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17: Online Dating

This episode we get into details of Mike's recent foray's into the online dating world using apps like Bumble
17: Online Dating

In this episode, we get into details of Mike's recent foray into the online dating world using apps like Bumble. To prepare for meeting the ladies he also has joined a Crossfit gym to shape up but also to meet new people and cut down on the time he spends drinking. We also take a little time to talk about dating criteria that people have whether it's income, height, weight, eye color or something else. And we wrap up talking about a lawsuit brought against Match where it's alleged claiming that IAC/Match Group seriously undervalued Tinder in a scheme to keep from paying out lucrative stock options to the founders and executives.

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I'll be interested to get our good friend Erin's opinion on your joining of this gym

because like I said, she's a big crossfitter and has been for

Really long time and she knows this guy and it'll be interesting

Well, maybe one one day I can get her opinion because I asked her this morning if she knew this guy

First I asked her how the barbecue went. She's still a little she's still a little bitter about the barbecue

Yeah, I don't know how long a Rifkin grudge lasts usually

He's got a schmoozer a little more and you'll be fine.

See, I think that's the problem.

Like I don't feel like schmoozing

after our last conversation.

She was really fucking not nice,

but I probably will try to smooze a little bit more.

But I did reach out and just said, "Hey, how was it?"

And I said, "By the way, do you know?"


And she ignored the first question,

didn't answer how the barricu went.

And then for the second question just goes, "Yes."



No like, well why? How do you know him? Or what's going on? Are you going there?

None of that shit. It was just, yes.

So I did appreciate the response. It means that she was, you know,

thoughtful enough to give me something back, but to let me know too that I'm not

really out of the woods yet.


Good dude, good good good. Yeah I'm feeling more energized even though I'm a little

rougher for wear going to the gym today but I do feel like I've got some

energy that I didn't have on Friday. When did we record Thursday? It's Thursday I think.

Yeah it wasn't Friday, it must have been Thursday I think I think you're right.

That's right it was the hangover from the quote wizard three million dollar club

celebration. That's right you were spending a lot of time in the bin with

all the champagne. Yeah, there was some champagne to be had. You don't want that to go to waste, man.

I don't think it would. Alcohol never goes to waste at the Quotelizard offices.

That's one thing they're very, you know, like we're not necessarily conservation minded,

but when it comes to the alcohol, we sure don't want to leave anything behind, you know. So I

appreciate the spirit that the company has embraced there on that one.

Yeah, well, how, aside from your meeting with Michelle.

Yeah, good meeting.


How was the day overall?

Well, it was really good.

I think a couple of things that happened over the weekend.

I spent some more time, some personal reflection, planning and also

just getting motivated again, getting inspired.

I think that my focus this summer in large part and even this going into the weekend,

My focus has been on just the wrong types of things, like very negative things that happened to me or playing the victim or just feeling like, you know,

spending too much time thinking about what I don't have, what I'm not happy with, what I don't like, and trying to get out of that mindset into like the opportunity mode of like what could I create, what can I do, what do I have already, what am I grateful for.

So I spent a lot of time doing that,

and I think that work helped me get my ass up at 5.20,

go to gym today.

I found a new gym, really excited about that.

And it just started the whole day off.

Then you get the endorphin kick and all that kind of stuff.

Right, and that was cool.

So I was excited to hear about this this morning when

you came into the office and you were like, oh,

got my ass handed to me this morning.

I did, yeah.

So we haven't published the episode yet, I don't think,

or maybe we didn't even talk about it on the podcast.

I'm trying to remember, but I'd kind of given you an idea

because you kind of were like looking for,

I won't say ways to get out of your groups,

but I guess ways to find people with other interests

aside from maybe specifics to alcohol, right?

Yeah, exactly right.

And so I had recommended that CrossFit is very, very good

from a number of standpoints in your case,

because number one, you're competitive.

Going back even to your college days,

you ran competitively.

So, you know, between the competitive nature of the thing

and you wanting to get back in shape

and you wanting to find kind of another way,

another outlet to find different groups of friends,

I'd recommended maybe this is a really good way to go

'cause I have a whole lot of people that I know

that have gone into it and are no longer really doing it,

but they definitely have kept around the friend groups

they made during their CrossFit days, I guess you might say.

I agree.

You planted the seed there and I think you were right on.

Just the competitive nature I think is what I like about the class work and then just

the type of exercises.

It's really core fundamental stuff.

And I know that there's different varied thoughts on the types of where you do CrossFit and

overdoing it and overextending and getting injuries and all that kind of thing.

I feel very good with the group that I've landed on

just because, well, for a few reasons,

found out that you have some connections

that know these guys and have had good feedback.

But like, you know, just the trainer himself,

I met him and he's the owner and the reviews

have all been very positive.

And the class today, I thought was what I liked about

the most, it was what we're presented.

So you had this co-ed group, like six of us,

different skill levels and really the focus was on technique more than it was like oh it's just fucking

beat the shit out of everybody you know which is I think like the the part that a lot of people

if you're not at a good crossfit gym maybe have experienced or have heard horror stories about that

that's usually where it comes in right is like yeah they're they're pushing you really really

hard and people get hurt because they're not doing or following form the way that they should or

or being taught form even.


Yeah, so I appreciate our conversation about that

'cause it really got me thinking about

how I wanna go about life here after the summer.

The summer, there was a lot of experimentation going on

and a lot of reckless crazy bullshit

that I got myself into

and figuring things out, maybe learning what not to do,

but it feels really good right now to have this

and if I can keep it up during the week anyway,

most days, if not Monday through Friday,

I think that'll really help solidify everything else

because I can't be out till midnight or two a.m.

doing karaoke, there's no fucking way

I'm gonna make a 630 class, you know?

So this will be a nice thing to say,

hey, you know, I can pop in for happy hour,

but I'm gonna be out of here by 6.30.

- So how frequently,

I know nothing about CrossFit to be honest with you,

how frequently do you do these classes?

Is it like every other day?

Is it every day?

Like how frequently are you planning to train?

- The guys that I talk to do it

pretty much money through Friday.

- Okay.

- So that's what I'm planning on doing.

I'm gonna go back tomorrow morning

and I'm already really sore.

I'm sure tomorrow morning I'll feel really fucking worse,

really beat up,

but yeah, I'm gonna try it.

- At his point it was valid.

He said, look, you're gonna, it's gonna suck

no matter what and like we'll adjust accordingly.

So go faster or slower depending on how you're feeling.

Add more weight if you need more weight,

take it off if you don't and just get in the groove, right?

- So you're planning five days a week-ish.

Did they give you any like expectations

as to like gains or weight loss

or any of those types of things?

- So I need more information on that.

I had a really nice conversation with the trainer

this morning who was not the owner, somebody else.

She was great and had a lot of good starter information.

But that was one of the questions I had.

I would like to get a full, they have a body scanner

that you can get a full profile on like your whole

3D image of the body and body fat composition and all that.

So I don't know how often they do it,

but I'd like to get that done.

We talked a little bit about just nutrition in general

and calories and macros to start.

But I'd like to talk to him some more about what to expect

'cause another thing I saw this weekend

that was really inspiring was this guy posted a video

where he was probably similar build.

Not obese but overweight, had a little bare belly,

hadn't been working out.

And he was I think around 18% body fat maybe,

maybe a little bit more than that.

And his goal was to get down to under 10 in three months.


And he did it.

And it didn't seem like the workouts that he was doing

were much different than what I'm doing.

And it wasn't like he was just eating breadsticks,

you know, like once a day or something.

Like it was all good stuff.

And so I think it sounds like that I could do a similar thing.

And that's what I would like to do.

I just don't know how I need to ask them

how achievable that is.

Yeah, it's early on.

So I'm sure you'll get into a groove of some kind.

- Yeah, I think holistically though,

like some of this stuff has come up for me,

just I don't wanna have this lifestyle

where I'm always going out

and then feeling like shit the next day.

I wanna have fun though, I mean I'm still gonna do it,

but if I could just keep it to Friday and Saturday even,

like that would be bonus,

'cause I've just been doing a lot of stuff

during the week lately.

It would be a good start,

and maybe I don't even do it Friday and Saturday,

but you know, just from time to time,

and it's not the primary thing anymore.


So yeah, I would like to change it up.

And I got on bumble last Thursday.


And had a date on Sunday.

And so for those reasons,

I would like to put a little more polish on the body here.


CrossFit clearly works.

I mean, we have a number of, you know,

our good friend Erin, she does it.

She's very fit.

Anybody that I've seen that sticks with it.


Generally sees very good results.

just a matter of how long you can you can stick with it. I think so. I think consistency is going

to be a challenge for me. It has been in the past and I when we had an instructor at Quote Wizard,

we had the Quote Wizard CrossFit group going for about a year. I was really consistent with that.

That was really good. But then he left and I kind of fell off the wagon and part of it at the time

was that the excuse was oh it's just too expensive and so I'm hoping that like I told you earlier

today, the amount of money that I'm spending going out,

signing up for this gym is like,

was my Friday night a couple of weeks ago.

So it's not that big of a deal, right?

So hopefully, yeah, it's sustainable

and it's a good group of people

and it could become more of a community.

And so hopefully that'll be another reason to stay around.

Some of these guys, it's really funny,

they followed this trainer owner, four different gyms.

he's been to. So I thought that was really compelling that like the people,

because the guy was even saying the guy I talked to this morning, um,

said, yeah, it's too bad that he had to come over here because he used to be in

the same building as my work, but, um,

they felt so strongly about what he does.

And some people said that he's the best in Seattle. Wow. Um, so,

and it's a big claim, but he's right up there. Uh, and, um, yeah,

they followed him around. So that's a pretty good testimonial.

How big was your class size this morning?


Six, okay.

That's pretty small, intimate group.

Small group, we had plenty of space,

and it does feel pretty individualized at that point

because I had a few, we were working on some cleans

and so I was getting some kind of one-on-one time

with the instructor, so that was very cool.

The 530 group, I think there was a few more people there,

but that's too early for me, man.

I don't think five.

Like just without having a car,

I'd have to get up the ungodly hour of like,

I don't even know what time I have to get up

to get a bus down there.

The light rail doesn't run that early.

- Yep, I would imagine the more popular classes

are in the afternoon.

- Probably, yeah, they have a variety of classes.

So like I said, they have CrossFit,

but then they do that in the morning and afternoons.

They have a few other things.

They have something more of like a spin class probably

or a cardio, and then I think they have a hybrid

weightlifting cardio class,

yeah, among other things.

Right, Zumba class.

Zumba, somebody that I know,

somebody that we both know at Criwell.


I've been kind of dominating this thing,

like is there anything new with you you wanna talk about?

No, you're not one for being put on the spot like this,

I'm sorry.

We've got the anniversary dinner coming up,

so that'll be good.

Gonna be kind of like a, it'll be fun, man.

It's gonna be kind of like a redo of the dinner

from the wedding, I guess.

Oh, no way.

So we're gonna have a lot of the same meal,

the same, remember the cake thing?

It's called the croquembouche.


Yeah, we're gonna have one of those.

Oh, cool.

It'll be cool.

It'll be fun.

I love it.

I had such a great time at your wedding

and the whole, like the days leading up to it,

just being at that chateau,

like how fun that was and surreal

and it was just a great experience.

I remember crashing that little

patisserie every morning and stealing all that.

We raided this woman of Oliver pastry by like 10 a.m.

and it was a small town, right?

It was like a really very rural part of central France.

- Yeah, I really don't think I would have changed anything

about the way that we did that.

It was really, really awesome to see

by the end of the event.

We spent an entire week with pretty much friends and family

at the Chateau, almost a week, maybe five days,

four days, I don't remember what it was.

- Yeah, it was.

- But it was a considerable amount of time

and it was like you said, a small town.

So there wasn't a ton to do necessarily.

So people just spent most of their time on the grounds

or in hanging out and talking to the other people there.

And it was really cool to see people kind of like gel

and grow into friendships.

A lot of people that were at the wedding

that didn't even know each other or friends on Facebook

and continue to stay connected

and that was really cool to see.

Yeah, I agree.

I have Facebook friends, a lot of those guys

and still see what's going on

and chat from time to time,

which was great.

And that little Michelin, the tire company

was so big in that region of friends.

That was like the HQ or whatever,

whatever they're big.

And so that was cool too,

because they had that awesome race track

and that was a fun day event we did.

And now it's for sale.

That's right, the Chateau could be ours.

For the low, low price of 1.6 million euros.

Yeah, 'cause what was it?

It was just shy of two mil.

Yep, US, yep.

Yeah, oh man.

Well, I'm looking for the anniversary dinner

'cause I liked the first one.

So yeah, that'll be good.

I know it's the eighth because I was told by somebody

that I wasn't gonna show up, so now I know.

You won't forget that one.

Yeah, I'm not gonna forget that one.

I didn't forget any of them. I just bailed on the other one.


I think you were gonna have another date with this

Bumble Chick, right?

I think we will. This is really fun. I'm starting to get into this.

This is something guys that I've been so scared to participate in forever.

I remember being just joking with friends

a few years ago. I don't know how it came up. Maybe one of our other friends was going through

something or someone had a breakup and so we're talking about it and I remembered that time

and it wasn't that long ago and I just said boy if I was ever single again like I would,

I wouldn't participate in any of that shit. Like I have no desire to go out and date or like try

to meet people like it was just such a fear of mine because I didn't have experience when I was young

You know I got into my relationship pretty early. Yeah

So the thought of going back out and hearing the stories I said no way I'm not gonna do that

I'm not gonna

Go dating or do that if I meet somebody just kind of randomly that would be one thing

But I'm not gonna be in search of or dating all the time. Oh my god, and here I am now

On this damn thing and and going out, but it's been fun just to get over that

Somebody said is either Tony Robbins got this from somebody

It could be his own thing, but essentially what he said is I was far as the fear

Like, you know, we'll be to overcome our fears have to step into them and I just think

This has been a good exercise for that

Because it was terrified to go in on Sunday and it turned out to be totally fine and no big deal

So originally when I first talked to you about this was I don't know what three or four days ago

You were very adamant that you had to respond to like everybody and are you still are you still still doing that or like?

Because you were kind of getting worried that it was gonna be just like this is gonna be my full-time job

Just like responding to all these things and managing all these things

Well, I haven't done any rude like blow people off kind of thing yet, but what's interesting is that

Everybody's in the same situation and it can be overwhelming across the board because

depends on how much you swipe but the more you swipe the more

matches you get and then the more conversations that start

so I've just been more selective about my swiping and I don't do it all the time I might do it every

few days and not do it very long like maybe pick 10 people or five I don't know pick a few people

yeah and then leave it alone yeah so I had a conversation with someone new this morning

And we had a little ping pong back and forth for a little bit.

But it's not like it was the first night where it's just like,

oh my god, let's go through 150 people and look at all these people.


I think that's when I talked to you,

is after the first day you would use it.

So you were just kind of feeling it out and learning how to use it and so forth.


Yeah, it was new.

It was a new shiny toy.

Once I got into it, I was like, oh god, I got to do all this stuff.

So yeah, I haven't, it's died down a little bit.

And a lot of these just fizzle out.

Some people right away, you'll have a few things in common

and you get a feel for it and say,

oh yeah, I would really like to meet up.

'Cause that's my goal, I don't wanna just

chat for five days, like let's figure it out.

Is there something here that we're connecting on

and let's just go meet up somewhere?

- Yeah, make it physical sooner than later.

Yeah, and so there's been a few of those occasions.

Sunday was one of them.

There's somebody else this week maybe do karaoke with.

Although I don't know how that's gonna play out

with my CrossFit now.

I might have to reschedule or something, but yeah.

I think there's a few of those things that just happen

and then there's some other conversations

where you go back and forth

and then it just kind of fizzles out and that's okay too.

'Cause there's only so much time in the day, man.

Yeah, I can't imagine being in that world.

the same thing kind of you were saying, I guess, you know, I've been in a really, I was in a

relationship pretty early on and then met Christina fairly quickly after that one dissolved. So,

and that was even before these apps came about, you know, there was there was a few kind of

online web apps at the time, you know, the matches or whatever, e-harmony, that kind of

thing. But there wasn't any of these apps. So that's a whole different world that I can't

even, I can't even place myself.

So a majority of your interactions before Christina even leading up to that, like how was it? How did that happen? Was it friends of friends at events, parties?

Usually, yeah, it was, yeah, yeah, exactly. Parties, I think, or meetups of various, various types, right? It's kind of happened to run into them or be around them enough times that something could kind of click.

Yeah, that was basically it.

Yeah, exactly. It's funny you mentioned that because in the timing of this is all very

serendipitous maybe, but I had another economist came in this week. It's a weekly magazine,

right? So the one that I got was on the head, the cover, the main story was about dating

in the digital age.


And very cool story. So like the lead into the whole thing, it's talking about this newspaper

back in 1676 or something, it must have been, I don't know, when was Gutenberg, when did

the Gutenberg, it was in the 1600s, so it was like probably right after Gutenberg's press

came out, I don't even know, but way back when it was some article that this guy put

out that said like, kind to gentlemen, like with wealthy estate, like seeking kind gentle


That was the first classified ad.

That was the first classified ad man, back in the old 1600s dude.

- M seeking S or W.

- Yeah, yeah, it was before all that shit.

It was like very drawn out.

It was like a big contract, you know, it was funny.

But so yeah, so like that was, you know,

the beginning of it all and just how,

like the curve, right?

Just like technology, internet,

how everything is just exponentially grown,

change like the amount of data, the speed.

And the same thing with online dating now being

so ubiquitous worldwide, like even another in China,

in Eastern Asia, certain parts.

Like it's actually approaching someone face to face is

like they'll think you're a scoundrel.

- Oh, wow.

- It's just not socially acceptable

to even meet people that way in certain parts of the world.

And then other parts of the world,

you kind of get matched for you, right?

So it's just interesting how that is.

But what I thought was interesting about it,

one of the statistics was that one sixth

of all marriages now happen from relationships

that meet on dating apps.

- I think I heard that somewhere.

Yeah, I think I heard that statistic.

- Yeah, and it's opened it up from,

because that was another thing they showed too.

They had a cool graph that showed since the '50s

when they started tracking some of this stuff,

but they went back to the '50s

and it was like a decade by decade slice

of how couples met.

And there was the time when I think the most common one is like you described.

It was just people in your circle or friends of friends.

I mean, that's always been kind of high up there.

It's still the lead, but online is quickly taking that over.

Um, you know, there's church or school, college, primary school, secondary.

So all those, but everything's pretty much tanking compared to online.

I'm honestly surprised that it's only one sixth.

I would have expected it actually

to be a little higher than that.

- I talked to Brian this morning in my one-on-one

and he told me, he's like,

"Dude, you wanna talk about being old?"

Like when I was, you know, dating,

I was going through the stranger

and reading the classifies or whatever.


And it was hilarious, man, it's a cool story.

So he's like, "Yeah, I found this ad that sounded,

"like she sounded interesting, I wanted to know more."

So she had her phone number in there.

And so I called and left a message.

And I don't know, like a day later or two days later,

he gets a call, she calls him back

and leaves a message on his phone and says,

"Hey, this is so-and-so."

And like, "Hey, I'm really sorry, but I just gotta tell you,

"like I didn't know what to expect

"putting this ad out in The Stranger.

"And I've gotten so many creepy calls

"and I just weirded out by the whole thing."

And so like, I'm just like,

"I'm not interested in meeting up."

And I don't know if you want me to share this or not,

but we'll ask him, it's funny man.

So basically he thought about it for like an hour.

He was just kind of rocking in his chair

and he was kind of pissed that she just singled him out

based on other things.

Like just decided, fuck it, I'm gonna call back

'cause I have her number now

and I'm gonna give her a little piece of my mind about it.


So he did, he called her back

and this time she answered the phone

and he said, "Hey, this is so-and-so,

Like this is Brian, you know, you just called me back.

And I just gotta tell you that,

like I understand your situation,

but you don't know anything about me.

And I just think going forward,

like you really shouldn't make a blanket judgment

about people being creeps or whatever.

Like you don't even know me, you've never met me before.

And I'm not a creepy guy.

And so he gets done like dumping on her all this stuff.

And she goes, okay, that's cool.

Do you want to meet?


And so yeah, they did.

They got together and had a few drinks or whatever.

And there was no chemistry there or anything like that.

So they pretty much just said, okay, well, thanks for meeting.

See you later.

And that was the end of that.

- Hey, well, persistence paid off.

- Yeah, yeah, exactly.

I think it was pretty ballsy of him to go the extra mile

and like give her a piece of mind.

I don't know that I would have like,

I would just let it go, but that was,

I thought that was pretty funny.

- It is funny that that went the creeper route

because that was in my mind as you were sitting there

talking about somebody putting an ad in the paper

and leaving their phone number on there.

I was like, oh man, that's creepy.


- It was just different times.

It was just like, that was the medium that you used to do that,

I guess, among other things.

But yeah, but anyway, those ads,

I think accounted for 1% of marriages at its peak.

- Classified ads did?

- The classifieds did.

So to put it in perspective, 1/6,

whatever magic that is, 18%,

I don't know what percentage is one sixth.

Something like that.

Big jump, you know, that's a big jump from print media.

So that's huge.

It's going somewhere.

How many dates have you wrangled out of this?

Or do you prefer not to say?

Well, I've only, I have been on it very short time.

So, you know, hopefully that number will grow,

but I mean, I had one already

and then I have another one scheduled.

And then a follow up date with the first person.

So like two people, three dates.

Nice, that's pretty good batting average there

for a few days.

Yeah, and it really depends on how active you wanna be.

I can't speak to any other app out there

because I've only done Bumble,

but it sounds like from what I've heard,

some of the other ones can even be more overwhelming.

One of the ladies I was talking to said that she signed up

for, I can't remember which one it was now.

It wasn't Tinder and it wasn't Match, it was some other one,

but like within a matter of a day or two,

had like 300 inquiries.

- I know the females get bombed on those things for sure.

Like the ones where it isn't specific

where you have to match, right?

- Right, right, right.

- I mean, I'm sure the matching ones

they also get bombed on too, but.

- Yeah, so that's part of it, you know.

To that point, I have another friend

and I want to give him away here,

but he's doing a more of a personalized

dating service in Seattle.

I hadn't heard of this before,

I don't know the name of it either, but I try to get that.

This is becoming kind of a dating episode.

And so this it's kind of like, you know, the million millionaire matchmaker.

No, Patty.

I don't remember her name, Patty, something, something.

She's on one of the networks.

No. The whole thing there is that you've got to it's a major

it's a substantial investment.

So you have to have a net worth of a million dollars or more.

And I think this happens mostly in.

LA, but she brings in people from other places too.

So yeah, you have to go through an interview process.

You have to have a certain net worth.

And to participate on the program or to participate in her service, I think it costs like $100,000.


Yeah, $100,000 just to be in the program and then she sponsors different events and meet

and greets.

tailored to individual social say okay like get a big profile on you and what you want

and the type of personality that you are and the type personality that you need. So I mean they do

a really thorough examination and then put these events together try to get you the people in front

of you that you're interested in. Anyway my buddy's doing something similar to that here and it's not

to that extent it's not that expensive but I think for the guys it's like 10 times more money than it

it is for the ladies. I feel like there's another yeah and I've heard of apps like that

where like income bracket is like a very big qualifier. You know if you're looking I don't

know if it's called like the professional or the ladder or I can't remember there's

some other apps that I've heard of similar to that. Interesting okay. But just to make

sure that you're looking in the right income bracket so that you some people definitely

have qualms about you know people that make a lot less than them or that sort of thing

So that's what's interesting, right? Everybody has their own set of preferences

I've seen profiles where

What somebody say the other day like and it could it was kind of like tongue in cheek, but maybe it was somewhat serious too

I think it said

What cats are dogs over cats

And it was a deal breaker like if you were a cat person

Looking for a job but love to travel

Right, yeah, yeah, right.

Okay, yeah, that sounds wonderful.

Like bring 10 more of those guys over here.

Yeah, right.

Yeah, I'd love to sponsor your trips, you know.


Or height, like as another one, like five, 10,

seeking tall, okay, I'm not going to reach out to you.

Yeah, it is interesting the little like

hang-ups people have for sure.

A lot of very weird ones that you hear about.

Well, I suppose after a certain point

and having gone through certain experiences,

you start to really hone in on the things you know

you just want and what your preferences are

and personality and all that stuff,

you get a little more selective.

First time I did this, I was like,

"Oh, damn, she's hot.

"It's big and happen."


And didn't really give caution to anything else.

And vice versa, right?

Like it was college and,

"Hey, you seem fun.

"Okay, cool."

Let's turn that into something, but now, after doing that for a long time, I think people

are just saying, "Okay, well, what do I really want?"

And I've had more time to think about that, and I know it doesn't work, so that part's


So, I mean, along those lines, though, what was that?

What else did I read in this article?

Some interesting things.

So, both men and women tend to, I don't know how to grade this, but they say, like, tend

to pick people that are like 25% more attractive than they are. Like everybody's trying to

shoot up a little bit. Sure. Which makes sense. I wasn't surprised by that. I probably qualify

there too. And then the sad part was that like the bottom percentiles right like the

bottom 5% just don't get any match ever. Yeah, I could see that. Sure. So that's kind

of sad. That's kind of sad news, but... That reminded me of a study that I had just... I'm trying to

remember what it dealt with. Oh, it was the age... Oh, it was the age that men and women

are perceived to lose their attractiveness. Oh. It's about as horrible and pig-ish as you

could expect it to be. They did cover that, I believe, for women. It goes down really early,

like 35. Oh, it's like, it's like basically like, I think the crux of the article and I'm just gonna

spitball here, but I think the idea was basically like at what age is are you at your like most

beautiful, you know, like what age does your beauty peak and for guys, I want to say it was something

like 30, like late 30s or maybe even 40 something like that. And for females, it was 18.


And this was, you know, voted by the--

That's fucked up.


And this was voted by the opposite sex.

So it just shows you how pig-ish guys can be.


Yeah, that's pretty fucked up, man.

No wonder there's so many of us out there swiping and waiting.



I wish I could find the article.

It was pretty funny.

If I-- I'll find it and put it in the notes

if we use a segment.

No, it's funny just how different it is.

I saw something very similar to that in the article too,

and it seemed like for men,

you definitely had a lot more runway, so I don't know.


Maybe that'll change.

It's still, this thing is still in its infancy.

Oh, I found it.

Oh. New York Times.

Oh boy.

For online daters, women peak at 18

while men peak at 50 study fines.


I thought it was later. I thought it was more 50. Yeah, okay. Oh geez, dude

That's a shit. It's horrible, but it's funny. It's bad

I'm gonna I'm gonna zing this over to you



From the yeah

200 users so that's a pretty good sample size. Yeah



So yeah, that's what's up dude like the dating episode

Dating working out working on yourself. I like it self-improvement working out

All that stuff is cool stretching getting out of the comfort zone. It's all positive stuff. It's good all very good stuff

There is another piece of dating news, I don't know if you

Heard this. Yeah, I talked to you about this Tinder Tinder lawsuit

Tinder lawsuit. No, I don't know anything about this. So I went to school with one of the co-founders

I think we've discussed or mentioned that at least on the show before yeah

And so yeah, his name popped up on my LinkedIn because whenever he's

Probably linked in stock him on news or he's a connection of mine on there. And so I get notifications

I don't think it's anything I did but

But he popped up and I saw it in the Wall Street Journal later to

essentially they got bought out by

Match Group, which is like the holding company from match.com and Tinder and like 40 other dating sites around the world

So he so we got cashed out

He did but they kept him on so he's this is the interesting twist like him and a few other people named in the suit are actually still employed


And they're suing

So that'll be interesting to see how that plays out at work parties and whatnot

But but yeah, the what they're alleging is that?



You know intentionally like devalued them at the time of purchase like there was some bad publicity that came out around sexual harassment

I think it tinder when they were getting ready to get bought out

And I don't know a lot. I don't really know the details beyond that if they

The claim was that they leaked some of this or something

But whatever it was like something was done that they claim to relate dilute the valuation of Tinder at that time because if you look at the share

Price I mean the things just exploded since their acquisition. I think that was back

What like maybe

Six years ago. Okay

Something like that. So they're arguing that there is some intentional deflation of

The price. Yeah, it was devalued. You know, I think they all got paid something

But yeah, it's a pretty big lawsuit. It's a two billion dollar suit Wow

And I think there's maybe eight people named in it. So

it could be a

If it goes anywhere, it could be a big a big settlement big payday, but it's just got kicked off

Yeah, I heard about last week we can have a go

match find lawsuit

Bumble responds to matches not to patent lawsuit

Tinder founder Sean Reed reportedly clashed with match

Is that the guy?

He's not he's not the guy no

Tinder founders sue parent matte companies match and


Don't know the IAC had tenders growth potential for growth in an effort to avoid paying billions of dollars to the startup team

Yeah, a group of tender founders and executives have filed a lawsuit. Yep

Yeah, Justin Mateen and Jonathan Bedeen

Yep, bad Dean. Yep. Yep. Yeah, here's the article here. I

See a match group manipulated financial data in order to create a fake

Lowball valuation then stripped rad Mateen and Bedeen and others of their stock options

Yeah, but Dean but Dean was the guy that I knew so he was with the Creighton and

cool dude he did some flash he was doing like flash designs back in college

he designed a logo for me back a while yeah which is cool and then he also like

he had a bunch of connections and access to stuff as as did I had a few servers

and like big in the big old Napster days and all that and I think we had gotten

like the earliest copy he had gotten like a preview copy of Windows XP or something like that or

Windows 7 and so we geeked out on some of that stuff. Nice. Cool dude, really cool guy. I haven't

talked to him since college but. Looks like the joint statement from IAC and match group says

allegations in the complaint are meritless and IAC and match group intend to vigorously

defend against them so looks like this will go to court probably.

Yeah, it's interesting how that's going to play out and especially them being employed.

I mean, I imagine they're going to probably can't be very careful there to have some kind

of wrongful terminations to it. So I think just oh, I would imagine. Yeah. So it's just going to

be an awkward situation by far. Yeah. Oh, the badge might only work like on the like the back,

you know, like maintenance entrance or something for a while. Like they have to walk all the way

around the building to get in. Segment these guys to like the second floor

everybody else goes everywhere else. They're the only guys on the floor.

They're hanging out with Milton next to the stapler and all that shit. Yeah, exactly.

Yeah, yeah man. Interesting. I was surprised to hear that. Yeah, that's crazy.

That's a huge lawsuit. Yeah, big deal. And it sounds like it'll take a while.

Yeah, well it says at least two billion so there might be other other bits in

there as well. Wow. That's crazy. That's some serious scratch. Yeah, dude. Well, we

managed to cover a lot of 49. We got a full dating episode.









(upbeat music)



So yeah, giddy up man.

We'll see.

I'm excited to try it out.

Give it a go and see what happens in a few weeks

when I get on the scale again.

- Yeah.

I'll tell you what man,

like it got me excited in some weird way.

Like I was like, oh, maybe I should do that too.

- Oh dude.

Yeah, I said that a little bit.

- Yeah, we'll see.

We'll see what happens.

Especially maybe during the winter.

Like the winter is what's interesting to me

because it's easy to like,

I didn't even ride all that much this winter

or the summer in spring.

So it'd be easy to, during the winter,

just become very complacent and not do anything.


And I'd rather not do that.


It's difficult here, more so than other parts even,

because we're so far north.

You know this too, this is interesting.

This is a fun fact.

Like the only, what are the two,

two northern most baseball teams?


The major baseball.

It's gotta be Toronto.

And us, I guess, I don't know.

Yeah, exactly.

Toronto and Seattle.


And you look at that on a map,

it just, you don't see it right away,

but we're so, we're in, we're just Canada, dude.

Like, (laughs)

Yeah, well, I mean, if you look at it on like a flat map,

right, like the curve of the earth,

like we're way up in the corners, right?

Right, right.

So, yeah.

And I think that was the other question too,

like that came out, oh, there's trivia or what this was,

but like the northernmost capital in the country,

- Yep.

- Olympia.

- Is that right?

- Yeah, it wouldn't seem like it because fuck,

I mean, we're so far, Olympia is a ways down

to the south of us, but it is.

- Are you learning this from your geeks who drink trivia?

- Yeah, see, it's not all just beer drinking, man.


There's some value behind it.

Some tidbits of useless knowledge.

Come with drinking some beer.


(soft music)