the deal.

You can't just have it premier at the same on both.

Right, but like in my case,

I'm not that big of a theater guy.

Oh, you would wait 90 days.

Why not?


I mean, I had a different take on that.

I thought that maybe some, I'm sure some people will,

a lot of people will, but I was thinking,

if they really wanted to figure this out,

why don't you compromise and say, look,

like we're just gonna show it in theaters

for the 42 days, whatever bullshit, right?

And then we're gonna bring an option from day 43 to 89

to say, look, from these days,

you can actually go see it in the theater,

or you can go to Netflix and pay a price

to buy the movie for pre-release.

Kind of like Apple does and all that bullshit, right?

It's like, well, you can buy it for,

you can own it for X dollars, 15.99.

I think, why don't you just say to,

I mean, it would piss me off as a Netflix customer,

But I think that would solve the problem

if they're trying to make the money, is to say,

look, we'll actually release it on Netflix in 43 days.

If you wanna pay the price,

and if you don't wanna pay the price,

just wait until day 90,

and then you can watch it for your subscription.

- Yeah, I could see them doing something even different

than that, and adding a,

you had a different subscription tier.

- Where it's like, you could pay $24.99 a month

and then have access to all the movies

when they come out in the theater.

- Something like that.

Or, yeah, early access to their, you know,

new big blockbuster movie, you know, "Tear."

So on that note, there is a company, I was talking to Dave Lester about this on the way

back from the Gorge, I was at the Gorge on Friday watching Dave Matthews' man.

Excellent, excellent show.

But we were coming back and talking about this particular issue because he was asking

what was going to be on the cast next and I said, "This is what we're talking about."

And there's a company out there, a startup that raised a bunch of money and they have

a similar offering where you pay like $40 a month, but you get access.

Their whole thing is like, you're going to get access to movies that are

screening in the theaters.


So I don't know how successful that's been.

I don't know.

Dave will have to remind me of the name of the company.

I should have wrote it down.

I forgot about it already, but it's like, you know, stream.

I don't know.

I'll have to look it up later.

Stream stream like movies.

in theaters.

So that's a search result.

Van Dango now, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Yeah, who knows?

It's in there somewhere.

But yeah, interesting model.

You're paying a lot more upfront.

But if you're a big movie guy, it's

kind of the opposite of what was the other thing that

kind of failed really fast.

Movie pass?


Hey, I mean, clearly some of these things

are viable products.

Clearly there's a market out there

for people that want to go to movies, especially probably

young people.


They go to a lot of movies, right?

So I think something like this is gonna stick.

It's just a matter of who finds their way in the market

and finds a place that makes sense at a reasonable price.

And that makes sense not only for the company,

but for the user because that's,

I think that's what MoviePass kind of got into

is they were really cheap, right?

And then they tried to up it and people were like, nope.

- Exactly.

And I'm not a regular movie goer,

but I like to go for the popcorn.

- Yeah, not for the movies, for the popcorn.

- Pretty much.

I would be the guy who would just go in and get a bag of popcorn and leave.

I just think that shit is so good.

Uh, standard popcorn, caramel corn, cheese, corn, not in a theater.

What do you go with?

I mean, listen, man, if I'm at home and you know, I, I like to do stove top myself.

So I own stove top stuff, but I also like the Chicago style.

Wait a minute.

Chicago style.


She hell is that?

Not only do they have their own pizza, but they have their own popcorn.

I have not heard of this.

What is Chicago style popcorn?

Chicago style.

Chicago Mix popcorn is essentially it's a really like greasy cheddar. I mean,

it's like Cheddar-y that gets you caked on your fingers and Carmel 50/50 mix.

They have it like GH Gredders, you know,

they make popcorn and they've got in the bags that you can get at Trader Joe's,

not that brand, but the Trader Joe's or Costco or whatever,

Chicago style Mix popcorn, Cheddar and Carmel.

I mean, I knew that I knew the Cheddar and Carmel mix.

I didn't know that had a name after Chicago. Yeah.

Yeah, in fact, like there's a Garrits is a big popcorn place down there.

A bunch of downtown locations you can go and that's their big thing.

Just don't get the 10.

It's expensive.

Yeah, they have really good, uh, really good popcorn.

Very cool.

Mm hmm.

Well, let's move on to the next one.

Um, I've been punting on this story a lot, um, in my, in my love for electric vehicles.

You do.

Don't you?

I do.

I haven't even mentioned Tesla on this episode.

Oh, I just did.

Oh, ding.

What is this?

I don't know that is either.

Okay, you want the there we go.

Hey, well done.


All right.

Um, UPS has been, uh, delivering cargo using self driving trucks without telling anybody.

That's cool.

They do have somebody in the driver's seat though.

Somebody monitoring it, but effectively it's doing, it is autonomously driving.


So there's this dude, I'm thinking about this, like the guys, is he really paying attention?

Like this is long haul trucking.

You're going like 500 miles through Nebraska.


Are you really going to be looking out the windshield?

I bet he's in the back cab taking a nap.

Well, this is like the, I think it was Uber or I can't remember if it was a

Google self-driving car that hit somebody and they got in a lot of trouble and quit

driving in some state.

And it was the same kind of scenario where they had a human in the car that was

supposed to be monitoring.


But yeah, he wasn't paying attention.

He was looking at his phone or doing something else and yeah, hit the person

before he could even react.

Like how the fuck could you pay paying attention?

If like for me, if I'm in a car that's driving itself, I can't even touch

pedal. You don't need to. It's gonna be about 30 seconds before I'm grabbing something dude,

like a book on food, a phone. And I think it depends a lot on what it is that you expect

from the cart. Like when we go on a drive and we use autopilot, like I'm still paying attention

pretty heavily because yes, it does a great job, but there are definitely scenarios like we had one

recently here where we were trying to exit to go home. So coming off of 90 going down to Rainier

have and somebody was trying to cut all the, you know, because if you come from

five on to 90 and you want to get off on the last exit before you go in the

tunnel, you're crossing like five lanes with real quick. Real fast. And this person

either just flat out didn't see us or cut us off intentionally, I'm not sure, but

the car did not react in any way. So we would have gotten clipped and

probably, I was trying to think of what that would have done, we probably would

have taken a header into the retaining wall, but I swerved out of the way of

of the person and avoided it.

But yeah, I mean, I would stay very alert using these things,

but it also is very easy to become complacent,

especially in like a straight shot kind of drive

because it's so monotonous.

That's right.

And you're not doing anything.

And the whole premise is that,

oh, we trust the car to do the job.

It's not, you're no longer required.

So why are you gonna pay bang attention

for things like that to happen?

Yeah, and I do trust the car to some degree

to do some of the things,

but I don't have full faith that the car can handle a lot of situations.

So I'm definitely always on guard.

But UPS is basically partnering with a company called Too Simple,

and using some of their trucks to do this,

kind of a, I guess, a small test to see if they can make autonomous delivery

for UPS go, which I thought was really fascinating.

It's especially considering they really didn't announce that they were doing it until now. It's already been happening. Yeah

Well, I do think that


Highway travel is gonna be a lot easier to master than it would be in the city street or something like that

so if you're doing these things between distribution centers and there's not a lot of

Congestion or things like that then why couldn't you do it? I think the thing that I would envision is the other

Between like stations maybe like so on a freeway you might have like a stop. That's like here's a UPS lot

Mm-hmm and like maybe it drives between this lot in that lot

Yeah, and that's in stops and then some other operator has to intervene and bring it the last mile

Yeah, it comes in and then whoever scheduled can go do that right

Yeah, so saves them a lot of on the road time

But then somebody's got to maneuver it because yeah, you start to think about like oh

They have to back it up to a load zone, you know load dock

Yeah, and get it close enough and you know, there's just a lot of stuff to maneuver for something that

Doesn't have a comprehension of the real world or at least not a very good one

Makes a lot of sense to me and the real benefit there is that you know right now truckers are like airline pilots and anybody else like you're

Restricted how many hours you can be operating a vehicle before rest

You got to so many breaks and you got to sleep and when you're sleeping you got to be off for so much time

so this eliminates that you could just have people sleeping at these little places you're talking about and

Or whatever, I guess they wouldn't have to sleep because they wouldn't be driving that far

But but anyway, you wouldn't have to worry about the drivers on the long part and you could have trucks operating 24/7

No big deal. Right. Yeah, and that would be huge when you consider. Yeah that you could have

Freight moving all night long, right, you know

No, nobody's having to sleep or switch off drivers or any of that kind of stuff just all the way across the United States

Granite fuel would become a problem, you know logistical issue, but I'm sure they'll figure that out as well

I thought this was interesting too. This is about cars and it might have been Ford or somebody that did this study

I didn't think about this before but right now cars are mostly parked and so one of the

They did some research and they figured out what's the longevity of an all an autonomous vehicle and they said it was four years

Like which is crazy because you think like an automobile that you or I would purchase would probably last ten years 15

maybe even 20. I don't know if you keep it up and all that kind of stuff. But they're saying four

years just because the idea with autonomous driving is that it's going to be reversed. It's going to

be idle 5% of the time, 10% of the time, maybe, but it's going to be on the road moving at least 90%

of the time. Especially these trucks. These trucks aren't going to stop like it's going to drop,

you know, tractor trailer, it comes in, it unhitches from the trailer, could go pick up another

tractor and go back the other way and it could just be going back and forth like non-stop, you know.

Yeah, so it'd be less volume of vehicles, but they'd be moving all the time. Right. Yeah.

And you probably see a little bit of both. Like I'm sure you would probably have more,

an increase in volume, but yeah, they're running non-stop. Yeah. And it'd be, a lot more people

would be in your situation where like you, you don't have a car, you wouldn't need it. Yeah.

Because you know, other people's vehicles that, that do have these four year autonomous cars,

you'd be relying upon them and their vehicles to come pick you up, give you a ride, go wherever you

want to go and pick somebody else up, right? Yeah. And I think that's the promise of the future.

Obviously, there's a long way to go to get to that, but seeing these kinds of stories where

somebody as big as UPS can start to dabble in this technology, I think that's a pretty huge

step forward because once they're embracing it, it's only going to continue because the price

or the costs or the profit realization there is incredible.

Yeah, you're not paying anybody to drive it.

You're paying software engineers to write a little software.

Yeah, write it once and repeat it many times.

Yeah, yeah.

Crazy stuff.


There was something else I wanted to say on the topic.

I can't remember now.

Never mind.

All right.

I don't really have any more on that.

And I just, to me it was fascinating that there's other, that there's, I mean, obviously,

you know, Amazon is using drones and this kind of stuff to try and deliver packages.

So obviously autonomous vehicles are just becoming more and more ubiquitous, but like

it is having somebody like UPS that is probably the biggest freight operator, are they? Or

is it FedEx?

Oh, no, UPS is.

UPS. Having them being shipping or testing shipping with autonomous vehicles is fascinating.

I've been telling people this for a very long time that this is coming and probably more quickly than you might anticipate

Is it is it going to take over everything and to end like we talked about no probably not because there's just too many

Factors for for a computer to understand. Yeah, at least in the short term. I'm sure they'll figure it out over time

But you know for now like you said, I think it's going to affect the the trucking industry pretty rapidly

In in those long-haul scenarios. Well, who else is doing you got uber trucking? I think they're kind of I don't know if they're actually

Still doing that they were for a while there. They're trying to do the same thing

Yeah, they had a uber trucking division for some time and I don't know where it's at but

Same kind of thing. So you've got all these guys doing it now

It did talk about it down here at the bottom. So there's somebody called Kodiak

I'm not sure how you pronounce them.

Waymo, Daimler, Uber shuttered its program.

- They did, okay.

- After self-driving SUV killed pedestrian,

which is the incident that I talked about.

- Mm-hmm.

- I mean, you have drone services by Amazon,

there's electric trucks.

There's tons of stuff going on in the autonomy space.

So it's certainly gonna happen.

- I wanted to talk a little bit about,

we're talking about autonomous driving in trucks.

And this is a little, I'm gonna segue really quickly,

but it's actually a piece of follow up

'cause we talked about Starlink, the SpaceX satellite.

- Yeah.

- You know, that was a recent SpaceX launch.

They launched 60 of these experimental satellites

into low earth orbit.

And the plan is to create a broadband satellite internet

globally and with 12,000 satellites one day.

They only got 60 now, but they would like to have 12,000.

And also you've got blue origin doing the same thing

and other people and other people.

So it's like a bunch of space junk up there.

But what was interesting is that one of the 60

almost collided with a European satellite the other day.

I don't know if you heard about that.

- I think I did hear about this.

It was something to the effect of they were supposed

to move it, but it didn't respond.

- Oh really?

- That's what I read.

- Oh, interesting.

So maybe--

- They were supposed to move it in some direction,

like up into orbit further or something.

And it didn't respond appropriately.

and therefore they almost collided.

- Oh, that's crazy.

I didn't know that.

So that would make more sense then.

What I heard was that, yeah,

because of whatever reasoning there didn't respond,

but this European satellite had to do an avoidance,

like maneuver, it had to fire,

whatever they call that,

their little thrusters had a fire thruster

to avoid the space-starling satellite.

to avoid the space junk.


Here it says SpaceX refused or declined to move Starlink satellite that was at risk of

collision with the Europeans.

Oh, this is a different story then.


With a European satellite.

Yeah, this is what I'm talking about.

European satellite.

Same thing.

So they didn't want to move it.

That's what it said here.

European space agency says one of its satellites was forced to avoid a satellite from SpaceX

Starlink constellation raising concerns of the impact of Starlink on low-earth orbit

Operations after SpaceX declined to move their satellite out of the way


So European satellite guys call it. Hey, we were half orbit away from your Starlink here

We're gonna crash into it. Can you please move it? No fuck you guys. We're good

So yeah, so they had to I wonder if they couldn't move it

What if they don't really have thrusters in there not stuff they made it sound like they got this thing fully

developed. What if they just couldn't move it? You know? It just, I don't know.

The risk of the collision between the two satellites was one in one thousand.

Yeah. Ten times higher than the threshold requires a collision avoidance

maneuver. Hmm. Damn. One in one thousand. How does that probability change when you

add another eleven thousand nine hundred and forty satellites? Now you're getting

into statistics. You're way out of my way out of my realm of knowledge.

- Fucking crazy, man.

So yeah, that will be something to contend with for sure

once we have a lot more space satellites up there.

- Luckily in this case,

according to this little diagram

that they're showing online here,

it looks like that collision had it occurred,

would have collided, well, who knows,

with the Earth rotating and whatnot,

but it would have occurred over the ocean.

- Oh, it probably would burn up anyway.

- Yeah, that's fair, they're not that big, are they?

- No. - Yeah.

Or at least the receivers,

I don't know about the satellites.

- Yeah, I don't know the satellites.

- The receivers are pizza box size.

- I think all that shit burns up anyway.

- Maybe.

- I don't know.

- Somebody might have a nice present on top of their house.


- You don't hear about that stuff a lot yet,

but that could be, that would be a scary world to live in.

Like shit just like falling out of the sky.

- Rainin' down on you?

- Ho, dude, that almost, I mean,

it's one thing when you get shit on by a bird,

but like at least you survive it.

Like you get shit on by a Tesla's,

Darling's fucking SpaceX satellite, man.

We're not living to tell the story, dude.

Oh, man.

We had a lot of fun with this today, didn't we?

Yeah, we didn't know what the hell we were going to talk about.

We made more shit up.

Despite all the technical difficulties, we made it through a full hour of the Coffee

Code Cast episode number 47.


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