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36: The Tesla Show

Tesla running out of money very soon. We follow up on another “Impossible” launch and we get a Spinn coffee update and we talk about getting called out on bad speech habits.
36: The Tesla Show

This week Kyle clearly set up the show notes, it’s a Tesla-heavy show with topics ranging from new features to Tesla running out of money very soon. We follow up on another “Impossible” launch and we get a Spinn coffee update and we talk about getting called out on bad speech habits.

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[Music] (upbeat music) - Live with episode 36 with video yet again. - Hey buddy. The Coffee and Codecast, a live streamed tech podcast where we talk about neither coffee or code. I'm Kyle Johnson. And I'm like she hands it on the cast. We got a lot of follow up and show news. The Spin Coffee update came a day after the last podcast. So we got a little bit to talk about there and looks like we got some interesting Tesla news in here today. It's a big news day. Tesla news, I'm excited. Of course you are and I guess you put the notes together. It wasn't me. I'll tell you that much. - Yeah, it's some time this week. - Yeah, you sure did. (laughing) That's about all we got on here today. Just a lot of news and updates. We were really technical last week, so we're gonna have a good one today. I have a little fun, so thanks for joining us. - Yeah, welcome to everybody online here. We got a lot of people watching. And for all you watching, I gotta show you this. Mike came down toting the Santa bag of gifts. - Yeah, Santa Chipper came. - Guess what, bringing gifts for you, Kyle. - Yeah, this is the thing. - Oh, and they're cold too. There's one. Oh my goodness. Oh boy. Oh, there's a third. Hey now, settle down. We're getting a little rowdy here. It's only one hour show. And we got a fourth. OK. So we'll see how we get through these. Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas. All right, buddy. Very nice. All right. Well, that's cool. We got the little tower of beers. I like that. It's a new feature here. Here we go. Crack one open. I already cracked one open. Someone opened it again. Beech it to it. There you go. So yeah, we got the spin coffee update. Let's get right into it. - Yeah, it's much a do about nothing, the spin coffee update. Like I said, it came out a day after the cast. I think I sent it to you the next morning. And a lot of, I mean, there's a lot of information in there. Like I said before, they do a great job of being very thorough now in the updates. There's a ton of stuff. So they're talking about, you know, the recipes and the research. So one of the facets of the spin coffee machine since it's internet connected is that If you get a bag of beans from let's say Cafe Umbria or something like that, well the Umbria guy, he can put a special recipe into the spin coffee machine. So as far as how hot the brew temperature should be, how much, I don't know, how long it should brew, all the different variables. There's a centrifuge that extracts all the coffee out of there. So that can all be programs. They're just talking about how they're doing work on that process to make sure that the coffee doesn't get too bitter and the timing is just right. I mean, they're in the weeds right now. One good thing about this is that they're ready. They've redesigned so many of the parts of this machine a few times over now. I think a lot of that stuff is done. Now it's kind of getting into the nitty gritty here. Still don't have a timeline. Oh yeah, so Christine's joining us. Hey, Christine, it's a good question. If you don't know what the spin coffee is, this has kind of been the running gag on the show for a little bit because back, I think, what, in 2016 in December? It's almost three years. There'll be three years of this December. I had signed up for this Kickstarter, and it was a coffee machine called the Spin Coffee Maker, and it was like Alexa-enabled, fancy. Like, the cool thing is you put the beans in top. You like pour the beans on the top, and then you can, it handles everything. There's no waste. It takes all the water out of the bean. There's a centrifuge that extracts all the water out of it. And then the beans just kind of are dried in this little container. So once a week you empty the container and you can throw it in your organic garden. It's just a really like low maintenance espresso machine where you have some of these here like ours. We have the brevel in the office here. And that's pretty low maintenance too, but there's still some maintenance with it. Like you have to clean it out and there's like a little drip tray. You have to empty and then you know, every time you put the grounds in, you got to tamp them in and yada, yada, yada. like, well, this is kind of all in one, and it does it all for you. So you just dump a bag of beans on top, and you tell Alexa what you want. Alexa making a espresso, Alexa make a French press. I don't know whatever the hell you want to do. It'll make it for you. I'm not sure how I would do a French press. That's probably a bad idea. But it can do all the different coffee types that you want to get. It even has a little milk frother. And yeah, it's really easy. The problem is that I paid for this thing in 2016 December and it hasn't arrived yet. It's still being designed and tweaked and all that good stuff. So super fancy. Yeah, super fancy. I don't know what happens if you don't put a cup in there first. Like if you don't have a cup ready to go and you tell Alexa to make some coffee, it just probably spills all over the counter. Well, it should be smart enough to see that there's a mug there or not or detect the weight. I would think so. But you went through a little you went through a little bit of a binge there on on spending for the Kickstarter products. I did. I've been a little less tempted to do that lately just because Kickstarter is a exciting thing because if you have a new product idea and you want to get it out there, then that's a great platform to do so. But there doesn't come with a lot of guarantees. It might take twice as long. It might never happen. So in this case, it's a three-year project and running and there's no deliverable yet. There's some really cool photos in this update about some guys in the lab, testing stuff out, and what also they're doing. They're taking very precise measurements of what's in the coffee. I don't know how that means. They're talking about investors and how they've gotten more investor money coming in. So they have new facilities, more dollars. A lot of people drinking coffee from the spin machine, which kind of agitates me, because I'd like to be doing that myself, but all these guys are doing it. Yeah, they're getting close. They're working on tooling and it looks like a lot of the final designs are done here. They're showing some really cool stuff from the plastic injection molding site, custom jigs and fixtures that they've built. Special UV glue. There's UV glue. UV glue. This is gluing for assembly of plastic parts. You want to use UV glue because if you use regular glue, it might not work out very well for you. - You wouldn't want that thing to spin apart when it's-- - That's right. When it's at full spin, like in the side door comes flying off and just 'cause you use some good old almerze that you got down at the drugstore, man. You want to use the UV glue. - Yeah, and why it does make coffee. Eventually, someday it will make coffee. - Yeah, it's pretty, I mean, the promise is big and it's gonna be awesome one day, but that day's not today and it's probably not gonna be in the next few months either. But I will say that they've always been very thorough. I mean, I'm still scrolling down. The whole time I've been talking, I keep scrolling and scrolling and scrolling. And Lester wants to know if-- did you see that? I do see that. So we have been trying to break bad habits. You're going to fix the camera again, something happened. We lost our video feed, but Kyle's going to fix that really quick. I'll get to Dave in a second. Anyway, the final thing about the spin is just that they're getting very, very close, but they're really reluctant to give an update on when it's gonna be delivered. So lots of cool photos, lots of cool technical details, but no delivery date as of yet. So that's what I've got about spin. Lester, I don't know if he's watching right now, but he might have seen us on Facebook. He was wondering, we always have these bad habits of saying, I would say, um, what would we do? We had like a few things we would say also you were saying interest things are interesting. Yeah, everything's interesting. Yeah, that's interesting. Oh, that's interesting. We tell you about this and I'd say Something I forgot what mine was yeah, we've gotten we've gotten past a lot of them But we've done a good job however I didn't pick up on this and I should have noticed we don't 36 episodes together. Damn it Lester was listening he was getting caught up is what happened He was rapid fire because he was listening to us all the time getting pissed We didn't have new episodes for him last year And then we finally put a bunch of content out and he's a little behind and he said he told me there a day he goes hey, I was I listened to 25 to 28 I mean listen. Yeah. Yeah, you listen to how many hours of content is that that's four plus hours of coffee and Code cast. Oh all in one sitting he was flying back from from the East Coast and had a layover in Dallas that was a delay actually a four-hour delay So he picked up on a few things and apparently he says you know your buddy Kyle Quote whatever the case may be Johnson Yeah, well he can yeah, I don't know what whatever the case may be he can you can go do something pounce in Yeah, we saved him those cold coolers lights for Dave Lester. He's not here. I think you're gonna have to take it for him instead Kind of bothering me here. We need a little better product placement here. Yeah, is that on the camera there? Now it's a little better now terms of product play a sponsor ships like spin hasn't really gotten back to us on Sponsorships, but like the good folks at course light that'd be a cool sponsorship Yeah, we can get them a send a few cases a beer over the coffee go Okay, what's that mean we'd have to do a little work on getting sponsors? Yeah entertaining sponsors We don't do that is the video coming through like my video when I'm looking at it here like I see the still frame I see it refresh your page. I did it a number of times really That's strange. I'm looking live right now and you're looking at the course light. I'm moving the course light and look how far behind that is. That's a big yeah, there's a bit of a delay there. Yeah. Well, let's move on here. We got some other other news here. The Tesla. Yeah, this is not Tesla news. It's personal Tesla news. Your Tesla and your Tesla that was a little bit of a parking lot skirmish a few months ago. Yeah, I backed into some damn truck. So finally got that thing back. I don't have to put gas in my car. like a, I don't know. - I know, you're sold school, man. It's just like, I can only imagine when back in the day, you had to, you had to hook your horses up to your buggy and then you got this gas-automal bill and all you had to do was just put some liquid into the tank. - Here's the thing, man, and everybody else knows this in the world, but gas is fucking expensive. We had to put $70, 70, 50, 60, 70, I don't know. Whatever. - This is your rental. - Yeah, the rental that we had while the Tesla was in the shop, and we had to put gas in it. I think we spent like, you know, what, two week period, we spent $100 and some odd dollars in gas. - I don't even know what gas costs. I don't pay for gas anymore. I don't have a car. - That's true. You use these are rental surfaces. But to give a fair estimate, like we drove to 11th of Washington, which is quite a ways away. And we had to charge the Tesla at one of the super chargers. I think it costs us 20 bucks. - So what is it per gallon, or what is the, yeah, I've priced a gas per gallon. $4.350. here I have no idea. Yeah, I didn't fill it up. Oh, okay, that's below me. Yeah. Oh, oh, if the Mrs is listening, you might be in trouble tonight. Oh boy. I, it jumps a lot. I tell you what, I was driving, I was in Vegas a few weeks ago and we were driving south to go meet a state with us and we had an event a couple hours south in Bullhead City and we were driving through the desert and at one point there the gas was a little over four dollars and I think it's just because when you're in the desert you can charge you can charge ten bucks a gallon if you want there's nothing there I mean you might be lucky to find one or two gas stations in between Vegas and Bullhead City as far as I can remember so it was a bit pricey there but I think we got back into the city it was closer to like three fifty something like that. Oh the wife does look like you're gonna be listening. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, and I can pick up the tone on that comment. Oh, oh, oh, all right. Well, it's very interesting post show when we get a little Margaritas after the show man you got her's ready to go when she gets there Well, let's move on from the yeah, let's move on. That's right. Yeah What's up, dude? What are we talking about now? Well, we talked a little bit about impossible like the impossible meat I love what impossible meat man. It's meatless meat There's two companies out there. You've got beyond meat right is one of them and then impossible is the one that IPO'd recently and so these guys Phase one, they found a way to, well first of all, they've identified what gives meat its texture and flavor, and it's a certain protein or a number of things, but they've identified that, and then two, they figured out how to replicate that through a plant-based mechanism, so you're no longer growing cattle and having to slaughter cattle, and that sort of thing. A funny aside to this, the whole idea is that you can put something out that doesn't, That isn't meat, but tastes like meat, and now you get like in theory like the people that you're trying to entertain here might be the The vegetarians right but they don't want to eat it because it tastes like meat Yeah, so it's kind of like a vicious circle, but in this case We've talked about this a number of times and I think red robin has a burger now. That's an impossible burger There's the impossible wopper from Burger King and so now there's another one little seizures is entering the space here Get out of here, dude. What are they doing little seizures pizza? Impossible pizza sausage pizza Yeah, pizza pizza pizza do they still have that is that still their thing? Yeah, I think so I don't know I haven't seen a commercial for them in probably 15 years I haven't either I know there's still a round I know that they have like the last thing I saw was they have like five dollar pizzas you can go and get a hot ready to go yeah, man I talked to Christina a lot about this the deep dish combo mombo. Oh wow What is that I don't know it was a commercial that came on that was kind of catchy interesting interesting Kelso says that a fuel by the way is two dollars and forty cents in South Carolina right now. Oh, that's pretty cheap man pretty cheap Yeah, 48 gallon. It's definitely not that here. It's probably closer to three three or something Well in the middle of nowhere that happens so oh You're just a fan of everybody today. This is a this is the day that Kyle Dave had some constructive criticism for you. You got a little upset about it Now you're you're upsetting everybody else now you're just throwing shit out there everywhere Well, I mean speaking of being upset we could talk about your Your day Yeah, yeah, we will talk about it. We don't need to do that I was actually I got away from it for a minute. I'm having a better day now all right Well, the course lights help the course light helps was a say mic stop by my office a handful of times today It was pretty hot under the color. We can talk about it in a minute. I just am It was it was a rough day man because goddamn it's like there's some big things happening right now The project that you're leading has been underway for how long now a better part of a year 18 months something like that Yeah, probably. In close. 18 month project. By the way, it had some additional requirements thrown in the mix here with the acquisition of the company a few months ago. And in order to meet the deadline, we talked about this before. We had to bring on extra help. So we had what, nine? We've got nine developers in some project managers and yada yada yada. We've got 11 people working on this thing, which is a massive team. It's the biggest team we've ever had. It's the biggest team we've ever had. I remember working at Quote Wizard when we only had 11 people in tech. period across the board and we've got 11 on one project. So huge, huge project, huge target to hit. We're right behind the June 1st deadline right now. We're getting ready to test. And we just had some shakeups today. We just had some things happen in the last little while that kind of got me a little flustered a little bit. It happens. They were not intentional. Well, for the most part. - Yeah, I think all I can say about it is that you can never communicate, overcommunicate in this space because we have regular stand-up meetings with the entire team. We announce things that are coming out. We talk about, hey, this is launching this week. This is a big deadline and then still the memo doesn't get out or the other problem is that everybody's so preoccupied with their own projects and working on their own deadlines that things get missed. And so yeah, as a result of what happened today, like we launched our product to a limited group of users and then the reporting server went offline. - Which is the thing that we need to query all the time. - So yeah. So it's kind of going blind. Hey, we're gonna throw this thing out there. We got our new car on the road and I'm gonna put some blinders on your eyes. But I hope you can drive straight down the highway but I would love to you. - That'd be a good topic for another show here is how to improve communication at the company but something that we don't need to get into today. - Yeah, and I think like, look, It was everybody responded in the proper fashion. Everybody played nice together and we recovered from it, as well as we could. I think it was a pretty good recovery. Nothing terrible happened, but yeah, it wasn't for all the work that's been put in. It was just at another level of stress and frustration when that happened for sure. - Yeah. We were, that's not what we were talking about. We were talking about meat, impossible meat. - Oh yeah. - We were talking about meat. - Yeah, that's right. Do you have anything else to add to that? - Well, I would just say, I'm super excited about this. So impossible meet, they did IPO. And last week, and it's been all over the place. I mean, it went up and then it tamed, and I don't know where it's at right now. - You look like you must be an investor. I'm not gonna end a Robinhood over here. By the way, if you need to get Robinhood account, I have a referral link for you. (laughs) - You'll get a free stock, I'll get a free stock. Don't listen to his bullshit. - Yeah, it's hold on, I gotta meet him. - Hang on a second. Whoa, hey, hey, come back. Will you, are you one slack at all? - Right now I'm not, do I need to be? - Bagels on slack and he's, I'm trying to read here and then he's, I'm not snubbing you, Bagel. I'm not snubbing you at all, man. What are the four B's? What are you talking about? What are the, he's always, don't knock the four B's. - I don't know what that means either. - I don't know what the hell that is, man. You gotta give me some clarification on that. - All right. - Man, this is gonna be a little out of hand. We're gonna need someone to help us, like get all this, we got comments on Facebook and Slack right now. I can't keep it on top of everything. - Maybe the bagel is gonna have to be the, our director, not director, producer. - He could be our producer. It'd be really cool to have him in on our shows, have him in here while we're working. - Yeah. - Beyond meat, yeah, they're at 77 bucks right now. They were up to 80 to, they started to like 20. I mean, so they had things shot up when they IPO'd, but I think it's gonna be a pretty big deal. Here's the thing, when they did a trial run with the impossible wopper in St. Louis, right? They did it in 50 locations to start. And the QA people that know what a wopper tastes like at Burger King could not tell the difference between the regular wopper and the impossible wopper that was grown from beats. I think it was like beet roots or something. I don't know how they did it, but they were able to take those proteins and grow them in a plant. And now they are expanding that nationwide. You're gonna whoppers, they're made with impossible meat everywhere. And apparently sausage in your little Caesar's pizza. - Well, I know why it here are local commenter. He goes to Burger King. He had those mac and what they call mac and Cheetos. Do you remember those? - No, but we lost our video again. - Damn it. - Well, I'll go fix that. But he's a connoisseur of the Burger King. So maybe we can get him to go have the impossible and our port back to us. - Okay, that'd be good. I'd like to hear from somebody who had a chance to do it. It sounds really good. This is interesting. We're having some technical problems. We haven't done video with this camera yet. This is the first time, but is it just sleeping, huh? It goes to sleep on us every once in a while here? - Yeah, I think it just loses connection. - It just loses connection. So I think it's back now probably. We'll see, sorry about that. This is very experimental for us. This is a new phase, new equipment. It's a little buggy. And because of all the stuff happening at work, we haven't had time to properly test this out. We just threw it together and turned it on and said, what the hell? We'll just do a show and drink some beers and talk about it. That's what we do here. I was a little fired up today. And so at one point in time, I was like, are we even doing this fucking thing? I don't even know if I wanna do this podcast today, man. I'm being told I have to work on the weekend 'cause some bullshit I didn't get myself into and yada, yada, yada. Welcome to the team, buddy. Hey. Thanks, man. I'm really appreciate that. No, I'm not going to be working over the weekend about that. All right, let's move along. All right. [MUSIC] So I want to talk about some Tesla news, and we're going to start out with some exciting fun Tesla news. Maybe not exciting. It's fun though. Whoa, I think it's always exciting, and how is it fun? So Tesla launched a new software update, which I have not got because my Tesla was in the shop. So it's a new visualization. So in order to be able to kind of really realize what this is or what it means, I'll post a link both in the show notes and in the comments for the feed because we can do that now. And what it does is it basically, when you stop in the Tesla, there's a display of the car that's shown on the screen. And it shows you what doors are open and that sort of thing. So now it used to be that it would show you that view when you were stopped. And then when you would start driving, it would kind of show you a view from behind the car, and then there would be like the cars kind of in digital format that it shows you beside you and for on you, et cetera. - Yeah. - And now they added this kind of like 3D rendering, which is really cool. So when it goes from stop view, and you're looking at the top of the car, like and then you start driving it kind of like 3D, like warps into the same driving mode. - Oh, that's cool. - But it's like a really nice like graduated 3D into like the now you're driving kind of thing. So in the video, you can kind of see what I'm talking about, and that's on the newest update. It's really, really cool. Really nice, small detail, but it kind of makes it have that really high quality feel, right? - Absolutely. They're really good about all that stuff. It's not just the features, they take, they're like Apple was back 10 years ago. - They kind of are in that respect. Maybe not making as much money. - Yeah, they're definitely not making as much money. Well, if you think about it though, I mean, it's not unlike Apple either, because they've had their moments where they were weeks away from shuttering as well. So it's not all that uncommon. But I think they just did a really nice job. They've lost their edge a little bit in Apple. We've talked about that too, but Tesla is really trying to give you the complete experience. So they're doing all the engineering, all the hard work in order to hood, but they want to make it look pretty and slick too. And great UX. - And the user interface is fantastic too. You know, a good example, excuse me, a good example of this would be like with the rental car that we had. You know, it was a hundred Hyundai Sonata, I think, or something like that. And we get in the Tesla and like, we're, let's say we're out to dinner or whatever and we wanna get an navigation home. Literally all we have to do is like swipe across the screen. - Yeah. - And it'll give us directions back to the house. Like, it's that simple of just, like that. - That's awesome. - Whereas like, in the Sonata, like, A, it didn't have a screen period. Didn't have navigation, didn't have like anything, you know? So like, they just make the experience like super, super nice. And everything is very easy and very well thought out, I guess, which to your point is kind of an Apple Lesk type of thing. - It's a less is more mentality too. You get into one of these cars and you just look around and you're like, where's everything I'm used to seeing? I don't see the little flappers where I can adjust the airflow because I don't have them. The car just heats up to whatever temperature and there's secret pockets of air somewhere. I don't know where it comes from. - Where it comes from, man. But it's there somewhere. And I can say too, when I went back to Iowa recently on a little trip. - Was this when you had your green mustard? - Yeah, I should post a picture of this. I gave it to you. - There's no winter time. - They gave us a brand new green, yeah. Lime green mustard. - Hey buddy, we just got some freezing rain yesterday, so we're gonna give you this old brand new green mustard. Take a breath, spin on the interstate here buddy. - And my wife, not my wife. My sister gave me a whole bunch of shit about it too. Like I was waiting to make a left, and it was snow covered ground, and I couldn't, you know, I wasn't confident in this thing's ability to make the turn, She's three cars behind me. It doesn't know it's me and she's like yelling. What the hell is wrong with this guy? Get the fuck out of way and it's you. Yeah, and it's me. We're going to the same damn place. Oh, that's great, man I love that. That's funny. Yeah, so but it is the same thing like it has a million gauges on it and like I was just like overwhelmed with the display Especially after being in the Tesla with like literally there is nothing in front of you but a dashboard That's it. Yeah, there's not much to look at not much to do and people will like to be like, you know - Oh, well, don't you miss seeing like the, you know, the speedometer or something like that? Well, it's there. I mean, you don't, the thing is you don't need to look at it very often because you just kind of usually set it and-- - Set it and forget it. - Yeah, yeah. - And the fuel gauge. You just need no many miles you got left. - Yeah, it'll tell you like if you hear if you're traveling a good distance to something, like let's say we're traveling to another state, the, and you're using the navigation system, it'll tell you where to stop. So it'll warn you that you need to stop and charge here. So you don't need to worry about that stuff anymore. It's all like taking care of for you. - Yeah. - So yeah. So new visualizations, really, really cool features and just kind of some eye candy. Is it really all that amounts to? - How do you get these updates, by the way? And I'm curious too, because there's a lot of updates coming out all the time. Seems like every week or two, there's another announcement of something that's coming out or came out already. Now I know for us, like in our development world, we've got the browser where you can subscribe the different levels of upgrades. Like Chrome, for example, you can say, well, just give me those really stable updates. But if you like living on the edge, you can say, give me what they call it, the Canary Build. - So you can be on the beta program. - They do have that. That's what I was wondering about. - I'm not really interested in being in the beta program, driving down the road to 60 miles an hour. - Well, if you like to live life dangerously. - Yeah. - Sign up for the Tesla beta program and is that where they like crash into trucks for you, man? - Sure. - Yeah, we'll talk about that in a little bit. - Oh my God. - Don't get ahead of yourself here. - Unbelievable, man. I've got these notes laid out perfectly, man. Don't ruin my module. - You're like, "Grap in your stomach." You just need to have an hour. You had a rough day today too, man. Hey, you know what, I'm glad we did this. I feel much better now, who is light. It always does help. This is my midweek destressor a little bit. - It has become that lately. - It's been fun because we have this little routine that we've developed and it wasn't even planned this way, but we started doing the cast every Wednesday. And Monday, Tuesday, just like grind, grind, hustle, hustle. and then I get to this thing and it's usually been a full day already and it's time to go and I don't want to do it. Then we crack a couple of cures lights and then we get on. Everything's better magically. Everything's better and then we've been doing this little post show thing over at Casco and TIGWA. I like that. That's a great new addition. That's our little Mexican spot across the street from the office. We go there afterwards for little chips and guac and some house marks. Pretty good. No, it's a good routine. I like it. I'm glad we're sticking with it. sounds so fresh, I like it. I like it. - So we talked about finances a little bit and that Apple makes money, makes a lot of money. Tesla, maybe it does not. - Or hasn't. - Well they make a lot, but they spend a lot more than they may. - By a pretty good margin. - They kind of represent this country pretty damn well actually, this economy. - Fair point. - You know, we make some money, we don't really care about that, but we like to spend it. - Yeah. - Pretty rapid rate. - Yeah, so in an email that got leaked to the press that Elon had sent out to the entire organization. He basically indicated that without radical change and kind of micromanagement of their finances, that Tesla will be out of money in 10 months. - Okay. 10 months is not a lot of time, especially at your burn rate, but I don't know. - What are you doing over here? Someone get this guy a bib? Oh my goodness, you only had, this is your second one, man. I have to cut you off already. - Well, that's what I do on the show, man. I spill. - Yeah, I mean, shit, two weeks ago, I had a beer in here and you spill it over your work laptop, man. - Well, that's why I got my Mac here now. - That's nice. The titanium is good, because it doesn't absorb the coolers light, that's good. Good, Lord, I don't even know what I was talking about. Bern rate at Tesla, I think. - Bern rate, yeah. But this is nothing new. I mean, this was big news. Why is this bigger news now? because they've had shorter run rates before and - Burned a little more cash before. - When they launched the Model 3, they were within like, I think they said a week, or a couple weeks. - Really close. - Yeah, of running out of cash. - That's right, that's right. - But because they were able to kind of do that, huge push and push out a ton of those vehicles, they ended up being cash positive that particular quarter. But now they're definitely negative. I think they lost what, 700 and, 'cause it was a huge amount, I don't remember 700 million. Oh, at least, I thought, yeah, that sounds about right. I'm trying to look here too. There's a lot of numbers floating around. - But the interesting thing is like, even though now they're saying they're gonna be out of money in 10 months, they just took on additional financing or additional dollars. They got 2.7 billion to help the company stay afloat, but they're still in this predicament where they'll be out of money in 10 months, at least according to Elon. - Well, yeah, the Q1 burn rate, which you're right, they lost 702 million dollars in the Q1, so you're right. - Yeah, so basically what's gonna happen now is Elon's gonna become kind of the executive of finance, if you will, and everything has to be stamped by him. So unless you, you know, any expense that you have, you're gonna have to have run through him, and he's gonna be the, he's gonna be the, I don't know, oh, we lost our video again. - Damn camera dude, I don't know what's going on with that. It's disappointing. - That's a bummer, but we'll figure it out. Yeah, go take a look at that, Kyle, and try your shirt off while you're over there too, Leah. starting to smell like bear over here, man. Yeah, this is, this is since they're stocking a tumble though because they were having some bad news, just trying to get the production ramped up and their stock prices took a hit. They were around 260, I think. - They went sub 200 for a short time. - Well, today they were like 194, man. I mean, they're just like, they're nose diving right now. - And considering what about three months ago maybe, they were up in the 300s? - There was a time, and I only know this because we are our parent company that here is a tree, TREE on the old ticker. And there was a time that we were pretty much neck and neck with them, like last month or last month and a half ago, we were both in the mid threes. - And now we're smoking them. - And now we're smoking, we're at like 373 and they're down to 196 or something like that. - We're at 379 today, buddy. Plus 85 cents. $3.79.85. That's excellent, dude. How about that? Keep that cash cow going. Yeah, and so Tesla has just been nose diving. I remember my, I'm on a little, doing a little friendly competition on the Robin Hood with a few friends. Everybody puts in chips in a little bit of money at the beginning of the quarter and whoever has the biggest gains gets a free stake dinner. And one of the guys on there was going to short Tesla at $2.40 or 230 and I thought, well, how much lower can it go? It's gone a lot lower. All I can think of right now because he said steak dinner is the John Anderson joke. Can I hear it? The steaks are too high. The steaks are too high. Yeah, he's got a couple of them in there. Yeah. I've heard his wife told him he couldn't tell any more jokes. She started hearing the same two jokes all the time. I've been, come on, I'm going to be with you for 20 years until you're hearing the same show. John Anderson is our CTO by the way. If you're not familiar with the company. We need some new material, man. John's awesome. We'll get him on here, too. He's gonna be a guest on our show at some point. He's got his own YouTube channel called Half Life. - Is he gonna actually join? You keep saying that we're gonna have him on, but you never want to do it. - Well, we have some notes started. We just have to make it happen. - All right. - Yeah. I'll get on that. I'll get on that once I spend all weekend working on this particular project. - Let's get some shit done, man. - Yeah, that's right. - All right. Moving on, more Tesla news, Why not? - Oh, I need to pay attention to the notes 'cause when you take over the notes, (laughing) I wanted to do the intro all over again. I wanted to be like, this is the Tesla and Tesla cast. - Yeah, we talk about Tesla's and Tesla's news. (laughing) - That's what you gave her, not paying attention. - I know, I didn't put anything in here. I'm sorry, I fucked it up. (laughing) - Tesla insurance, they wanna launch Tesla insurance, which this one I found actually quite interesting considering they just said that they're going to be out of money in 10 months. But no, let's launch another product. We got it. When running out of money just create more things. Yeah, why wouldn't you? That sounds like a good plan. It's got to be a cash cow, right? Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Oh, before we get to this though, you didn't have the pricing stuff later on, did you? They've jacked the prices of the Model 3 like five times in the last month or something like that. No, I hadn't heard that actually. Yeah, I think that's part of the reason why there's stocks been having a hard time is because they keep changing the pricing on the Tesla 3. - Oh, well, does, do you have any reasoning behind that? Do you have any details? - I don't know. I don't know what the hell they're doing. - I hadn't heard about that. - Yeah, Tesla pricing. Maybe while you're talking about insurance, I could look that up. - We can do that. So yeah, they're gonna launch Tesla Insurance product, or well, at least Elon said that they would launch one during the first quarter earnings call, whether or not that comes to fruition, sometimes the things he says don't come to be true, or at least they take way longer than he anticipates. But it says they would be offering in a compelling insurance product for Tesla owners, which theoretically could be a good thing for them, right? Because if you're using autopilot, they've proven already with a bunch of numbers that, you know, autopilot is what three times better driver than a human being would engage. - At least, right. - Yeah. - Yeah. So, I mean, in theory, like the cost to them to provide the service should be very, very low. And you might be able to pass that on to the consumer, I don't know, or maybe, you know, there may be some money to be made there, I guess is kind of the point, but it just seems like a funny time to be announcing new offerings when you're throwing away money basically, burning lighting and on fire. - Well, I'm always amazed that how much he has going on across all the company SpaceX solar city, what an acquisition, well that's not so, that was really boss. - Tesla solar now, it's not solar city. - Tesla solar, and this, and they're all big cash cows. I mean, they're sucking money for sure, yeah. - Yeah, they need a lot of money. You can get things going, so. - So the crazy thing too, is he put an estimated time frame on making this available, and he said it would be available within a month. - Really? Yeah, I don't get too excited about this anymore. This is kind of like when he was saying, yeah, we're gonna get rid of all of our showrooms and then a week later, we're not gonna keep all the showrooms. Oh, you know, and so I just don't, I don't feel so reactionary anymore. This is just what happens, man. - Are you becoming a little less bullish on Tesla? - I'm still bullish on Tesla. I think it's a good time to buy the stock. It's $194 a share. It was on 350 a little bit ago, right? That's weird, Zane. - Yeah, it was over 300 at some point. Probably when I first started watching it. - Yeah, I think there's some things to figure out, but I want them to succeed. I think they will succeed. So, yeah, I'm an investor. Yeah. investor. Yeah, I didn't know he had chairs. Well, I mean, through mutual funds. Yeah, that sort of thing. All right. But I'd like to put some on my own money in. I put some, I'll put some skin in the game. Oh, yeah, I'll put some skin in the game. Why not? The stakes are too high, buddy. The stakes are too high. Oh my God. Yeah, so what I was looking at here is that so in March, they raised the prices. I think it was on the self driving option was the one thing that one, oh, that That did definitely go up. So that one up. And the reasoning for that though is because they are claiming that here within the next few months they're going to release another update that will allow the car to be able to drive itself in the city, which it can't currently do. So it would navigate traffic lights, you know, different types of stop signs and in those types of things. So in city autonomous driving, which many people claim can't be done right now, but they're claiming they've got it nailed. So that's why they basically said like, hey, if you want to purchase this today, we'll give it to you for I think it was five grand. If you purchase it, you know, after whatever date it'll be seven grand because we have such a positive outlook on this product, we're going to jack the price and he said it would only continue to go up. Yeah, I'm looking at these different changes and it sounds like the base model went back down. So yeah, they're just messing with a few different pieces there. Yeah, the self-driving piece. I mean, his argument too is that we're trying to make this a revenue stream for you. So the idea is that when the full product is out, when autonomous driving is happening, then you can actually make money leasing your car to people through our app and that sort of thing. - Right, it would become Tesla as a taxi service, basically, right? - Exactly, yeah, and you can specify the hours and when you're available or not in the car and just go drive while you're at work. You don't have to pay for parking anymore. You can just have Tesla drop you off and then go, have it go run errands and pick people up and do Uber kind of things until you're ready to go home. - That kind of thing would be huge. If they can make that happen, that would be a money making giant for them. But they have to prove that out. And that's what this new version of the hardware and this update for full autonomous driving would get them to. Right. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, very interesting. So, the insurance thing, I had an idea about that and I can't remember what I was going to say. Tesla insurance. Yeah, Tesla insurance. Okay. Cool. Well, let's move on to the next story. Yet more Tesla news. - Yeah. - This one not so good. Tesla had another major accident that got reported in the news. Very similar to, I don't know if you heard of the one way back when that car smashed into the side of like a semi-trailer. - Yep. - Sheared off the roof. - Yeah, yeah, yeah. - Same exact thing happened. So guys, that the autopilot took his hands off the wheel for I think eight seconds or something like that. And the car failed to detect a white semi-trailer truck. And the car basically just ran underneath the top of-- or right underneath it and shared the top of the car off. Killed the driver. And so of course, the media picked this up and just ran with it. Oh my god, autonomous car. Killed the driver. It's going to be big news. That's one of those things that-- and I hate this because-- but I understand it. you have to have a certain level of assurance. Like that's, if you're gonna release this out, make it generally available, then you have to have a certain level of standard for safety and assurance. I mean, it's automatically has to be way better than human driving. I mean, you could have a drunk driver do that, and that may or may not make the news. It might make the local news. It's not gonna make national news. And so it's a little unfair, but also we're trying to, take it to a much higher standard, I would think too. You can't say, well, we're better than drug drivers. They are three times better than the average driver, I think is what you said. - Something like that, yeah. - So that's a good question. What's good enough? You're going to have accidents happen in autonomous driving and in human driving. At what point is it good enough? If it's three times better, is that good enough? Some people say no. There's gonna be critics on that side saying needs to be perfect, but that's really unreasonable, especially if there's going to be humans on the road, I think. That's the thing to me that I think is frustrating is like, okay, so there's been basically three major deaths caused by Tesla in autonomous driving mode there on our camera again. And all of them have been reported and like insanely scrutinized by the media, which kind of drives me bananas because I did a little research on this after I kind of saw this story and I was like, well, how many vehicle deaths per day in the United States are there? And there's 100 per day. - Right. - And over the course of years, three Tesla deaths have been like, obliterated in the news. And like, how many, you know? - 100 or more per day versus three in the late time of having. - On autopilot. Yeah, I mean, there may be more, you know, caused by drivers that were not using autopilot, but like, come on, like we're, It's news. It's, it's, it's, this is the problem. It's not about being objective here. It's about there's something new to cover. Yeah, and you get like this new technology and people are freaked out by it because like, oh, it's a, it's a computer driving a car. Like, yeah, that's kind of a little weird and a little scary maybe. But like in the grand scheme of things, like we're talking 3DES in like years. Right. Yeah, which is, that are publicized. Phenomenal. Over the course of, which is say that was what, three years maybe? I don't know, what, that, I have to look up exactly, you know, when these occurred, but it's been a very long period, there's long periods of time between these. And then yeah, you don't hear anything and then all of a sudden, oh, there was another one where like, oh, it did some horrible thing and a guy was killed in a horrible way, which is not great. I don't, I'm not trying to say like, there shouldn't, they shouldn't fix these problems. That definitely should be taken care of, but like on the same token, the, it's not as big of a problem, I guess, as I feel like the media is making it out to me. Every death is horrible. I'm not gonna like try and make it sound great, but it is far, far, far more safe than the typical driver on the road, and that gets no press, whereas one accident gets it ton. - We said that camera real quick. - I'll go do that. - I was just doing some quick monkey math here, and let's just assume it's three years that Tesla's been doing this thing, three deaths to death a year. It's clean, easy math. But you've got a hundred people a day that are dying in automobile accidents, human drivers. It's 109,500 deaths in three years. I mean, that's just staggering. - And no talk of that, right? The comparison, it's just like, look, how many lives would be saved if everybody was behind an autonomous vehicle today? - Exactly, especially in a scenario where many vehicles are autonomous and they can kind of be aware of each other, via some other mechanism, right? versus just currently today, everything's kind of reliant on radar or lidar or cameras in the case of the Tesla. - That's right. - And basically detecting other objects as they move through space, whereas if everything was kind of a computer, they know where each other are in space based on other digital means. - Well yeah, on the communication, a lot of times now, like what do you have as a human driver, the best indicator you have is a brake light. And so if you wanted to calculate delays, like how long does it take to process a brake light? So like the brake light, you hit it, you put your foot on, you see something as a driver, you put your foot on the brake pedal, the brake light comes on, that might take a second or two seconds. - I know that number is known because I remember seeing that in some kind of like a video demo. - So it takes some time for that to happen. Maybe it's just a couple of seconds, but it's still some time. And then now you see the light, And then you have to react to it and make your own decision. That's going to take a few more seconds. So I mean, you could take two, three, four seconds to do this. If you're talking car to car through autonomous driving, this is happening in for action, like milliseconds. Yes. Many, many times per second. Yeah. milliseconds. 10 milliseconds. Wait, I mean, you're talking about, yeah, just you can't even really compare it. It's kind of like slow mo versus time. Yeah. So I really do wish it was a more objective portrayal, I understand, that it's scary and it's unknown and it's not perfect yet and there's work to be done. But I think when you look at the current problems that we face just with, even just regular drivers that just aren't paying attention because they're on their cell phone or drunk drivers or all these things. What they say, texting is just as bad as drunk driving and saying, right, as far as your distraction levels. So yeah, like this kind of thing today sounds like you could already save tens of thousands of lives. And I wish that was more discussed, not just like the one thing that happened in a Tesla on the highway. And here's the thing too, is that, you know, everybody likes to stay in the station and all lies the headline and say, "Oh my God, car sheered in half because, you know, driver was using autopilot and whatever." Thing is, is he wasn't paying attention, right? When you engage out a pilot, it very clearly states to you that you should be in control of the car or be able to take control of the car at a moment's notice. It states that very clearly to you. So the level of autonomy that the Tesla has is no replacement for a human to be intervening. You should be, even though the car is driving for you, you need to be paying attention and be ready to react as if you were driving the car yourself. - Well, to your point, there are other stories that have been successful stories too, and they have been covered. So I'm not calling anybody out there, but there was a drunk driver recently in a Tesla that used autopilot to get home. Fell asleep at the wheel, had his hands on the wheel, and then a cop car. I don't know how they detected that they needed to pull this guy over. - Well, he wasn't swirving. - I don't think he was swirving 'cause he was an autopilot, but there was some indicator that this guy needed to be pulled over. And so cops are flashing lights, And they noticed that the car is not doing anything, so they actually figured out was a Tesla. I'll take that if you want. - Yeah, that's what I was making sure you weren't empty there. - Yeah, a little parched here in the old studio, studio 3F here. But yeah, the cops figured out it was a Tesla, they had to get in front of the vehicle to get to slow down, and so the cop got in front of it, hit the brakes, and then the Tesla got over to the side of the road, and life saved. I mean, if this guy would have been driving his own vehicle, who knows how many other lives would have been affected by that. Yeah. He was sleeping at the wheel for like five minutes. And we talked about a story I think two episodes ago maybe that was, you know, where a Tesla swerved really, really aggressively around a car that it detected to be stopped. And in avoided a major collision, I think they got re-arranted, but it avoided the major collision, you know, the front end collision. So I mean, it's done some great things. And those things get some press, I think, through like, you know, major channels like Reddit and stuff like that. but I don't think the major news outlets pick those up and report on that, 'cause it's not that great of a story, I don't think. - Right. - It's a little disappointing. And like I said, I feel like it's a little disappointing because the driver should have been paying attention. Like I said, the way the Tesla works is when you put it in a autopilot mode, there's a tiny bit of play in the steering wheel. So you're driving along, and the steering wheel is semi-rigid, but there's a tiny bit of like, you can wiggle a little bit, And what it's trying to do is detect that there's some resistance on the steering wheel. So as long as you're holding it, and it's trying to do its minor corrections to stay in the middle of the road, it'll detect that there's some force being applied to it. And based on that, it kind of feels that you're paying attention. And so this guy actually, for about eight seconds, he basically, an in-engaged autopilot, and then for eight seconds, didn't touch the wheel. probably engaged it, you know, started looking at something else and then "chewh" straight under a truck. And the reason that the truck wasn't identified is because it was a white box truck and against kind of the sky, the cameras were not able to detect like the difference between the truck and the sky. It's kind of what is going on with that and that's why this has happened more than once. It is on Tesla, they need to fix that. That was what caused the first incident. So they definitely need to figure out how to address that problem. And I think you brought up an interesting point too. I think like you were asking like how did it not see that from like our radar or some other kind of sensor perspective. And I don't know the answer to that. I'd be curious to know, but I think it likely deals with the height of the vehicle. 'Cause I suspect the radar is probably shooting down at the ground trying to see anything more so than up. Right. That'd be my guess, but I could be wrong about that. - I'm gonna go on a tangent here a little bit. I'm gonna kinda spitball 'cause it had a little time left. and 'cause I'm guessing Kelso is still on the line over here and we like talking about aircraft and aviation and mileage runs and all that stuff. But it's fine. - Yeah, I just know if you're still there. - But as far as like, as far as, you know, safety and transportation, another big piece that's been out there lately has been the, you know, the air, the Boeing. - Oh, the max. - The max. - Yeah. - You know, what's one of the-- - 737 max. - 737, is that a 737? - Yeah, 737 max. You're familiar with this. - Well, I mean, it's had two major, you know, same to have deal, two major accidents that killed, you know, many, many hundreds of people and it had a, you know, probably speak this wrong, but I think it had some adjustment, auto adjustment that would kind of correct the, it would basically detect that it was an install. - Yeah. - And like try and auto correct that for you. - Yeah, I wanna talk about that a little bit too. Just like, wait, we can talk about the technical side of it because I've been watching tons of information on this stuff. But even just the general thing too, like you talk about air safety and how many people fly in these things. And you've got like regulatory bodies like the FAA and all the requirements there that have to be met in order for a plane to be deemed like worthy for commercial travel, right? Yeah. And I don't know if you know the origin of this story, but essentially what happened was because the 737 MAX was really born out of competition with Airbus. Airbus is into loose France, right? And they're the other major, you know, you got Boeing and Airbus, the two major airline manufacturers. Essentially, Airbus had a new more fuel-efficient design that they came out with. It was the, what was there is like the A320 or the A321, I don't I remember exactly the model number, I forgive me on that, 'cause I'm kind of just making this up as I go here. - Looks like you're probably dead on the money here. - It was A320, I think it was a 321, but they made some adjustments there where they took the, they could make it a lot more fuel efficient. And so what airline companies were looking for was an airline that was a smaller body, they wanted a smaller body that could go transatlantic. That was kind of the idea is like, you know, We don't want to take these like A380s across trans continental flights. We want to find something more like a 737 or a 320 that could get us coast to coast, but also be pretty fuel efficient. And so Airbus was the first to unveil a new engine design. It was a larger engine, but it was more fuel efficient. And so they were able to keep it in the air longer. And this was a huge freak out to Boeing. They're like, well, how the fuck are we going to respond to this? This is what everybody wants. And we've got something. And so they had already announced. Now here's the other thing too, if you're thinking about American Airlines or Southwest, like these guys that have these pilots, you can't just jump from a Boeing to an Airbus without additional training and all that sort of thing. So there's certification for each aircraft. That's right. So as a company, if you go all in on a particular manufacturer and a particular series of aircraft, you're kind of stuck unless you want to just try to find a thousand guys or whatever. You know, so Southwest. That's right. There was a ton of pressure on Boeing from American and others to say, look, we need to have something here that we can compete with, like what can you guys do? And so they put their heads together, try to figure out, okay, we need a bigger engine, do do do do. Okay, we know how the engine's gonna work. We have a bigger engine, and we're gonna improve the fuel efficiency in this and that and the other thing. The problem was that the end, these, the 737 was so low to the ground. I mean, this airplane's been in service for like 50 or 60 years now. And when they first designed it, this was fascinating. Like, they kept it low to the ground because it was going to be easier for them to offload luggage. They didn't want to have to have specialized equipment to get into the aircraft. And so they built it lower to the ground. Anyway, I'm getting into the weeds here. What happened was, is they found a very quick fix to say, look, what we're going to do is we need this big engine to fit on this low to the ground plane. How the fuck do we do it? Typically engines are mounted under wing. Right. this guy like on wing and a little bit forward facing. So it was like not a conventional mounting and when they did the tests they figured out to your point like when they would take off that it would create additional the pitch of the plane was altered by having the engine moved up and forward. Oh sure. It's a lot of force being forced like yeah under the wing right whereas before it maybe was behind the wing. Because it was behind you know you might have pretty good balance. So you're going at a certain angle but your nose is not too high in the air and it's not too low. You want to have that optimal pitch. And this new engine design was throwing the pitch way up and so they wanted to prevent a stall. If you go, if your nose is too high you're going to stall. So that's what happened. They put in the software solution called the MCAS, MCAS, it's like an acronym for what it was and it was supposed to auto correct. If the nose goes too high then we bring it down. It really without the pilot knowledge or the pilot's ability to do anything about it. Right. And so, yeah, that's kind of what happened. They put the system in to auto correct for the nose. Didn't tell anybody about it. Didn't put it in the manuals. And then you have these two flights where like the thing, here's the other thing that was really interesting too. Typically you have fault tolerance on aircraft. So for safety reasons, you don't just have one sensor you have two. Right. Right. were done in. Like on the Tesla, you don't have just one camera, you probably have a whole array of cameras that you use for this. Exactly, and you have a backup battery pack and you have a backup, backup to everything. Everything. Well, in this case, as it turns out, if you want to get an aircraft certified, if you have multiple sensors on an aircraft, then you have to have additional training, some level D training for the pilot. And they have to go through a simulator program and get retrained on how to fly this thing. So they decided, "Well, we're not going to do two sensors because that would be additional training. We're going to have one sensor." The sensor failed and that's what caused the plane system to fail. The thing thought it was going into a stall over corrected, but it really wasn't. We froze again, she says. We lost the video. We're just going to deal with it. We only have a few minutes left. - Go reset it, man. - All right, man. We gotta end with a bang here. - Keep going. - We got a lot to learn. But this was very, very interesting. So clearly they're cutting corners. They're under pressure from some of their top clients to produce an aircraft that could compete with the Airbus. They decided to put one sensor on this thing instead of two. So they wouldn't have to have the pilots go through additional simulator training to fly the damn thing. And they kept pretty much obscured all the details of this from the airlines and from the pilots. And so here we go. You got this bigger engine sitting up in front and you've got one sensor that's trying to detect the pitch, the sensor fails. And so even when they're taking off, it thinks it's going into a stall and forces the plane down. And when you're doing this, as a pilot, have no control over the aircraft. So it totally, your controls don't have any meaningful input. It doesn't do anything. - I had read somewhere though that they could actually manually take control of the aircraft, but they would have to fight against the autopilot system. So that'd be interesting. I didn't hear that. All I heard was that there was a certain window of time where maybe that's what it was or there's something else, but this automated system would kick in, and then it would shut off. It would be on and off, on and off. I did read that. And then when it's off, you have five seconds to do something before it kicks on again. And so for six minutes, like that line air crash, and they're fighting for their lives, like, what the fuck do we do? I'm pulling up and pulling up and then I lose control and it pushes me down. - Right, pull up and it's pushing me down. - And there was a fair amount of argument about like training, right? Because like they, you know, they were as argument that, you know, anywhere but the US, that they don't provide a ton of training on these aircraft, as much as the US does in terms of airline training time. Whereas, you know, the claim is that, you know, So a US pilot would be able to handle that situation because they're trained to understand what's happening and so on and so forth. But whereas this guy or these two unfortunate individuals in theory didn't have the training to handle that. So here's the kicker. That's what they came out saying. Right. And what they found out was that the whole software system was not disclosed to the pilots anywhere. Oh, okay. So training is irrelevant. In this case, training is irrelevant. The pilots are furious because they weren't notified the system was in place. And they were told that it was to fly the same way as a regular 737 would fly. And now it's responding differently than it used to respond. So yeah, Boeing is taking a huge, I mean there's a lot of litigation going on now and you know, they've grounded all these flights and they think they have a software fix in place. I guess the reason why I bring it up is just because we're talking about automobile safety here and we're talking about three crashes, three individuals, and maybe a few other people that were involved. I don't know the total death count. Obviously, the driver is and then whoever else. Here's a pretty clear case of negligence. You've got something that's been around for a long time and Boeing and the FAA, they're pretty cozy with each other. You had, there was what? 300 people between the two crashes that died because of, we put something into this thing to try to get out to market quicker. We didn't disclose that we put it in there. Nobody questioned us about it. We got the certification and then we blamed it on pilots because, you know, like it's pilot training. It's in parts of the country where they have lower standards than we do so we're just going to blame it on that. So I don't know. I just think, I guess what I'm trying to say there is that it is important to have regulation. It's important to have safeguards in there but also when it comes to Tesla too they can how to get a bad shake because I think that they're doing a lot of things right and they're trying to save lives not just trying to get a product out to market quicker but they face a lot of scrutiny. And save lives not only from the standpoint of like preventing auto crashes but preventing the world from being of carbon emitting. That's right. Problem, right? Global warming, it's a problem. People, whether you want to believe it or not, it's real. Yeah. Well, I'm sure we'll get a lot of feedback on this from Gomer here when he hears the rest of the cast. I think he ends up going to work during the last part of the show. So, Kacha. Yeah. 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So as always, thanks for listening guys and we'll see you next week. [Music]