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18: Tesla Model 3

This week discuss Mealpal and Freshly, gains Mike has seen in a few short weeks of Crossfit, the Joe Rogan / Elon Musk podcast episode and the recent order of Kyle's Tesla and wrap up with discussion of the Google Cloud Summit hosted here in Seattle.
18: Tesla Model 3

This week we talk about Mike's new meal plan with Mealpal and Freshly. We talk a little bit about the gains Mike has seen in a few short weeks of Crossfit. We discuss the Joe Rogan / Elon Musk podcast episode and the recent order of Kyle's Tesla and wrap up with a discussion of the Google Cloud Summit hosted here in Seattle.


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hmm let's see about this

copycode cast number 18 is this 18 18 with with a cold 12 ounce Coors light

cheers buddy salute


How you doing?

I'm good.

You want to close the door?

What are you looking at?

Oh, I thought I heard somebody over there.

No, maybe we should just close the door.

Just in case?

I don't know.

Just people don't fucking be annoying.

That's fine.


You see how it goes.

These mics shouldn't pick any of that shit up anyway.

So, uh, we got a little drink.

We got a little food in here, so pardon our eating.

I'm going to eat some beamy bop.

Bibmy bop.

How do you say that?

I don't know.

Is it bibimbap or something, right?

- Bibimbap.

- I don't know.

- So look it up.

- Got a little halal guys over here.

- Combo platter is good.

- Isn't it like bi, bi, bi.

- Sulta wiki.

Bee, bibimbap, bibimbap.

- Bibimbap?

- Bibimbap, bibimbap.

- All right, fuck, I said it really wrong then.

- Sometimes English size as bibimbap or bibimbap.

Korean dish. I think it's peeb and pop. Peaband pop.

Peaband pop.

Korean pronunciation. Wow.

The word literally means mixed rice.

What's the spelling?


Served as a bowl of warm white rice topped with sauteed veggies and chili pepper paste, soy sauce,

a raw fried egg and sliced meat. Our common additions.

Are we recording now? Yeah. Hmm. I shouldn't have a mouthful of food then

Mm-hmm. No

You're gonna smell it in a do or it's gonna be rude and sloppy

So we learned what bit my bat means or sorry what the foot and clearly I didn't learn because I just mispronounced it again

Be me Bob

We also learned about

cuddle puddles

We're talking about cuddle puddles on the couch couch talk today at work

cuddle puddles and

What is that one?

cuddle parties puppy puppy parties puppy. I don't know cuddle puppies. I


Should probably be clear that by couches you mean the couches at work that we sit on and just bullshit like

Wasn't like we're cuddling on the couches or something. There was nothing like that happening here. No

So you're drinking with our biggest fan the other night. I got some texts

Who's our biggest fan?

Well the bagel? Maybe

I mean, let me bust out the phone because I believe I got some texts

Nothing too incriminating. Don't worry

You gave me a pretty a pretty drunk looking photo

Then that you were at a bar

Now you were having some getting some help from your own break Tito Friday night was a shit show man

Are you having a Trump? Are you having a tough time like?

Recollecting what happened here? No, I remember everything. It was still a shit show as my buddy Cipher said I

Knew you guys were fucked when I showed up to karaoke

And Dave was singing and you're the only one dancing in the whole bar

Well your good friend Dave I

I think was messaging on your behalf.

Yeah, he took my phone at one point, I think.

Or maybe it was you, but somebody indicated that Dave was our biggest fan.

It says here, "I'm okay. I'm with Lester, our biggest podcast fan."

And then you went on about talking about how many things he's made you drink.

But then you went on to say that he couldn't find the latest episode of the cast. He was actually two behind.

So for being a biggest fan.

You're a little disappointed, weren't you I

Don't know that he can be I don't know if he can be self-proclaimed biggest fan if he's behind two episodes

Maybe he just liked the Diva episode so much you just kept playing that one

You got to get them while they're hot and fresh man

It's like cookies once once they've been out for a while they go stale fresh baked

You want the fresh baked odyspunk mire is whatever the fuck those things are that's right

You want your beer to be as cold as the Rockies? Yeah, the Rockies aren't blue man

I'm not drinking cold beer.

That's right.

What I was going to tell you is that this soap, I've got my meal thing dialed in right


So I'm working out now this is what week three of workout.


And I'm trying to get away from the IF intermittent fasting protocol a little bit more like, like

I'll do it on my days off or something like that.

If I'm really working out 6.30 in the morning,

then it's hard for me to wait until noon.

- We were feeling a little bit out of energy, right?

- I was flat.

Friday was terrible.

I couldn't finish the workout Friday.

I had to stop early because I was just,

I had zero juice, zero energy.

Until I realized, okay, I really need to be,

I need to change it up a little bit,

change the protocol.

I need to be eating a little bit earlier

on the workout days and then

whatever, on days off or the weekend.

Back it off.

So anyway, I haven't been very good

at meal prep at the house.

That's the whole thing, right?

I have not done a good job of that.

I bought some stuff last week and most of it,

I didn't really do anything with it.

I made it to whole chicken and still have a lot

of whole chicken left over a week later.

And I'm just not, I don't have a lot of stuff at the place

and I don't want to spend a lot of money

getting numbers of stuff.

So I got it dialed in.

I figured out a couple of things.

So one thing that I love is this meal pal I told you about.

So I'm doing a 12 meal plan.

So meal pal is very cool if you don't know what this is.

So it's like, it's a monthly subscription.

You pay for either 12 meals as a bundle upfront, 12 meals a month,

or you pay for 20.

So it's for the work week.

So effectively, Monday through Friday,

you're either going to get three meals a week or five.

Right, so, but the deal is that you buy the packs

and then each meal itself is something like 5.99 a meal,

six bucks, I think maybe 5.49 if you get the 20 pack.

Just super cool because you're getting stuff

from local restaurants, Sprout, Evergreen,

Halal Guys, all these places around here anyway.

And what happens is every night at 5 p.m.,

they release the menu for the next day

and it's gonna be one item from each place,

combo platter one day from Halal Guys,

chicken platter the next day, whatever.

And then you reserve it a pickup time.

I'm gonna be there from 1145 to noon the next day.

You show up, you show them your email with a number on it

and they'll just give you the meal.

That's a full-size thing.

So I don't know how long it can stay in business,

but you're gonna get a full meal for half off almost.

And so I've been doing the 12 pack.

Three meals a week, which is pretty good

'cause I can get stuff from the, you know,

quote wizard kitchen one or two days a week,

or I can just go out to eat somewhere else

that's not on the rotation at Meal Pal.

Yeah, so I've got lunch, like that's lunch.

But the other thing I've been doing too,

I just signed up for Freshly.


Yeah, that was the new surprise.

I wanted that reaction from you.

That's why I didn't tell you earlier.

Freshly is the one, is that pre-packaged meals

like in the little, kind of like the bowls?

Is that the one that Freshly is?

Yeah, they come in these trays.

It's kind of like a rectangular,

It almost looks like a frozen dinner thing.

Yeah, yep.

But they're all fresh, hence the name, Freshly.

And they used to be paleo, kind of, or you couldn't go paleo.

They might have some of those options.

I know that everything they have is gluten-free.

I think most things are gluten-free.

Well, I'm going to try it out.

They had a promotion going on where

I could get two weeks for $20 off a week.

And so the package right now, the common--

the popular package is six meals a week for $9.99 a meal.

And then they're giving $20 off as a promotion.

So you get six meals for $39.99.

- We tried freshly for a while back

when I worked at Prep Sportswear

and it was pretty tasty.

I enjoyed it.

They had quite a variety.

I think at the time,

it started out as kind of a dinner-ish entrees

when I started and they were moving

into like breakfast items, a lot of egg based stuff

and they were all really good.

I never had any like big complaints.

There's not a lot of starch I wouldn't say

or a lot of carbohydrates in them.

I think that's kind of part of their point

or at least at the time that was what they were focusing on.

Generally they were very good,

although I did eventually start to miss kind of bread

and stuff like that.

So, but otherwise good stuff, easy to make,

easy to transport.

Well, the thing I like about it is that everything's set up

ready to go.

It's not like you have to make it.

You just take it and--

- Well, you heat it up.

- Heat it up?

- Yep.

- So I like that.

There's no work behind it.

And I thought for the price, it's not that bad

because you get a lot of diversity in the meals.

I'm sure after a while you get tired of it.

I don't know how often they come up with new,

curate new recipes.

It seemed like they had a few things on there that were new.

But for $9.99 for dinner,

It seems to me like it'd be like a lot less waste

just because right now I buy shit.

I could easily spend $60 at the grocery store

to try to make shit for a week.

And I'm not gonna have the diversity of foods

at all that I would get from these guys.

- Right.

- Chicken teriyaki dish, some kind of parmesan,

chicken parmesan with broccoli, beef chili.

So I thought that was pretty cool.

So I'm gonna try it out, 40 bucks for two weeks.

And the other thing I like about it too,

is that you can also skip,

you don't have to do it every week.

You can skip delivery.

- Right.

- So I'm taking six meals in on the 21st.

So I think that's when I'll be back in town.

I'll be gone this week for travel for a bit.

So when I get back, I'll get six

and then I can freeze them if I don't want to use them all.

- Don't they come partially frozen, right?

If I remember correctly?

- They're supposed to be fresh,

but they have some kind of cooling,

like they have ice packs or something in there

to keep it cool enough so it can sit out on the porch

for a few hours or something.

- Yeah.

- So yeah.

- That's excellent.

Yeah, I actually liked them a lot when we had them

and I think we just moved on to trying to cook more

for ourselves so that's the only reason we went away

from them but they were good when we had them for sure.

And I remember there was some carnitas ones

that were like super tasty.

So yeah, I think that's good.

You haven't shipped, so you haven't done them for dinner

but I know you have mentioned you haven't spent

ton of time at home. So are you actually making it home or are you

making shipping them to the office and eating them here? Like

what are you doing? No, I'll ship it to the apartment. It'll

be easier to sit and not have to carry that in transit. Where

do you have? Well, I didn't yeah, I just didn't know if you

wanted to like carry the meals in every day or whatever. No,

because what I'll do is I'll do meal pal for lunch. So I'll just

go out and grab this shit and then go home and have one of

those at night. Where do they leave it? I thought you had no

place to leave packages in your building. We don't have a concierge, but a lot of times what they'll do is

a couple things. So they'll bring a doorbell of somebody else and if someone's around they'll

open the door, let them in and just leave it at the doorstep inside. Okay. In the lobby area or

there's a pickup UPS FedEx pickup location on another block over. Okay, so go just bring it over there.

So maybe they'll bring it over there and I can just grab it. Take the bus and carry it home a block,

Which that'd be fine. I don't mind doing that.

Yeah. That's excellent, dude. I think that's good.

What have you had a chance to talk to the folks at the CrossFit gym about this?

Like what are their thoughts or have you not brought it up?

No, I didn't talk to them about it.

I just talked to them about general nutrition stuff.

And so it's interesting because everybody has their own flavor of nutrition

coming from intermittent fasting.

I've been looking at how that protocol works with CrossFit.

And there are some people that do it.

Their recommendation is just that that might be too much too soon.

Just there's a lot of change going on physiologically,

not being having not worked out for a long time.

So they said, look, you know,

at some point you could do it if you wanted to,

but it doesn't really make it's going to be a harder curve

to try to do that now all at once.

So they thought it would be advisable to do a,

they actually said high carb, low fat to start.

And then go from there, like adjust from there.

I'm not exactly doing that.

I do have carbs.

This bull, I mean, this BB bop has a lot of white rice in it.

So I'm not against that.

I just am not going to--

I think they wanted me to hit more than numbers.

They seemed really high.

It was 260 grams of carbs, no more than 50 grams of fats,

and something like 175 grams of protein, like almost a gram per pound, which is crazy.

Well, it just takes work. I don't know that I could eat 170 grams of protein.

No, it's a supplement, right? I need to supplement it. It seems a lot. So I'm not

doing anything that strict. I'm trying to just read my body. It's been a stretch to eat

as much as I have been, but I am eating more.

Because usually I would just kind of,

you know, I was doing 16, 8 or 18, 6,

eating in a 6 hour window.

And it's really hard to eat a lot of food in a 6 hour window.



I was getting full.

Well, and your body was probably not used to eating a lot of food in general,

just because you've been on that fasting program.

So, you're just not used to in taking that much.


I'll tell you what, on the subject of the CrossFit gym that you're a member of,

my wife happens to be a Zumba fitness instructor at that gym on Saturday mornings.

And so, for whatever reason, she had a, well, I don't know if she was trying to pimp it as an

anniversary present or what, but anyway, she drugged me in the other day last Saturday to

participate in the Zumba festivities, which I'm awful at by the way.

And the owner of the gym, I believe,

from what she was explaining, was in there

doing a workout prior to the class.

So when I walked in there, he's number one.

He's like shirtless in like shorty, super shorty shorts,

you know, just barely enough to cover anything.

Oh wow.

And dude's got a 45 pound plate on his back

and he's just like in plank position

with the 45 pound plate for like, I don't know,

three minutes.


Then he gets done with that,

grabs the bike, you know, the bike

with the big fan wheel on the front,

and he carries that thing outside

'cause it's all the way on the back wall,

and he carries it all the way outside,

and then I see him like set it up outside,

pedal his ass off like for like,

I don't know, an interval of 10 seconds maybe,

and he did it a few times.

Then he drugged that back into the room,

and then he went and did the spin class.

And dude is just like sweating.

Like it's just running.

He's a beast, he's huge.

- I don't know what it is.

- Yeah, I don't know his name.

She mentioned it and it wasn't the guy I was thinking of.

- Okay.

- The guy that I've talked to, I think is part owner.

And he does the CrossFit stuff,

money through Friday usually or in between.

Yeah, some of the guys in this class are the same way.

You've got guys in there that are competing in the sport.

a lot of us are just in there to get in shape,

but there's a few of these guys that are actually

doing it training for it.

And so, yeah, that blows my mind.

I mean, some of these wads that are doing,

they're crushing it, man, crushing it.

I was, I said, Friday was really rough.

I had to stop, I don't even know,

like I was partially through the workout,

maybe two thirds of the way through the workout.

And I stopped like around 20 minutes

like the first dude to get done did it in like under 10.

Like nine.

And he did the whole fucking thing with all the prescribed

weights and.

I mean, dude, it's just like you have to train to that point.

It's just insane.

What the fuck he was doing.

There's no slowing down.

It was intense.

Have you seen noticeable improvement from you're about

what two weeks in now?

Only two weeks in, but I have.

It's been really drastic actually.

So I'm already feeling better.

I'm like, I mean, that's pretty immediate, right?

How you like coming out of there, just dripping wet every day.

Like I'm feeling better.

So I'm doing it four days a week.

So to, you know, taking a day off.

So I think I'll probably stick with that.

I'm not ready for five, five days.

That's pretty intense.

It's a lot.

And I just needed this weekend.

I needed a lot of recovery time.

So I'm just feeling okay right now.

But I'm starting to see some shape changes already, which is great.

and feeling better and I'm able to do things already a little bit better than I did the first time.

Some shit I just can't do at all. I mean some of these things are doing hanging from bars doing

pull-ups and what do they call them like toe to bar or toe bars. So you get on the pull-up bar

right and then you got to swing your hips, get your toes to hit the bar where your hands are at.

Oh shit. That's like a flexibility thing not only. Yeah, you're right. Correct. Yeah, it's

like multiple things there that I just don't have. Right. So there's some other things that you can do to

build up to that and so I'm doing some substitutions.

But yeah, it's it's I've already seen some stuff. It just got a long way to go. Yeah.

How was that combo platter, dude? It's delicious, but I'm fucking full and I should stop eating it.

It's a lot of food. This ice cold Coors Light isn't too bad either. So did you come up with any other

Big time topics to talk about today on the coffee code cast. I was looking around for some stuff. The only thing that I really found


You sent me that link so I was poking around the Tesla site looking at Tesla threes today. Yep

And then we were talking about the Joe Rogan to Elon Musk

Podcast which was pretty cool. I think a few people saw that over the weekend. You saw that

It made national news mainly because

Elon took a drag off of a joint

But if you get beyond that even the content of the interview is actually really really interesting and a lot of people glossed over it

just because of the one

Drag that he took, you know, three quarters of the way into the episode

But there's a lot of really great topics in there right from AI to to Tesla the cars to

SpaceX SpaceX there you go

All kinds of ranging topics and it was really

Interesting to hear him talk in long form like that and hear his

Just his way of thinking and betraying things that he's been involved with you know

Including like talking to governments and stuff about what AI is gonna do to the world and then just kind of glossing over it

Or ignoring his thoughts or whatever. It was super fascinating podcast

All right, we're recording again Pro Tools. Fuck you. I

Have a $5,000 Mac $4,000 Mac laptop and Pro Tools wants to crash every

10 fucking minutes

Well, we're recording again. We'll see if it goes for more than 30 seconds this time

We're in a new location on the Cozard conference room third floor tech. Yeah, we got a nice spread here

We got a big conference room table. So we got lots of

space to work with this is nice. This is a nice space for the recording and and

Requires us to both bring our gear into work rather than to have to haul it to one or the other of our houses

So it works out nicely and if somebody happens to drop in, you know

We got the extra mic here somebody can drop in and say hello. That's the magic of the madness here

Anybody can pop in and say hello if they want to that's right. It's a little late now. I'm sure everybody's a fuel

It's 545 nobody's working here right now. I guarantee you we saw a couple people playing pinball upstairs

Yeah, well, maybe we'll have to set up in there next time. Oh, that'd be good

It'd be fun people can just drive by you get more drive-by is on the fourth floor. That's true for sure

Yeah, nobody's gonna come down here or maybe in the kitchen. Yeah, the kitchen would work too

Something like that.

We could do that.

That'd be fun.

We'll experiment with some of that stuff.

I think it is nice to have it here in one place and not have to lug it around or have

to travel to different places and set it up all the time.

So another news I was telling you today, we were talking about Elon before the shit crashed.

We were, yeah, yeah.

And we can circle back to that.

But other exciting news, probably shit what a year ago, I put down a grand to be in the

Tesla reservation program for the Model 3.

That's right.

Yeah, you did pony down like what,

thousand bucks, $2,500, something like that?

Thousand bucks to get into the queue.

So might've even been a year and a half, I'm not sure.

But it's been a long time.

So today we finally got an email

and we were able to finally proceed

in purchasing Tesla Model 3.

So we should get delivery,

assuming nothing else goes wrong within probably,

It says by the end of September.

That's huge, man, that's right.

It caught up now.


We went with the what, Midnight Silver metallic paint.

Yeah, that looks fancy, I saw that.

Which I think that adds another grand or something,

I can't remember.


Basically for any other color other than like

the default black, it's like 1500 or 2500,

depending upon what color you want.

Yeah, they have what, one, two, three, four, five, six,

seven options of colors, I think.

Something like that, yeah.

And you know, I'm not a big fan of red,

and cars in general, I'm not a big fan of white,

just because they always look dirty if they're white.


They had a couple of variations of black.

Obsidian black.


Somebody was talking about a matte black finish

that somebody saw somewhere, and I was like,

that would have been cool, but I don't know

which one that would have been.

I didn't see that, but I would like that.

Maybe it was a custom job, I don't know.


But as far as other options that we picked up on,

we got the rear wheel drive, long range rear wheel drive,

which is one of the two options

that they're selling right now in terms of the drive train.


We went with the metallic paint, like I talked about.

We got the 19 inch sport wheels,

which is the upgraded wheels,

'cause personally I think the default wheels

are fucking hideous.

I don't like those at all, they look like shit.


Premium interior, which is kind of default,

like you literally can't change that.

Same with the premium black,

which I think is the interior color.

And then we did spring for the "And a Haz" autopilot,

which is basically assisted lane change

and being able to follow and--

- Summon is in there.

- Summon is in there as well, yep.

We were kind of playing back and forth

about whether or not we should buy that.

And then my good friend, Rodrigo,

when we were talking to him about it at the party,

basically was like, why the fuck would you buy the car

if you're not gonna buy that?

Because basically now you've just got a fancy ass car

that was expensive and a bunch of sensors

that are doing nothing.

I would agree with that. No, I would too now that I thought about it some more but

it's a luxury vehicle and I don't know how long it'll take some of those things they've unlocked already you can do some and already

right, you're right like what but with

Not like across town or anything like that just it must have a limit as to how far it'll go

Oh, I think it's strictly like a bat it'll like back out. It's pretty it's pretty basic

Model 3 summon. I'm gonna look it up real quick

I'm pretty sure it's like literally it'll like back itself out of its garage

Yeah, I think that some guy was in his Tesla and his wife was sick

And so he was trying to move her Tesla out of the garage or something and so he did it from his car. Oh

Or use the app maybe to do it or yep, you can do it through the app for sure

Crazy so basically there's two programs that they'll allow you to buy into right now

one is enhanced autopilot and one is fully autonomous driving and

And you can purchase fully autonomous driving currently.

However, it's not even offered.

Like you can't, you literally can't use it.

However, you can purchase it.

What is that, three grand option?

Yes, fully autonomous, full self-driving capability

is what they call it.

It is a $3,000 upgrade at the time of purchase.

If you add it on after delivery, it's five grand.


And it's strictly a software update.

So you're not, it's not like you don't have the hardware,

it's strictly software.

Enhanced Autopilot is, which is what I purchased.

It features auto lane change, auto steer, traffic aware cruise control, auto park and

summon, which is what you were talking about.

And it's a $5,000 option.

And it's 5,500 bucks if you purchase after delivery.


So again, it's a software option.

Well, and I would imagine for many people, you're just going to roll that into the loan anyway.

That's exactly right.

I mean, that's that would probably be the only advantage of not buying it up front,

although it's probably eliminates any kind of advantage because you have to pay $500


You know, if you didn't pay for it over the course of the loan, like you're probably paying

interest on that, right?

Yeah, fancy shit.

Like I said before, I would be all about it.

I really like the car.

It would be fun to have a car like that.

But I would like to be able to make more money, make money on it.


- I mean, you sent me an interesting article from Turo

where a guy was renting the car out

for what, $200 a day.

- Yep.

- You know, so I mean, that makes up

the payment pretty damn quick.

The other, I mean, the other thing

what should be interesting is like,

I see a ton of people talking about

potentially just taking a few, like a night, say,

and running it, he's doing Uber in it

or something like that and running it that way.

And I mean, you still are doing work, obviously,

but making up for any kind of payment difference

or the expense of the car doing something like that.

- Yep.

- 'Cause you could do like Uber Black

or something that's much more fancy

and drives a much higher price.

- That's true.

You could at least get XL.

I don't know what they require, not XL,

but what do they call that?

- Is it Uber Black?

- Black?

See, I think, I don't know if it would qualify for that or not.

It used to be that Black was like Lincoln Town Car,

but maybe Tesla's allowed in that now.

- So it's not a price point.

It's a type of car.

- Well, there's both,

but I thought black was just like the stretch limo service

kind of a thing or SUV.

- Yep.

- They have, yeah, like if I just pop in something here.

Select, so that's what I'm thinking of.

Like select is a premium ride in a high end car.

Black is a luxury ride.

So it could be a luxury.

I mean, it is a luxury car.

I don't know what Uber's standard is for luxury.

- Sure.

I don't know, just some thoughts that, you know,

after you sent the Turo thing, I was like,

I wonder what other people do in regards to this,

'cause I'm sure a lot of people have played around with it.

And then of course, immediately I find forum articles

and people are just like, why the fuck would you do that?

That's the biggest, ridiculous,

that car's so expensive and now you're just wasting miles

on other people and you just went nut to about it,

which makes sense too.

But I think for people that are probably worried

about the payment, probably that's less of a problem

for them. (laughs)

- Well, I looked at it and I maxed it out

and I think I spent, well, I didn't max it out

'cause I even downgraded a few options.

I didn't get the performance package.

- And you didn't get the dual motor, I don't think.

- I did have the dual.

- You did have dual motor, okay.

- Did that one, but all in it was still

$65,000 before credits.

- Yep.

- So maybe it was like $56,000 after the credits,

which includes what, $7,500 tax credit

and some gas credit.

- Right.

- Estimated fuel savings.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- You get the turbo charge.

You can use the charger stations for five years for free.

Oh, did it have that on there?

May I wonder if that's only for the dual?

I wonder if that's only for the dual motor,

'cause I don't think I got that option.

Okay, they said that if you bought an X or an S

that you would get lifetime.

Well, that's a three though.

Yeah, yeah, like the link you sent me though,

that referral link?

Yes, oh, the referral link gave you that.

Yeah, yes, yeah.

Five years of Tesla Supercharger,

whatever the fuck it's called.

Yep, supercharger.

So the next thing that I started looking at is I was like,

"Well, shit, we've talked about taking a trip

"back to my parents' place, back in rural Iowa."

And I knew the freeways would not be any kind of an issue.

I knew the superchargers were well-spaced,

that you could use those all the way across the country.

That's no problem.

But where I grew up is basically like you take a grid

of freeways and we're dead center in the middle

of a whole bunch of interstates,

and it's quite a ways away from them.

something like 90 miles away from the nearest freeway.

So I was like, oh, can we make that work?

But the range on these things is like 320 miles,

360 miles, I can't remember, but so shouldn't be a problem.

But I was like, that'd be pretty cool.

That'd be a fun road trip.

You couldn't use that in town if you live there conveniently.

You'd have to go.

In my hometown?

Oh, absolutely not.

Yeah, no way.

Unless you built your own.

Well, 'cause you can get a home,

can't you get a home charger?

Oh yeah, absolutely.

And you can get the, not supercharger status,

but you can get the what, 240 volt or whatever the hell it is,

like the dryer type of connection.

And you can do that and it'll charge pretty rapidly, but.

Is the supercharger more, is it 480?

They are, yeah, you can have,

I don't know what the, I'd have to look it up,

but I know they will charge insanely fast.


480 volt DC fast charging stations. Yeah. Yeah, 480 volts and the Tesla itself

the model 3 has a

334 mile range so

Pretty easily could make it in and back 180 miles

So no problem there as long as you have a charge somewhere in between

Wow, and even even you can plug it into a regular standard 120 it would take forever to charge

Oh, it'll charge so that's not a problem either Wow

Yeah, you'll be waiting for a while

Well, that's super cool. I just want to say the other thing about the show I would recommend check it out if you haven't Joe Rogan

Elon Musk interview that was good back to them

Yeah, but before we crashed here before we crashed and it was fascinating was two and a half hours

But it was it was really I enjoyed the whole thing

There were a lot of little tidbits that came out of it one thing that really caught me off guard

It surprised me is that he was talking about

Well, Joe asked him I think like how he structures his day and how he handles his time management. I know he's really


How do you say it like?

Meticulous about time management. Well, then I got his hand. It's not a lot of shit. Yeah, he's got he was running multiple companies

Right. He has SpaceX Tesla the boring company and then whatever other pet projects. He's working on and

And what I thought was interesting,

he said a common misconception,

people think that he's a business person

or a business magnet, that's what they said, magnet.

- Magnet, yeah. - Right.

And he said, no, like 80% of my time

is spent in engineering.

- Yeah, he's an engineer by trade, right?

- It's just very unusual to have someone at that level

be so technical, and I thought that was really

exciting and surprising,

because that's just not the way it works.

I don't know, maybe anywhere else or very few places would work that way.

And to his very own finding, right?

Like in the podcast, he makes mention of that, going to talk to governments and

talking to the president, even about different things and, and warning them of

things and basically getting brushed aside because they're, they're not technical

people and they don't necessarily understand these things quite as well.

And, and so I think that gives him a really unique perspective on the CEO level.


'cause not only is he the CEO,

but he also understands the underlying technical components

and engineering components of all of his businesses.

That's right, yeah.

Yeah, that was fascinating.

I really enjoyed the whole thing.

And I like Joe anyway, so check it out.

Yeah, we can like Tibet in the show notes

so you can get that.

We'll also give you a referral URL

for Mike to both Meal Pal and to Fresh Lake.

Oh, that's a good idea, yeah.

maybe you can hit them up with some free meals.

- That would be good, yeah, that's good stuff.

I'm excited to get the first shipment in

over the Freshly in a week.

- Oh, this is your first?

You haven't even had it yet?

- Nope, haven't gotten it yet, I just signed up today.

- Right on.

- I think it'll be here on the 21st, 11 days,

because I scheduled it out, I'm gonna be out of town.

I did wanna talk about something else this week.

Google Cloud Summit in Seattle.

- Hey, Google Cloud Summit.

Did you sign up? Are you gonna go?


Okay. I don't know if anybody's going.

They pimped me. They sent me a cool plant.

Yeah, I'm not happy about that.


But you got a plant somehow.

I took one from somebody else.

All right.

Must be Springer.

Somebody didn't want it, they air plant and set it out.

No, it's fucking bullshit, dude.

They sent me an email to sign up

and I signed up right away 'cause I thought that was good.

I like Google.

You all fuckers, ignored your emails

and then you got a big care packages that showed up here

like few days later.

So you gotta play hard to get, Mike.

This is what you don't understand.

I'm trying to figure that out now.

I'm learning that the hard way here.

(Mike laughs)

Learning that the hard way dating, you know.

It's gotta--

Can't just be all easy.

Can't always be easy.

Yeah, I'm figuring that out.

Yes, little by little here.


Yeah, yeah, that's good.

Well, I did sign up for the Google Cloud Summit

in Seattle, it's gonna be Wednesday.

And I think it'll be kind of fun.

I'm looking at the agenda right now.

So Keynote is at nine.

And then they have some breakout sessions.

Looks like it's machine learning, big data,

cloud migration strategies,

building serverless applications.

There is a lunch provided from 1240 to 140,

that sounds great.

And then the afternoon session,

they have some more breakouts, engineering,

Oh, like genome type projects, big data analytics at a global scale, preparing for Black Friday

with Google Cloud platform.

Oh, presented by Rackspace.

That's funny.

You can get lured back onto Rackspace.

Oh boy.

Oh boy.

We're not going back there again.

What else do we have on here?


Oh, Internet of Things made easy.

to smarter data and device management, cloud security, Kubernetes, building containerized

apps with Kubernetes on the Google Cloud, zero to ML, easy ways to start automating intelligence,

getting ahead of digital transformation, a little break.

And then they have something.

What is this shit?

Looks like another round later in the evening.

I don't think I'm going to stay for that.

They talk about cloud auto machine learning,

cloud workers, storage for analytics,

how Starbucks migrated to Apigee with zero downtime.

Company that provides API management

and predictive analytics software.


Well, this should be fun.

It's a day long conference downtown,

Bell Harbor Conference Center.

So what are you looking to get out of it?

I'm curious.

Just 'cause as you read the class or the course list

or whatever you want to call it there,

the agenda.


Most everything there seems to be big data

or machine learning related,

or at least that's for the most part what it sounds like.

Yeah, well I would say this,

the first session and the morning session,

the stuff on serverless I'm interested in,

so I'd like to see more of that.

Like I've mentioned before on the cast,

I think I've mentioned this,

that I'm building in Flutter,

which is a Dart language.

It's a cross-platform mobile app framework written by Google.

And so some of this would be applicable to that probably,

But I'm hoping they would cover some stuff on Firebase Fire


We'll see.

I don't see it spelled out in here,

but maybe under serverless.

But then the other part that would be interesting too,

which is maybe not as applicable today at Quote Wizard,

maybe right now.

But when I was at the--

I went to that FinTech conference in April in San


And they had a very cool presentation Google

did on TensorFlow and the machine learning models there.

And what I remember, the takeaway from that

was just how easy it was to start getting set up.

They already have models available that you can tap into.

And so I would like to experiment with that.

I think it would be really fun to throw a data set that we have

at that and just try to make some--

So you want to take potentially, quote with your data,

and move it into the Google Cloud?

- Well, I don't know.

I mean, yeah, I would have to talk to a few people

before they would even be open to that.

But I would like just like to know how this works,

get a better understanding of it.

'Cause right now I'm just at the buzzword level.

I have some basic idea of how this AI works

and how the machine learning works,

but I'd like to know a little bit more.

- So you just want more exposure

to machine learning and AI in general,

is what you're trying to get out of it in the next show.

- Yeah, that's a takeaway.

And then anything about serverless architecture

Google Cloud would be interesting too.

>> Yeah.

>> Some of that's a little more personal than work just because

I like the strategy they've taken.

I just think they have a different approach than AWS and Azure has up to this point.

They're the big underdog too.

For no other reason than that,

I like what they're doing,

but their approach so far has been great different.

A good example of that is the Firestore database

that handles push notification real time.

So you update the database in one spot on one phone app

and it's instantly updated on the other phone apps

in the database.

No crazy Ajax calls, nothing happens there.

It's just a connection that stays open.

Must be like some kind of long-folding messaging thing.

That's pretty sweet.

- Yeah.

- So that'll be Wednesday.

Alright, well good one, we'll wrap this up.

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