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15: Diva's

Kyle accuses Mike of being a developer diva, Mike talks about the numerous life changing events he has endured recently. We discuss decline in tech stocks, recent fatal crashes involving autonomous vehicles and finally we discuss podcast apps and many peoples lack of using them.
15: Diva's

In this week's episode, Kyle accuses Mike of being a developer diva and Mike talks about the numerous life-changing events he has endured in the past few months. We discuss the recent decline in tech stocks and fatal crashes involving autonomous vehicles and finally, we discuss podcast apps and many people's lack of use.

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I feel like I kind of uh...

Struck a nerve earlier today

With some developers or with the man? No with you. Oh

What happened?

I called you a diva and you seem like you were uh, you didn't you didn't agree with my my findings

Why am I a diva now?

Well, you know you tend to like to buck

What everybody's supposed to be doing because it's not convenient

The fuck are you talking about? Oh as far as with perspective process. Well, you sure

Like like you feel like you're baiting me here. I

Wouldn't do anything like that. What did I do?


(upbeat music)


(upbeat music)

- Uh, I don't agree.

I don't think so.

- All right, fair point.

Moving on.

- I don't want to hear your point of view on this little bit.

What do you mean?

Well, I want you don't agree. You know, I'm here to decide

What don't I agree with? I don't know that you're that you're not a diva. Yes

I don't I think if I

Performed a pole. I

Feel like I'd be on the winning side of that pole

This is how to do with the 34 inch curved monitor that showed up in my desk yesterday

Well, I think you do have the most expensive overall setup in the office at this point and you don't even work there

Well, not yet, I'll be back soon

I'm really curious to know what this is about clearly you've had some other conversations you don't have to name names


Clearly there's been some dark conversation happening around this

There seems to be some sort of consensus

Well, I mean, I think Boli would agree with me. Oh

Young and impressionable I wouldn't really worry about that

No, I don't have any further findings other than my own professional

Examination which is really all I need

I mean what what more could you ask for?

You asked me if I was diva because

Because why because I didn't want to go to that meeting

Because you didn't want to listen to what was the words you used.

The professor.

Yeah, I was going to say the instructor, but yeah.

Look, I just want to restrict my meetings to only necessary.

Well, good luck with that.

I don't think, I think we're just gonna have to agree to disagree here.

I'll uh, I'll talk you into it.

Don't worry.

I'll say, I'll say this much.

I feel like, I don't feel like I'm much of a complainer.

Now I complained to you, I vent to you.

But I feel like, I feel like the other divas,

you know,

they always got something going on.

They got a plumbing project, they got like a fucking...


Oh, not you, I didn't, that was not a dick on you.




I really wasn't.

I, that came to mind and then I was like,

No, not you.

You know, generally unavailable,

and then unhappy about the circumstances.

Like, here's a diva thing.

It's like, yeah, well, the business requirements

aren't very strong, so I'm just gonna

build something else until they land on my desk.

It's kind of a diva thing.

- You don't do that?

- Fuck no.

- Oh.

- Fuck no, man.

I don't like it, but I'll go to the business people

and say, what are we doing?

What's going on?


See, Adiva, it says here, is a self-important person who is temperamental and difficult to please.

I don't think I'm difficult to please.

Uh, sorry, what was the first item on there?

Self-important person.

So, if you struck that out, then you fit the, uh, you fit it perfectly.

Temperamental and difficult to please?




Well, I mean, you don't want to be in the build system because it's inconvenient.

That makes you difficult to please, right?

Oh, come on.

No, like that is not fair because if we have a fucking...

If the build system can only run when one fucking DevOps guy is in the office, then

I do not want to participate in that system.

I mean, that's just common sense.

Like I'm just trying to preserve the company.

Like what if there was an emergency deployment that needed to go out and we couldn't do it?


All right, moving on.

on the topic list anyway.

What else is new, man?

I've been preparing to move back to Seattle.

You know, coming back to Seattle.

Things didn't work out in San Francisco for me after all.

I don't know how much you wanna get into this,

but Christina and I were talking about this the other day.

Oh. She was wondering about

when we were gonna record the next show,

and I was just like, well, I'm just kind of

playing it by ear and letting you kind of guide the conversation

because I didn't want to push you into something

when you're already stressed out and whatever.

So I was just like, you know, whenever he comes around

and wants to do it, we'll do it.

And she was like, well, are you gonna talk about

kind of what's going on with him and put that out there?

And I was like, well, I don't, you know,

that's totally up to him.

I think if it's, I think he's an open book.

And I was like, I think he would be willing to talk about it,

but obviously there's other parties at play.

And she was making kind of the point that both of us now have a certain set of experiences

that people, many people have to deal with, right?

Not just us.

And something that could be very, what sort I'm looking for, like a lot of people could

relate, very relatable content, I guess.

And it's very something that a lot of people understand and have been through.

So yeah, totally.

I feel similarly I'm open book and you know to keep any suspense as to why I'm

moving back I'm yeah I'm going through a divorce the relationship and married for

10 years and dated for five more so it's been about 15 years all in and came

out here in October to San Francisco to support her in a job opportunity and

And things that in the last year have been

Topsy-Turvy I would say like

Some some really good moments and some really not so good moments kind of wrapped into the whole year, you know

And I think things just came to a head

Recently within the last month or so and

Yeah, it was not an easy decision. It's a place that we've been

Before like we've entertained this idea before but not very seriously

I think this time it just became apparent that like look there's just some serious differences

We're not gonna get past and it's not for lack of trying or

For not seeking help. We've done all those things over the years

And this just seemed like the right thing to do and the right time to do it. So

Doesn't make much sense for me to stay down here since my work place is in Seattle and I have been going back

every few weeks so and

Sadly it's more affordable to go back to Seattle


It's sad to think that's true, but it is true.

So yeah, so for those reasons, I'm coming back

and as difficult of a time as it's been,

especially with the last six months

and all the things going on in my life,

my dad passed in November,

and I've had a few other things going on and now this,

I'm very eager to get back there

and to get settled and to just have a stronger sense

of normalcy in my day to day.

- Yeah man, like obviously, you know,

we've known each other a long time.

I've been divorced as well.

I knew you during that time.

- Yeah. - And so obviously,

I'm bummed out for you and Lauren's relationship

and that that didn't work out,

but selfishly I'm very excited to have you back in the area.

It's a little bit of an interesting scenario, I guess,

for me because I always had kind of,

I don't know what the best way to describe it would be.

I've always kind of envied your guys's ability

to kind of work through things, because I knew you guys had

had various issues off and on.

I don't think you and I have ever really discussed in detail

any issues or that sort of thing.

That's not necessarily what I need to know.

But generally speaking, I knew you had off and on problems,

as does any relationship.

But you always were able to see them

to come to some sort of agreement or some sort of happy


And I always kind of thought that was really, really awesome.

and be able, I guess, in some respects, especially as I was going through some of the stuff that

I went through seven, eight, nine years ago, however long it's been now.

Yeah, I would say that that's always been a strength of ours, I think, that almost because

of that, we've had really good communication.

And I would say because of that, maybe we were able to get to this point to make this


know, we're still living together. Things are very amicable at this point and I foresee

it being that way because from our point of view, it's like we want the best thing for

each other and that's not, just doesn't happen to be us, right, together. So, I still do agree

with that and I value the level of communication we do have. Unfortunately, like we just have

come to this realization that work, additional work isn't going to fix some of the things

that are broken.

Well, I, you know, like I said, I definitely, I think it's unfortunate from the standpoint

of, you know, breaking up a very long relationship.

Selfishly, I'm glad to have you back here for the coffee code cast.

Hopefully that means you have lots and lots of availability.


And you'll be back here in Seattle.

we can actually do some shows together in person,

which will be kind of interesting and fun.

We have a couple of ideas up our sleeve

as to what we can do with that sort of thing.

And even in addition to that,

kind of prior to you having all the details lined up

as far as how you were gonna move

and how you were gonna get things

from San Francisco to Seattle,

I had offered to fly down and drive back with you,

assuming you were gonna have to rent a U-Haul

or something like that.

- Right.

- Well, it turns out that's not needed,

But we're still gonna make the trip down

and we're gonna make a drive up to Seattle

and totin' a little bit of booze maybe,

make a couple of stops here and there

and check out some countryside.

Who knows, maybe we'll even bring the,

I have a little TASCAM mobile recording device,

maybe we'll even put some clips together for the podcast.

Who knows?

- Well, our good friend and listener, Dave Lester,

you know, he's very encouraging

that we actually record something in the vehicle,

It's a little snippet or something. Well, he said you got to record something on the way up

Maybe just a show

People farting on the way up. I hope not not in my car, man

You'd be sitting you'd be sitting off get a sunroof and throw your ass up there

Yeah, you know, he said yeah record a little bit up there, so bring the bring the TAS cam why not yeah, I'll do it

Yeah, I'm happy for that. It'll be nice. Just that was kind of the idea

Right is that even though it would have been nice?

It would have been more practical to have you down there to bring stuff back. I

Think it was more important for me this that we had someone on one time and you know I

You and I kind of had

Not so much like we just kind of went separate ways a little bit

I think we're on good terms

But I just was doing my thing and you're doing yours when you were going through the stuff

so I remember talking to you on the phone a few times when you were going through yours and

But I don't think I really got into the nitty-gritty of it. So maybe on the trip up, you know, we can

Do a deeper dive on some of these things cool looking forward to that

Yeah, me too. And I figure as appropriate

We can introduce some of these things and get into some of these things like Christina was saying because we do have

Something that's probably relatable and it's a little vulnerable to share on the coffee and codecast

But I would like to get into some of it more at some point

But you know, I think for now it's good just to say like this is kind of what's happening and

Super excited to be in the same locale because then we can do some stuff together. I'm hoping to get

You know, we've been talking about bringing on other guests

And so there's potential for all of us being together at the same time and place

Instead having to try to do it over the web and I think that'll be pretty cool, too

which I think leads us nicely into our

First follow-up item here a show note item that we had on our show notes is that we were geeking out on some audio this morning some audio

Both audio for the show itself and for recording devices because I think you're interested in getting some new mics and

And recording setup for what will be your new place here in Seattle, right?

Well, I may not have to my future purchases may not be subject to management approval if you get what I'm saying

So I've got a pretty tall list of

Items that I'll be procuring in the next three to six months probably

Yep, I'm much the same way. I'm gonna probably upgrade from the old blue Yeti to a sure Mike

Probably not the one that you're looking at that's a little more. That's a little more bachelor money right there

So I'm probably not gonna make it that far, but

We'll see I'm looking at the thriller Mike. They what is it the SM7B is the

The sure mic that Michael Jackson saying thriller. It's a notorious mic. It's it's been around forever great mic

But yeah, I was watching some demos today pretty cool stuff

But then it's not just the mic you have to get the pre-processor amp

You have to amplify the thing and you know get a few other accessories with it

So it's kind of a bit of a package

But what I'm thinking I'll do is I'll get that for me and because I don't have any acoustic treatments

Currently or in the new place that I'll be and I don't really want to spend the money on that

I'd rather just get the microphone that kind of handles it anyway

And then I still have the old

blue snowball

For the guests right so I think we're both looking at what's called super cardioid mics

so what I use currently is a cardioid mic, but

these ones are

Really really sensitive. So if I do something in the room like let's say here

I'm gonna put my cup down on the desk. I'm sure that'll probably come through as a matter of fact

I can see it on the waveform boom whereas the

Supercardioid mics if I like would look sideways like this and keep talking like it would pretty much lose my voice completely

They're just that sensitive and that focused on exactly what you're saying

So any kind of echoes or background noises or any of that kind of stuff should just go away naturally because the mics are just that much better

That's right. It's it's impressive and if you have a server running with a low hum in the background or

Birds chirping out the window all that shit goes away when you have one of these mics

Really without any post-production. It just filters it out from the get-go, which is really nice

Yeah, they sound really amazing and speaking of audio. I want to apologize for the audio on episode

I guess it'd be 14. Yeah, because as I listened back at it

I realized that the a the body volume was really really low

So you had to crank it way up to be able to hear anything and then the

Volume I feel I kind of went high and low

Pretty frequently like it was really really quiet and then really really loud and just overall it wasn't very good quality

So I apologize for that

This episode I we were playing with some

Post-production techniques and I think it'll be a heck of a lot better for this episode

Well, you know, I keep referencing our good buddy Dave, but it doesn't really matter anymore

He was driving back from his long Easter weekend yesterday, so he doesn't really care at this point if it comes out or not

Just he wanted to drive back yet. No new episodes to listen to yesterday. Oh

So we only put out episodes when he road trips

That's what he said, okay

No, it's good we're gonna get you know, we've been we've been very stop-and-go really my

because of those of my dealings lately, so

That's another thing that I hope to figure out here too is get on more solid footing and

Have a more consistent release schedule

I can you know shit comes in threes for me at least anyway, and so I can't imagine anything else happening

I had the this is the third thing for me in the last six months

And so hopefully the final thing and if things are boring and normal for the rest of the year

I'll be damn okay with that

Yeah, I would hope so man. I mean yeah, that's you've had a hell of a three or four months

I think at this point and I I think I told you this here recently there

I think about two episodes ago there you were kind of lamenting how

You you were kind of in a bored rut or whatever

So you needed to take on something new and different and I was kind of re-listening to one of those recently

And I was just like oh shit man if only you knew then

Bad idea don't ever wish that type of shit on yourself people like I'm not a big

believer in the secret but that was some secret voodoo kind of bullshit that happened there.

I remember saying that and oh boy it did it come. Moving on. Next up we have some

follow-up from Scott Hanselman of all people. Mr. Hanselman it's yeah we were just talking about

him last time about we were talking about personas on social media and if you have more of a

General this is who I am and I have some business

Versus I have a separate business persona and a separate personal persona

We had some conversations around that and yeah, we you engaged him

I think and you had a little bit of a conversation with them back and forth, which is kind of cool

Yeah, it was a pretty simple conversation. He just kind of replied back and

I basically called him out and basically said, you know, hey

We had just talked about it today and suddenly he created the Hansel Minutes Twitter handle

And I was like hey well we just talked about this today and here here you show up

You know what the Hansel Minutes Twitter handle and he was just kind of replying to that and saying well

I'm only doing it to post my episodes so that people can follow directly to Twitter for his podcast episodes and he's still gonna use his

What's his what's his?

Hansel Min

Yeah, s Hanselman

Is this Twitter handle that he's gonna use for everything else and continue to post just like he was so he's not really changing his content per se

But he is adding an additional channel to receive podcast feed

Cool. Yeah, I was good to hear from handsome. I

Like what he does. I like reading his blog. He's an interesting guy and he's got some cool projects that he works on and

really good articles and

He's a Microsoft guy. I think he's in the Northwest and

Oregon, I believe, yeah. Down in Portland area, yeah. And yeah, really cool to hear from him.

It's good to hear from anybody these days, but it was nice to hear from Scott Hansen.

Moving along, so last week we talked a little bit about Fortnite, which is a game that is

available on quite a number of platforms. And we had talked about the Battle Royale version of

Fortnite coming to iOS beta which I actually ended up getting an invite to

Shortly after the episode aired and I was able to try it out and it it's pretty incredible

How well I mean I can't notice any kind of lag. I don't notice any kind of

restrictions of any kind in fact you can play against

PC players or against Xbox players from your phone if you so choose to do so you're probably had a pretty health healthy disadvantage

but you are able to do that and it's smooth as can be and it's pretty incredible.

So I highly recommend checking that out if you're into games at all.

Additionally to that we talked about another game called Player Unknown Battlegrounds,

also known as PUBG, who also has released their version of their game on iOS and they've also

made it to Android, which Fortnite has not yet made it to Android. So similar games,

Both of them have come out on mobile, which is kind of just crazy to me, but

definitely recommend checking them out if you want to play some games and

play some One-Vs. 100 Battle Royale.

All right, top story of the day!

Oh, story of the day or story of the week?

Well, I guess it is the week. Probably the week is more impressive.

Top story of the week has 251,000 upvotes. For comparison, the last time we recorded the

show, the episode 14, the story we did there I think had 140,000 upvotes, so this one is killing it.

Crushing it. Yeah, this is a huge story. And there's multiple other variants of this story

that are in the top 10. Yeah, that's right. And this one, particular one, is in the videos subreddit.

And it's titled, "This is what happens when one company owns dozens of local new stations."

Yeah, they're talking about Sinclair. Media company owns, they own like 70 stations.

Is that right? 70? There's that many more than that. And there's some talk of buying

additional stations which would give them even a bigger majority.

Right, so they're in talks right now or in some sort of negotiations to buy another conglomerate.

Yeah, which would give them, I think I'm pretty certain, the largest market share of local

television stations in the United States. And so what this particular video is, is it's a

Somebody took and grabbed a video feed from each of the stations that this company owns.

And this company puts out a, what would you say, a scripted news piece that each of the

affiliates all have to read verbatim.

So he took each of them, each of those segments and then spliced them together kind of one

after the other after the other so that the whole thing flows but it's read by different


Yeah, it's a montage of all these stations reading this script that was sent down from corporate.

What? Addressing fake news in the media. Yeah, basically talking about how

it's bad for America to have these biased news stories being thrown out there and repeated by

social media and by national news media, which is a little bit ironic considering

That's pretty much exactly what they're doing.

And false news has become all too common on social media.

More alarming, some media outlets publish these same fake stories without checking facts first.

The sharing of bias in false news has become all too common on social media.

More alarming news, some media outlets publish these fake stories without checking facts first.

Unfortunately, some members of the media use their platforms to push their own personal bias

and agenda control is an exactly what people think.

And this is extremely dangerous to our democracy.

This is extremely dangerous to our democracy.

This is extremely dangerous to our democracy.

Yeah, it was a troubling video.

You sent it to me, and I was like, oh, this is interesting.

Take a look, and sure enough, when

you see dozens and dozens of stations, very--

1984, like all reading, chanting the same thing

with the same time, it was just a very creepy video to watch.

Yeah, it's really, really disturbing, especially when they

kind of, 'cause at some point they kind of put on as like a

big mosaic set of tiles, like each individual station, and

they're all saying the exact same thing at the exact same

time, it's really freaking creepy.

Yeah, at least so some of the lines from the script, the

sharing of bias and false news has become all too common on

social media, some members of the media use their platforms

to push their own personal bias.

And this is extremely dangerous to our democracy.

Yeah, and they repeat that about 50 times

at the end of the clip.


You know, the very first thing that I saw about this story,

you know, is of course this particular news organization

SKUs kind of pro-Trump or pro-Republican.

More conservative group, yeah.

Yeah, which I'll be honest, like,

although I'm not a conservative,

that really doesn't bother me as much.

Like, if this was a democratic company,

like a company that leans democratic,

I would have an equal amount of problem with it.

So like the politics of the thing

really don't bother me that much.

It's more the fundamental problem

of just like having this blanket opinion

being thrown at people from a very, very high level.

And if you look at like national polls,

people tend to trust local news media

a lot more than national news media.

So like this is particularly troubling in this case

because you're now funneling like a very specific message

to millions, I think they counted like this,

these, this conglomerate can cover like 2.2 million people

or something like that on an average night.

- Wow.

Yeah, it's pretty widespread.

I mean, it's everywhere.

If you look at the list of stations,

look at the cities that they're talking about.

It covers every city, it covers every network.

It is, yeah, it's not just restricted to Fox News or NBC.

It's all of them.

No, not at all.

And even here in Seattle, Como News,

which is one of the kind of three or four big players

in the news market here is owned by this company

and is forced to run those stories.

But apparently in kind of a subtle,

fuck you, I guess, they tend to run them

at about 4.30 in the morning.

Ah, sure.


So other things that these guys do that's a little bit troubling, like I watched another

article actually after this, like I watched the YouTube video itself and then immediately

after that was a PBS documentary type news article about the same thing.

And they started showing like, they have this thing called like the terrorist alert desk

or something like that, that each of the stations also have to do on a regular basis.

It's like completely absurd because one of the examples that they showed on there. Oh, no

This was John Oliver. I think that actually this what I was watching this on

Anyway, one of the examples was a woman out on the beach in like her

Headscarf or head covering whatever. I'm not sure exactly what they call them

But basically just because it was an Arab woman in a headscarf on a beach like that was on their terrorism news desk

No boy, like there was really no terrorism and developed

I think it even dealt with like they were gonna ban headscarves on the beach or I don't know exactly

It was something stupid like that that was completely unrelated to terrorism

It was just complete like racism out now racism and I was just like wow this is this is crazy unbelievable

So there you go. I don't know what else we can really say about story of the day

It's kind of our sad state of our country at this point, but hopefully

hopefully the

merger between these two companies doesn't go through because

That just shouldn't be allowed and so this is another

Instance where what the hell is the guy's name a jeet Patel or whatever is that his name the FCC hi?

Hi, there you go the a hole from the FCC. That's right

So he is also responsible for this merger potentially going through because he also threw out another

Law that would have originally prevented this from occurring in the first place

so yet another

stellar piece to put on his


Yeah, they had a there was a

They tried to limit the monopoly in other words of you know one company owning a majority of stations thing

It was limited to a minority around 35 or 40 percent

It's the largest they could get and he helped overturn that so they could get much larger than that


It's unfortunate on many levels like just what you saw on this video is very disturbing

The fact that they can expand even larger is even more disturbing and then there's there's a lot of the the journal is

the journalists themselves are really in a bind right now

because they signed some really awful contracts

that say that they can't even quit.

If they're on the news station, they wanna leave

and they're gonna be subject to pay a certain percentage

of their salary for quitting under certain conditions.

And so it's just a really difficult situation all around.

Yep, yeah, I don't know what else

we can really say about it.

That's the story of the day.

Check out the video.

Check out the video if you haven't seen it yet.

We'll post that in the show notes and the links.

And that is a...

You'll Reddit story of the week.

Let's move on to the news.

Yeah, I fucked with the news a little bit. I popped in a couple items I wanted to talk about.

Well, let's talk about what you want to talk about. We always talk about what I want to talk about.

Yeah, well, that's because you always do a good job of putting together notes before the show.

And usually just pull them open when we start recording and say, "Oh, this is what we're talking about today. All right."

That's true diva style right there.

Oh fuck, he had to bring that back in again. No dude, it's delegation. You do such a great job.

Why do I want to try to improve on a great process? It's already working so well.

I sent some fucking sarcasm.

No, I'm serious. You actually do a really good job of putting it together.

And I always, despite my best intentions, like I always say, oh yeah, I'm gonna get in there and

and then something that comes up,

like I had to do a TCPA request today at the end of the day

and that was the time that I was gonna go in there

and try to find some material.

Anyway, I wanna talk the stock market.

Bum, bum, bum.

Big news, technology and stocks,

the stock market's been on a deep decline.

It's been a rough few weeks in the market.

So, but yeah, but technology is one of the main drivers

behind the big plunge in the stock market.

And we talked about the FANGs before,

the famous, the notorious FANGs, there's five of them,

the FAA and Gs now.

I think the last time we talked about it,

I think the second A got added later,

but it's Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google,

which really should be the AAAs because Google's alphabet,

but there's still the G in the FANG, whatever.

Yeah, so the thing stocks have lost roughly 400 billion dollars in market cap since March 12th,

so that's only about 20 days ago. Don't look at your 401k investor, don't look at your...

I made the mistake of looking. It was a bad idea. Yeah, I'm not trying not to.

I'm not going to change my position. I think I trained myself for these moments, right? Like,

like don't pull out.

I'm not retiring anytime soon.

And so I have no reason to worry about this.

Like by the time I need that money,

my share values will be way back where they were

before this happened and even higher, hopefully.

So I'm not, there's no cause for concern here,

but it is a good time to buy.

I'm more of the Warren Buffett style of just,

don't make any drastic moves and just keep buying.

Just keep doing your thing, keep doing what you do.

I'm not gonna try to time the market

or try to dump a bunch of money into the stock market right now, either.

I'm just going to keep making my normal 401 contributions and business as usual.

Yeah, we're due for a contraction. I mean,

it's been completely stellar gains year over year for a while.

So that's not going to continue indefinitely for sure.

Nothing, nothing continues on an upward trend like that.

So we're definitely due for correction,

which is pretty much all I see this as being. And I think,

God damn it, I'm behind a fucking paywall

for the Wall Street Journal, motherfuckers.

You gotta pay for that, man.

I gotta get you my login.

Well, off the record.


Well, I do know that we're gonna talk about Tesla

here in a little bit,

but they are contributing helpfully to the slide

that you're talking about here.

So, they probably are.

This is the, let me send this over to you really quick

so you can see this,

because unfortunately you're getting paywalled.

Don't share it, 'cause that's not the cool thing.

You're not supposed to do that.

Don't share.

- Pay for your content, folks.

- Pay for your content, or talk to somebody

who has no other login.

Yeah, so Defanged is kind of the headline of the world.

This is a Wall Street Journal.

This article that came out the other day

and it's showing some of the big losses

the five major technology companies have suffered.

And so Amazon at the top of the list,

and this is, you know, no thanks to Trump either.

trying to, you know, his little spat with Jeff Bezos right now. But, but yeah, Amazon

lost 109 billion. They're at the top of that list. So almost 25% of the, the defanged companies

came from Amazon's losses. Alphabet was right behind them with 108 billion. And then Facebook

lost 85 billion, Apple 76 billion, Netflix 17, Netflix is just crushing it these days.

Yeah, they are doing some some kick-ass that well, I mean they always have been right

I don't think they've ever had too much of a problem

Well what I'm referring to if you remember back in the day this was probably five years ago now

They adjusted their pricing model and a lot of people were pissed off like they raised prices and people were their stock took a hit

They had a whole whole thing there where it was like really dicey what was gonna happen with Netflix for a while


I don't think it was like I don't think it was so dire they're gonna shut the doors

But they definitely took a big hit and had some negative publicity for a while and

Then they just went on a run creating all this content

really the pioneers of

Content creation online right from a from a not a major network

And they've made some huge investments there. I mean now they're just

Bulletproof it seems like they've been innovators several times over now, right when you think about they started out in the DVD

business, you know sending DVDs through the mail USPS. I used to do that. Yeah, right. So did I and then they hopped to online

Streaming they were kind of the pioneer for that in terms of like large and mass streaming

And then now they've jumped even from that to creating

Original series and original content and they were kind of one of the leaders to do that as well

So they're definitely pushing the envelope all the time although they don't you know, it's not as sexy

I guess as maybe a Google or an Amazon or something like that who's pumping out products

At a pretty rapid clip, but they definitely are our swaying the industry quite heavily

Agreed agreed agreed. Yes, sir

So anyway, I just wanted to point that out don't panic people it'll rebound it'll come back

It's just a correction, but but yeah, I mean tech definitely leading the charge of this this slide

Big money being lost to 400 billion dollars and just a it's just a couple weeks. I mean, that's crazy not mentioned here

Like I mentioned earlier is is Tesla stock which took a pretty heavy hit this week because

Tesla is not meeting their numbers for the Tesla Model 3

Which I have on pre-order

Have you gotten any updates as a customer on what's going on with that?

Not really other than I can get on and find out kind of when my estimated delivery date would be but beyond that

not really they they do send out an email every once in a while kind of touting this or that but

nothing definitive saying you know we're sorry we're this far behind or anything like that so

but I did see that Elon is now kind of that's like his primary focus like 100 focus is trying to get

the the the ramping up of the model three line up to snuff and get the shareholders happy with them

and and so on and so forth because yeah they took a pretty healthy hit in their stock I don't have the

Official amount in front of me, but I know their stock is down overall like for the past several weeks

primarily because of that and the kind of their just dire

earnings, I guess you might say because you know, they're spending money left and right so

People are freaking out

Right. Yeah, I mean really they're

Comparatively they're not as bad off, but they have drops in value their market cap was like around 59 bills

It probably lost like and it says 47 billion market cap

They were at like 330 at the beginning of the month and now they're down to 250. So yeah, I mean some significant losses for them as well

Elon didn't help matters when he took that April Fool's pitcher. You see him holding that

cardboard sign saying bankrupt

Whoops, I think that lost 5% of the company

Oops jokes on you man

I here's the deal though I am not this is not the popular opinion right now but I actually

I'm actually very

Bullish on Tesla. I think there's a lot of people that are expecting them

This is not a new thing either like they're have for since the beginning of time with Tesla there have been


group of folks who have

doubted them from the beginning.

And I think it's grown stronger.

I think right now,

especially because I'm hitting the production numbers,

I mean, they had a bad week last week.

They had, you know,

they consistently been missing their production numbers

on the Model 3.

That's one thing that's been ongoing,

but then they had,

we'll talk about in a little bit,

like this autopilot accident last week,

they also had a recall on a large number of vehicles

for like some kind of what power steering issue

or something,

some kind of massive recall on the vehicles.

So I think the combination of those things plus the little April Fool's joke gone bad

It was just the bad 10 days for the company also throw into that mix is so solar city

Which was an acquisition that Tesla made yes, which produces their solar panels that they created

Is also struggling very very hard because of some of the things that President Trump has put into place dealing with solar imports, right?

So now that's also a very large negative on the books that they didn't have before so and that is a I believe a sub

Company of Tesla right and that's true. That's right. Yeah, so they have a few blemishes a few strikes right now

But I I'm a big believer in Elon Musk. I think he's gonna get through this

I think that in times past when things have been

Rough he's pulled through yet. He I

Did you see his big salary potential that he put out there his his structure for no, I didn't see that

Yeah, I don't have it in front of me. So I remember all the numbers, but it was a very aggressive

Structure but effectively says that he doesn't get paid anything unless he hits some mega targets over the next

Several years and there's a few different milestones

but he did the same thing in his previous contract negotiation with the board and and was successful so

This isn't the first time that he's been down and out and people thought that they were gonna go under or have like a big flop and then

Something happens and holy shit like they turn things around and then they start picking up momentum and

I think that's gonna happen again. I actually

Would like to see how low this thing goes and

Maybe even get a few shares of Tesla stock and just see what happens

I'm not gonna do anything crazy that I can't live with but I

I really do think they're gonna pull through

and I think they're gonna come out ahead in this thing.

Although I didn't tend to agree with you on that,

even if they didn't, they've pushed the market

so far forward that they've basically done

what Elon had set out to do

because I know originally way back when he indicated

that, look, he really didn't wanna form a company,

what he wanted to do is form technology

or push technology along

because the big automakers weren't doing it.

And so this was his attempt to force them to do it,

which I think he's done.

Actually, I know he's done.

So even if it did fail,

I think he's accomplished his mission,

but I'm definitely with you.

I think I'm very bullish on them as well.

I have investment in them actually,

more through mutual funds, not direct investment,

but so yeah, I have high confidence

that his products will continue to move along

and continue to be sold.

People love them, man.

I mean, you go over here to Bellevue in Washington,

which is basically a suburb of Seattle more or less,

or part of the metropolitan city,

and it's just Tesla after Tesla after Tesla.

Everybody's driving the damn things, you know,

they're everywhere.

So clearly there's no lack of funds.

Clearly people love them.

They do need to get their service division

updated a little bit.

I have a buddy that

rear-ended somebody in one of those things,

And I think he had to have the car in the shop

for something like five months before he could get back.

- Did he get that fucking car back yet?

I remember like this a long time ago.

- Yeah, he did.

He did finally get it back.

But I think because of that bad experience now,

he does want to get rid of it.

Although he loves the car itself,

he just can't handle the service time.

So hopefully they can get some more service shops on board

that can handle working on these things.

But beyond that, I think, I agree.

I think they have nowhere to go but up personally.

Well, I think that comes around when you get this production line issue fixed and you start mass producing these cars then there's that's gonna come right you're gonna see more charging stations already talking about putting charging stations every dealership high speed ones.

There's other things happening in the in the chain there so I think it's just a matter of time and they are having some issues but they're working through them and their numbers aren't that far off either.

When I heard they actually were shooting for a target of 2,500 a week. They were hitting close to 2,000 a week

So it's not like they're only making five

They're actually doing the work. There's just some issues that they need to figure out and they will yeah

So kind of what you alluded to earlier. They did have some other bad news dealing with their autonomous driving function

called autopilot in which a

Tesla Model X was being used in autopilot mode and Tesla came out and

That autopilot was indeed engaged when this collision happened and and killed someone. I don't have a lot of details

Regarding this particular accident, but there was another incident

Dealing with uber that made some pretty major headlines probably more so headlines than tesla did

Dealing with one of their autonomous driving cars in Arizona

That killed a woman and in fact there's even some video online where you can

Even see the driver. Well, not the driver, but the person that was monitoring the vehicle

All the way up to the point of impact and then the video cuts off, but yeah

I saw that pretty bad pretty bad clip even with the edited version there kind of a bad week. Yeah for autonomous vehicles

But I think

These things kind of get blown out of proportion

I think a little bit when you if you were to consider the number of vehicle deaths

That happened on the same day

You know the numbers would be just astronomical compared to these two

Over the course of a week

Not to say that that's okay. I mean obviously no deaths are great, but I think they do kind of get blown out of proportion

Just because it's a new technology and people are kind of freaked out by it

Couple interesting things about that that I'll say is one is that both of those incidents had

Human pilots behind the wheel so there were it wasn't just the cars themselves. They're actually human drivers behind the wheel, but perhaps

not paying attention. I know in the case of the Tesla driver that he wasn't

because there was some warning. You know you have to touch the steering wheel

every so many seconds otherwise it'll warn you and then it'll pull over. In

that case like the warning warnings had been going off because he hadn't touched

the wheel in five or six seconds. In addition to that this individual was in

a prior accident with the Tesla and so some of the crash sensors were not functional.

Oh. Because previous accident didn't get it fixed kind of a thing. So that could be more

of a negligence piece than it is like a faulty autopilot although I think it's you know it

brings up a lot of other issues like should we have autopilot mode working if you don't

have all the crash sensors on and I don't know it's gonna yeah they're gonna scrutinize

is the hell out of this.

And I think there's good reason for it,

but I do agree that it's overstated as well.

There's some stats that I pulled up on this too.

And as far as all vehicles are concerned across the board,

there's a fatality every 86 million miles

in the United States.

I don't know how long it takes to do that.

But for Tesla, they've only had one fatality

with a pedestrian, and that is every 320 million miles.

So they're already like almost four times safer

than a standard vehicle.

And their claim is that even if we just accepted this

at the autopilot, the current level of technology

that it possesses, you'd still be saving

about 900,000 lives a year.

And of course they won't accept that.

I'm sure there's gonna be many more improvements

that are made before in enhancements,

before you see these things at the road.

So not a good day for autonomous driving,

but I'm not gonna buy into the argument,

either that it should be discontinued

or that it's a reason why we shouldn't have it.

I think that human drivers are way bigger variable

than the autopilot and we'll figure it out.

Yeah, of course.

It's already pretty damn good

and it's gonna get a lot better.

Yep, so swinging back kinda to the Uber incident,

the same applies to that.

If you watch the video,

the Uber driver definitely was not looking at the road

during the impact or up to the point of impact.

I think he noticed it, you know,

a second before it happened type of thing.

So, but what's interesting is I did read

or see an article from another company,

kind of one of these companies that can run

identification software on a video or on an image

where, you know, they can identify objects in an image

or in a video in real time.

So they took the grainy video that was released,

same video that you saw that I saw,

and they were able to identify the woman in the roadway,

a full second before the Uber car identified it.

- Wow.

- So even from a shitty grainy video,

which the Uber car should have a much, much, much better

set of sensors and video to work off of,

they were able to identify it faster

than the Uber technology was.

So that just shows you how behind the Uber technology is

in terms of autonomy.

- Wow.

- So from everything that I've read,

I'm pretty sure they've A, removed themselves from Arizona

and they're not driving any longer in Arizona.

And I thought--

- Or Cali.

- I thought I had read that maybe they were even scrapping

the program altogether, but I could be incorrect about that.

- Yeah, I don't know.

I don't remember that part.

- May slow their program.

Okay, so they didn't kill it,

but it's apparently gonna slow it down heavily.

And they were already behind to begin with.

So anyway, yeah, bad day for autonomous driving.

Like you said, I don't think it's gonna slow it down at all.

I think it's still gonna be moving forward.

The only thing that would slow it down

is if government regulators kind of got freaked out by this

and started throwing all kinds of regulation roadblocks

in the way and that sort of thing,

which I could easily see that happening.

I hope it doesn't because I think this is something

that we definitely could use.

And it's pretty critical as we kind of get more and more people on the roads and in these big cities, especially

Country areas or rural areas

Like where I grew up. This isn't such a big deal, but but in the big cities definitely is a major major thing

Well, I think the push for safety is critical. It's super important and

We need to do that. That's an important piece of this whole thing working out improving itself

I think it's interesting too though. There's quite a

double standard at play

and I think they knew this going in from the beginning

is that autonomous driving was always going to have a much higher bar

than the current standards. I mean

people get behind the wheel under the influence of

drugs and alcohol and all kinds of shit

sleep deprived right? I mean there's all kinds of variables at play

good drivers, bad drivers, road conditions

with shitty people on the roads that don't know how to drive and we don't have systems in place to

to mitigate those accidents. I mean there's safety systems but how good are they compared to some of

these systems that are in place is my point so while they're putting a high bar on them I think

if there's some good to that I think it's also an unfair comparison because human driving is always

going to be the bigger variable. And that's been Elon Musk's description the whole time

is basically saying, when I can prove to you via numbers and stats that this car can out

drive a human, which I think those numbers are already present already. Yeah, he's that's

basically when he said I will fully turn on autonomous driving and make it available to

the public. So clearly, we're getting very, very close to that. If we haven't already

you know, encroached over it, probably already have, but just out of an abundance of caution,

I think they're not just turning it on for everything and everybody, but yeah, I think

we are very, very close to being there at this point. Yeah. Yeah, buddy. That's a wrap in the news.

Moving on, let's talk about some podcast apps. I'm a little curious. What do you listen to your

podcast on? I'm not really a big podcast listener. Am I allowed to say that on this show?

God damn it. Why would you say that?

I don't even know if I listened to the last episode. Fuck, man.

I do all this work to put together your show.

And you don't even fucking listen to it.

I just like to hear what everybody else thinks about it.

Well, nobody's saying nothing, so it's pretty...

Yeah, they're not saying a whole lot.

I haven't made any of those cool videos lately to get any viewership.

Yeah, man. You gotta, uh, you need to make one of those and show off your new, uh,

feminine physique there.

Well, feminine, what the fuck are you talking about man?


I'm cleaning up a little bit, you know,

getting my shit together.

Gotta get my shit together, man.

I'm in a different, you know, pretty soon.

My ex and I were kinda,

we're gonna be changing statuses

and so you gotta kinda get back into that mode, right?

That's scary.

Yeah, yeah.

I don't know how I would handle today's technology

in, you know, dating world and that sort of thing. Very, very, very, very different.

I assure you the way I'm going to handle it is by not participating for the near future.

I'm going to very much enjoy my single status and alone time and all those things. And yeah.

No, I think that's a good thing. I think that's a great thing. But yeah, not a podcast listener.

Why not? Why don't you, have you not dabbled in the world of podcasts?

No, I have. I used to be a big podcast listener. I think the problem for me right now is

finding time to consume it. I don't like listening to that stuff at the desk. I don't like listening

to anything with words or lyrics or like you can listen to morning program and work and I don't know

how that, I can't do that. It doesn't work for me to do that. So I'm limited to workouts and that

sort of thing and I usually don't bring anything on a run. I got it. I will probably change that

And so my podcast listening will probably go up because we you and I were talking about the Phoenix from Garmin and some of the different products for you know

GPS and running and that's where I think I

Don't have anything like that right now. And so usually what I'll do is leave all my stuff at home and go solo no technology

So yeah, I think if I get the watch and

Maybe find a better that's everything too

I haven't really landed on a good set of headphones that I can listen to I when I was doing some treadmill running over the winter I

Tried listening with just the corded phones

And that's just a big fucking mess because then like I just have a phone and I don't if I would have had like the arm band for

My phone then maybe I could have like

Handled that better, but I had the phone on the treadmill and then the wired phones and I kept

Getting tangled up in it and that kind of thing. I don't know maybe it's just me

But I don't have a good setup for listening to audio when I'm working out

Well, I guess the reason that I brought this up is I've had two instances now

where I've talked to people about listening to podcast and one of them was actually Joseph Bolli who's been on this show before and

He originally was listening to all his podcasts through Spotify, which that's okay. I didn't know you could even do that

So you can some they only allow a certain amount of podcasts like you have to have a certain subscriber base

Or I don't know what their limiting factor is but not everybody couldn't can

Put their podcast on Spotify. So it's a limited platform in that respect, but

He was listening through that and he was listening to our show and we obviously were not in Spotify

So we were kind of outside of his range

So I had recommended to him the app called pocket casts, which is a

cross-platform application for listening to podcasts and I think that kind of blew his mind as to what a good podcast

app looks like and

I guess what I mean by that is he you know, he would go and actively

Peruse what was new so like if you wanted to go see that the coffee code cast had something new

He would actually go there look at it and see what was if we had released an episode or you know same thing with all his other

People that he liked to subscribe to and he didn't get any kind of notifications when there was new episodes

Dark ages over there was Jesus man. Yeah, I thought these new these young kids like knew all the technology

Well, I mean the app that I use I use one called overcast

I've also used pocket cast before but if it's a good podcast app like last episode for instance

We talked about the on the reddit story of the week was the cliff bar guy and

That was that was an image

So as you listen to the podcast if you were looking at your phone

The actual like album art switches during the podcast at that moment to the actual picture of that cliff bar

That we were referencing

So you can actually get some kind of like help as you look through or listen to the podcast to understand like what it is

We're talking about

It supports things called chat like chapters so you can like if you don't want to listen to this bullshit about podcast

Bam you can like hit fast forward and it'll skip you to the next segment or the previous segment

Like there's all these great features that are built into

Podcasting apps that are actually good podcasting apps and I've had a number of people now

Where they are list they're either just like physically downloading the files and like pulling them into

Windows media player or something shitty like that instead of that using an actual manager to manage the podcast and I was just kind of

Taken aback by that and I didn't realize that not that many people used actual podcast players

Yeah, I I don't have enough experience with that. I mean anytime I've looked at our stuff. I've done like SoundCloud

I think what did I pull up on here?

Yeah, SoundCloud I

Think I found it just one time on my Apple TV by searching podcast app

Oh, you're using the Apple the I to Apple podcast app

Yeah, my Apple TV. I've listened to one before yeah, I don't have a consistent experience with podcasts

I don't have something that I just listen on my Android phone or whatever whatnot, you know, so

I'm looking at the pocketcast you're talking about right now

That looks that looks interesting. That's a paid version for four bucks. I don't know if I'd want to spring four bucks for it yet


Yeah, so the nice thing about it is as soon you basically put in all your subscriptions that you want to subscribe to you can subscribe

either they're like they have a library, you know that you can search for your

podcast you can enter like a an RSS URL if you have a specific URL you want to

enter and it manages the library for you so as you accrue these podcasts it'll

eventually like start saying hey well there's a new episode of CoffeeCode

Cast go download it and give me a notification that there's a new episode

right stuff like that which you know the Apple podcast app does do that as well

but it doesn't do some of the other

Content-related features that I mentioned where it changes kind of the album art to what what you're talking about

And I don't know that it supports chapters either

But yeah, I mean there's there's a ton of different apps out there with a ton of varying level of functionality

And I was just kind of like I said taking a back by

The primitive nature of some people's podcast

listening habits

Yeah, I'm with you on that. I'm one of those guys

I'm really surprised that old bully the old sticky fingers that I like to call them these days

Hasn't had a lot of experience with the podcasting apps. He has a bit of a klepto, huh?

Guy was stealing all my shit, you know, we're talking about curved monitors at my desk when I'm not there

He's guy was taking all my gear took my you take my keyboard and mouse

I don't know what he took took my monitor. He definitely took the monitor

You know and I don't think you noticed until he came clean on it

Well, you didn't come clean on anything I called it. I called it. I had some Intel

I had some insider intelligence on the ground

Doing a little recon work for me and I found out old sticky fingers came in and took my monitor my 4k monitor from me

And all I I didn't know that it was gone

All I knew is that when I plug in my new laptop with it

It looked like shit and I couldn't figure out what was wrong

There was a refresh rate problem or the cable or something or what something was definitely not up to par

my usual experience

Well, that just leaves the hole open to mess with the bully at a later date

Yeah, well, that's gonna be an ongoing

Given there. That's not gonna change anytime soon

Well you can contact us on Twitter you can contact Mike. Oh, you're gonna change your Twitter name

Yeah, I don't know what I'm gonna do about that. I like chipper SF dude. I don't want to change it to chipper SEA

I could do that chipper C

Well, you can contact Mike at Chipper SF. You can contact me at Kyle P. Johnson and you can contact the show at

CoffeeCodeCast or use the hashtag #Ask3C and we would definitely appreciate if people would reach out and


You can use the email coffeecodecast@gmail.com

You can hit us up on www.coffeecodecast.com

Or subscribe to us at SoundCloud, Stitcher, Google Play Music, iTunes, TuneIn,

Give us a rating like us share us help us out spread the word we would be eternally grateful

If your friends are listening to trying to listen to podcasts on Spotify

They're not gonna check us out. So tell those mofos to check out one of these subscriptions instead






(upbeat music)







Post Show Ready Player One review. Did you go out of the movies?

I went to the movies. I was busy. It's why we couldn't record last week, dude. I went

to the movies. Last Wednesday, I went to the premiere of Ready Player One. Saw that at

my local AMC IMAX. It was cool. I saw it in IMAX 3D.

I've heard nothing but good reviews from this movie so far. I definitely want to see it,

although I know really nothing about it

'cause I didn't read the book, but yeah.

I'm excited to hear your critique.

I read the book and I enjoyed the movie.

I think that's my critique in a nutshell.

I know that there's some,

I have a friend who's really nervous about going

to see the movie because without giving anything away,

like there were definitely some changes from the book, right?

It like definitely wasn't 100% on topic.

But for me, I'm more into, I'm okay with that.

I just think being a huge 80s guy, the soundtrack,

like the references, there had to be close to a half

a dozen 80s movie references in the movie,

which was just super cool to see all that stuff.

Like the Back to the Future type stuff.

And there was a clip from The Shining in there

and some other things.

It was really fun.

And I think it was two and a half hour movie,

a little over two.


Very enjoyable went by really quickly and it was fun. I have yeah

I haven't seen like I said, I haven't seen the movie and and but I will say that speaking of your 80s references

I did finish I stayed up last night till about I don't know 130 maybe oh

And I know that's old for an old guy or late late for an old guy. Yeah, I did stay up to

Finish off stranger things which also has quite a number of 80s references in it

So I'm told I haven't gotten into that one yet

I think I saw the first part of one episode, but I just been distracted with things. I'd like to get into it though

It's not bad. I

Enjoyed most of the episodes it but yeah same thing applies

I like last night

I think they were bringing Tupperware to some party and like it was like an old 80s style Tupperware that like I think my grandma

and my mom both had or something, you know, and I was very recognizable. I was like fuck we had that exact same thing

That's crazy, you know stuff like that that happens quite a lot in there and it's kind of just nostalgia, I guess

There's a lot of nostalgia in this in this film. So even if you don't know what's going on, I think you can enjoy it and

It was Spielberg so it was just really well done

The 3d effects were very cool. The whole thing was just great and they kind of bounce around between

between, you know, it's about virtual reality,

this topi in future where the escape is getting

into this virtual world and there's a contest

that's happening in the virtual world.

And so they move, they go back and forth

from like the real world to the virtual world.

And I just liked the whole thing,

the way they did it, it was really cool.

- Yeah, I was excited when I heard Spielberg

was gonna do it 'cause I knew,

generally he doesn't put out a bad movie.

I mean, so it would probably be,

even if I don't know much about the book,

I figured it would be a pretty good movie regardless.

Yeah, go see it or if you don't see it by the time I see you,

then I'll go see it again.

I enjoy it, I really thought it was great.

I'd do it again.

I'd be down for that.

We could do that on our way back up.

We could stop in some Po-Dunk town on I-5 somewhere

and go watch a movie.

There you go.

Hit up the strip club.

Hey, we got plenty of booze to bring in

at that point in anyway.

I love the whole trunk hold it, so.

That is the other part of the mission, you know,

is going, we got a big boozer on.

I mean, we're gonna have a little trunk full of shit

to bring up.

Yeah, wonder, yeah.

What's, I can't imagine there's any legalities

about bringing that across state lines, is there?

Well, you might wanna air this episode

after we've made it successfully.


I don't know, I mean, we're certainly not gonna be stopped

by any border patrol, so I don't know

that we're really gonna get an inspection,

but yeah, I mean, we're bringing up a big haul, so.

Especially if I mean my order by itself is gonna be significant and I think the

Wasserman's gonna put an order in. You heard those guys talking earlier today.

They might be doing some stuff. Yeah, I think they're gonna have a couple boxes

that they're gonna require. Is that him and Doug and some others? Yeah, him and

Doug. Nice. Yeah, old Doug, you know, I saw him in San Francisco a couple weeks ago.

He was on vacation down here. So we got together for a little brunch and coffee.

And I know some of his favorites now. He really likes the Bodine sourdough

So I told him I said we got room for a few loaves of sourdough

We could pick some of those up for you. There you go

And he really likes the almond croissants over at Tartine. So, you know, we could make a

Couple of pit stops before we get out of town on the 27th. Yeah, I'm excited for this man

I think this is gonna be a fun trip. Yeah, it'll be good. It'll be really good the

We got a few errands to do and then they'll hit the open road Friday afternoon and who the hell knows what else will happen after that