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05: Iron My Shirt

This week is Thanksgiving and on the show we are discussing the technology that we are most thankful for as well as a new integration for Roomba. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!
05: Iron My Shirt

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 Nice. Yeah, I actually kind of on the same token. I bought a pretty nice iron. What the hell? Roenta is the name And yeah, it steams a shitload man like that thing will It looks like I've just a full fledged steamer and wow it makes ironing so much freaking easier like the money was well worth it Do you have an ironing board that you like? I always find the ironing boards to be cheap and rickety and they make a really loud nasty noise when you open them up and shit and I hate them I'm with you on that unknown the answer is no and if anybody has a good one Then I want to know about it because mine sex they have some online that are Hunter box and I'm thinking shit. Do I want to spend a hundred bucks on an irony board But maybe that's what you have to do if you don't want to squeak when you open it up Yeah, that could be and and like the material that's underneath the actual Ironing surface is really shitty on mine and it's now like kind of out of alignment with the board itself like that whatever the padding is underneath her and it's usually shit. It's just all up or rink up or whatever. Yep. Who knew we were gonna talk about fucking ironing on this coffee code cast? Well that's why you know there's we keep it broad that way. That's why we have the all-encompassing bullshit column for things like this for problems. And it is tech-related. I mean these are struggles most people have. Well we do need, maybe this is an area that tech could disrupt. We disrupt transportation, we disrupt ironing. There's a technological way. We get Alexa to do this and have a better ironing board. Alexa ironed my shirt. I ironed my shirt. Bitch. Bitch. I'm sorry, I don't understand that. I'm sorry, that was very sexist. So. I could start again and I'm working on it now. - Reporting to check, mic check. - Here we go. - It's my very white voice. - Hey, you already sound pretty low. - Through the biggest podcast ever, they're all WBLZ. (laughs) Zen Cast Audio, coffee codecasts, come and live from your mutters. All right, enough of that, that was fun. I like that you should have just kept wrapping. We could have used that. - Do you do any voice exercises before you get on the mic? I tried doing that first week. I haven't done anything in a while. - I should, but I don't. It's supposed to help. But I think we sound good. I thought the last one actually sounded it wouldn't better than I thought it did. - Sounded better than I thought. - Yeah, I would agree. It was a little bit low on energy, I think, just 'cause it was early morning and you weren't probably Totally up to snuff and that's fine, but I was I was sober. If that's even by up to snuff, I didn't have anything to drink. Oh, I mean, no, you said you went out and hung out with some friends and I before or whatever. So I know I wasn't accusing you of being hung over. Hey, now. No, I know that would never happen. No accusations here, please. I wasn't sending text messages from the intercontinental the other Friday night. Was I think so? The way this podcast is going, maybe it should just be like the drinking podcast because I think one or the other of us is drunk pretty much every episode. Sometimes that helps the show along. I think that helps build rapport and makes it a little more enjoyable. Yeah. More relatable. It doesn't have to be as specific as coffee. Sometimes you like to have tea or booze. And that's okay too. We don't want to discriminate. It's not just a coffee thing, but it is nice. I don't know. It's something I think about for the next, the future. Yeah. I mean, it could be like the Stella code cast. Stella. - Yeah. - Wow, if we could get a sponsorship around that. - Yeah. - Yeah. - Sponsor, I'll take a sponsorship. - Sponsor, I'll take a sponsorship. - I mean, it could be the Bud Light codecast for all light care. - Oh, I don't know. I'm gonna get some flack from some of my friends for that. (laughing) I have, you know, moving around all the time. I've got friends in different regions, and so now there's such a diversity. Like, I have to be careful what I say, I have a cousin who works for Anheuser-Huschen, So I was talking shit about, about Anisor Bush and then I realized how he works for him. I was like, well, nothing against them per se. It's just out in the Pacific Northwest, people take their craft beer very seriously. And so there's always this kind of antagonistic thing with Anisor coming in and buying out a lesion field, for example, and Breckenridge Brewing and all those guys. - Yep. - But I like a good Kour's light as best as the next guy does. That's usually my light beer, not non-Anisor Bush, of course, But well, I mean, that's just because that's was served a fuel. Yeah. Well, this time of year, it's icy. Hold over it fuel. The lines at fuel, uh-oh, package delivery. Yes, sir. That would be my shelf that I stayed home from work today for that did not show up until just up. Brian, sorry, man, got to work from home today. I got a shelf coming at 508 PM. We have a flexible policy. It's nice. What do we want to talk about? We've got a holiday coming up Thanksgiving. This is our Thanksgiving episode. It's the Thanksgiving spectacular. Call this thankful for technology. That is so nice. Oh, very nice. Yeah. Sweet. Sweet and sweet. Something a little different. We get very best of this time of year down here. The coffee and code cast. And your setups looking pretty pimp too. Looks like you did some work. Did you move the Extendo arm on the bookshelf like that? Was it always up there? - So it's been on the bookshelf, 'cause I don't have like my desk, if you look at it, there's really no edge to put it on. You know what I mean? Like unless you clamp it on the-- - That's the wrong lip bed. - So that could be a problem if you want to move the bed. - That's exactly right. So yeah, it's on the shelf, and I had it one rung down, one shelf down on the shelf there before. So the arm had to go like up quite a distance. So today I moved it up one shelf, and I figured you know now I can do it standing up If I want or I can have it kind of angling down at me if I want to be sitting. So it works a lot better. I love that. That's a great shop by the way too. You have to post that for our listeners if that's possible. I don't even know if you can do that kind of a thing. Sure. But it's a nice, that's a nice, I mean I'd pay some good money for some stock art. If I needed my office to look cool, I would pay 50 bucks to have a license to that photo. That's very nice. Yeah. So what are you doing? What are you guys doing for Thanksgiving? Are you heading out of town? I haven't been here very long as we talked about last time. So I don't want to break with tradition. I got to get the fuck out of here, man. I've only been here for about four days. (laughing) So yes, I'm leaving for Denver Thursday morning early. And we'll be out there for about a week, not quite. - We're sticking around and hosting. We do, every year we do a, what do we call it? Transplants Thanksgiving. Since most people I know in Seattle are not from Seattle. - Yeah. and are like me and don't have a lot of family here. So we just kind of take all comers and host whoever needs to come. So I think this year we're gonna host about, I don't know, 12 or 13 people, something like that. So yeah, that's what we'll be doing. - Awesome, man. Yeah, I have never had the pleasure. I've come over for the tamale thing that you guys do for Christmas, but when I moved into Nolo, we already had a friends giving along the same line. So I've never had the pleasure, man. kind of pung with that. - Last year we did get ourselves into some cards against humanity, which was interesting because Christina's mother was there and participated. So I think for her that was a little bit awkward. I was very entertained. - But was Quincy making some funny faces at some of those cards being red? (laughing) Oh, she was playing some doozers. - I could see her getting into it a little bit. I could see her pulling out some racy material every now and again. again. My parents were here one other year. I don't think it was last year. I think it was a year before and they didn't participate, but they definitely were hearing some of what was being said from the couches and I don't know that they're free. Well, that's what's fun about the game. That's kind of nice. You know, get the little shocking off from parents in there. Get them the bed earlier. While you're following up on that, I'm going to follow up on a piece that I had a little gaff last episode talking about the DirectTV Apple TV promo. So DirectTV is running this promotion where you can get a free Apple TV 4K. And I got it right the first time I said it. I said it was four months, you had to be a subscriber of the basic plan for four months, which is $35 a month that comes out to what 140 bucks. So it's cheaper than the Apple TV 4K by itself and you get the streaming channels, 60 streaming channels. I said something later on about it being like 89.95 and I got that totally confused with something else that's going on. But it's worth mentioning if you're a big movie goer and you're like going to AMC or it doesn't matter. I think Regal Cinema does this too. But MoviePass is a program that's out there. It's a third party thing that you can sign up for and they are running a promotion right now where it's 89.95 for a year membership. I think that comes out to six something a month. My math is a little fuzzy on that right now. And you get to see unlimited movies. There might be restrictions, I think, on four, you know, some of the like 3D or some of those theaters now have like the real motion for DX or something where like the seat shake and like they actually pipe smells through it. Like some of those theaters, they would be exempt from that, I believe, but it's good for going to AMC. It's good for just going to a regular regal cinema. And they don't like it because it's unlimited. So I'm not sure how much of a subsidy they get from movie pass, but that $89 membership will get you into a theater once a day, every day, unlimited-ish. Pretty good deal. If you see one movie, I mean I only go probably once or twice a month so That would be a huge thing for me would pay for that cost and And then some it's even you know one if you go once a month you're already doing better because I think it costs 15 bucks to go to a movie anymore Down here. What's the last movie you've seen? I what did I just see I just saw Dada Dada movie. I'm gonna guess it's a superhero movie. I'm not a big. I mean I enjoy that too But I you know I saw Logan in in theaters that was cool I didn't really understand the whole thing because I I don't follow that stuff I went with a friend who wanted to see it And I thought oh, it's a good movie and he was like crying at the end of the thing like oh my god This is just a terrible you know what happened and I said well I don't really know the backstory. I don't watch any of these Films I still haven't seen the full Star Wars end to end I though I don't go to the theater very often anymore primarily because I don't I'm just not into the whole action superhero movie theme that seems to be all they put out. Yeah, there's a lot of that. That are scary movies and I don't really go to those either, so. Yeah, that is scary movie guy. I go for a good action. I don't remember the last one that I saw. What I saw, like I saw the accountant in the theater. That was a while ago. That was good. I go for the movie, I go for the popcorn and stay for the movie. That's kind of my deal, man. It's time to move on, huh? today's topic. Three pieces of technology that you are thankful for. Yeah, that's nice. I like that. Yeah, I figured, you know, it's Thanksgiving or very close to. So let's talk about what we're thankful for. Maybe we could go round Robin, like do one, I'll do one because I haven't thought of three yet. I have a few in mind. I need a little more time. All right. Well, my number one for me was very, very easy because I use it all the time. No matter what room I'm in. And that's going to be my Sonos products, which I use for everything I listen to podcasts on it, I listen to music on it, I listen to radio on it, you know, everything. So I think I have, gosh, I don't know, I bet you have six or seven different Sonos products throughout the house. And for those of you who may not be familiar with the products, What Sonos is a wireless connected set of speakers. So in the olden days, you had to get a receiver and run wire all the way throughout your house and you could create these kind of rooms where you could, you know, from a central receiver send all the audio from and send it to specific rooms or to all rooms in the house if you so choose. And Sonos makes that really, really easy and uses Wi-Fi networks to do the same thing. So all it requires then is a power cord and then you can use an app to send the audio to various rooms and it works really, really well. So that'd be my number one. And like I said, I use that every day. Now it's got the Alexa integration where you can talk to Alexa and tell it to play whatever is available. I mean, you can tell it, "Hey, Alexa, I wanna play the Fleet Foxes on my living room speaker." And it'll start it up. No problem. So it's pretty slick. So I'm interested in this and I told you this before and I've seen the new product come out. I'm a little confused about it. I read something today that confused the hell out of me in the newspaper. It was in the the chronicle and they were talking about, you know, best products to get, you know, what did it for the holidays? And that was the one tech thing that came out. There's a few tech things that was one of them. But what they said, so they call that one the sonos one. Yep. Okay, that's the Sonos 1 and what confused me is that they made a comment in there that said the Sonos 1 can be networked with other Sonos ones and then it said later on the con was that it can't work with the Sonos Play 1 and I got confused because I thought it was the Sonos Play 1 so do you know if that's a separate product line like does the Play 1 and the 1 integrate or uh you know I'm a little worried about that if they made it sound like they had to have the same breed So what I would assume they're talking about there, the only time that you would have them interact with each other is if you hook them up as a pair. So if you, you know, it's a single speaker, so it's essentially like, I don't know, if you'd consider a mono sound, I guess, but you can hook them up as a stereo pair. So you get a stereo sound from the two speakers instead of just the one. - Yeah, okay. - And so I'm suspecting what they're saying you can't do is pair in stereo, a new series play one with an old series play one. So you couldn't do a you in other words, if you wanted to have two on your cabinets, you'd have a left and a right. You you couldn't have those paired in that fashion. But if I wanted to have one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom, I could still do that. Yes. Okay. Well, that's better. I didn't really even know that you could have a left and right out of the thing or even care because they put out good enough sound, you know, - Really, I think. - Yeah, and you can do the same arrangement. So in my living room, I have the Playbar, which is kind of their TV soundbar. And then you can use the Playones as surround sound speakers as well. And so you do the same thing there. You pair them as left and right. And you pair the ones to the Playbar and then you have a surround sound system. - Hmm, very nice. Okay, that makes sense when you've got to try and do a little more of a home theater kind of a thing. - Yep, yeah, and they have the Playbase, which is the same thing as the Playbar. just allows you to set your TV on it rather than kind of it sitting behind or in front of your TV. So, okay, well, I feel better about that. If it would be a problem for me if I had or a problem for anybody that has the old stuff and gets some of the new stuff and then it's like, "Oh, they can't interact," but it sounds like that's not it. So, I'd be surprised if you could even buy the Play One, the first edition Play One anymore. Anyway, you probably have to... It's the same price for the play one with the Alexa integration. So I would assume they're either going to end of life, the play one first edition, or, you know, I don't know why you'd buy one anyway, really. This is just for people that I know that already have the play one and might be interested in buying a few more for other rooms. Got you. But wouldn't necessarily need them to be paired in the same room together. So that would be fine. I do also have questions and I don't know if this is how I'd find the answer to this. but if you had two Alexa-enabled play ones that are paired in the same room, and if you ask for Alexa to do something, I know they were working on making Alexa smart enough to, if you have multiple devices in the same room, not answer, but I don't know if the Sonos devices are capable of that. I'd be curious to see how they would react. - You know, that's a good question. That'd be interesting to see how they should pick up on each other and delegate it to one or the other, hopefully. You would think, yep. - Maybe they're trying to let your sound, which one you're closest to, I don't know, or which one's active already. Well, then ultimately, Sonos itself is what's talking to Amazon Alexa, so you would think that it would know, you know, only one of these speakers needs to be talking, or listening, or whatever. - Yeah, that makes sense. Well, I received in the mail the other day, two of those Google Home Minis. Those speakers. - Oh yeah. - Yeah, not a Sonos competitor, by the way, but they're nice for, they're free. They came with the Pixel 2 phones I bought. So I figured what the hell could be nice in the bathroom. And I did put one in the bedroom against your recommendations, Kyle. But I set them up. It was easy to set up. But I found that because I had the Pixel on my pocket, it was doing a little bit of that thing, right? I would say, I'd say the command. I'm not going to do it right now because I don't want to come on. But I said the command, and then my phone came on, and the speaker came on. but then the phone, when I said to do something, the speaker did it. So I don't know, it just knew to back off. - Yeah, and it's interesting that people often try to make the comparison between Sonos and Alexa or Sonos and the Echo or Sonos and the Google Home or whatever their speaker is called. And I don't personally, I mean, I guess now they're kind of competing in the same space because Sonos has a smart assistant embedded in them. But I mean, Sonos itself is a speaker company. That's their product. Whereas, the other ones are smart assistant products, which happen to have speaker capabilities in some of them. Right, or nicer speakers. So I don't really classify them in the same category personally, but a lot of people like to put them up against each other. Yeah, yeah, that's a fair comparison. I think it just comes down to price point for a lot of people. It'd be nice to have the Sonos play, but one, but maybe not as, you know, if you can't afford that for every room, then you kind of do some other things. But that's the best experience. And that's the way that I would want to do it in my home, if I could, because it's not even really, the speakers aren't really comparable at all. The quality isn't. Yeah. And they are, they are a little spendy, for sure. I mean, it's not a cheap, they're not a cheap product. They're definitely a premium product and you're going to pay for it. Yeah. I'll get mine out of the way quickly, because it's on the same topic. but I was gonna say my Alexa because I do listen to music all the time and I leave it on for the dogs when I'm not home. I think it calms them down a little bit. I don't know. I think they like-- - Give it like. - Dog park radio? - No, that would not call them down. (laughing) There'd be shit and piss all over the place probably. If I didn't know. (laughing) No, I just have little background music with it or in the morning getting ready. A lot of times we'll ask for the weather. What's the weather today? Oh, it's the same as it was yesterday, but that will use that a lot. Yeah, little things like that. I do order some things off of it too. It's convenient if I'm doing a task in the kitchen and I'm out of something and I'll say, "Oh, yeah, just ordered this before I forget." And that's a nice way to do it. - Yeah, I don't use Amazon to order things very often at all and I don't know why that is. I guess I just prefer to look at the phone and search around and stuff like that rather than have Alexa recommend something or select something for me. Yeah, I still do that in majority of the time because I want to shop around or I want to see what's going on or what the deal is if there are deals, but there are a few. I do certainly use the dash buttons quite often. Well, that's interesting. So what do you use them for, like the turgent and the... Yeah, so I have... Yeah, mainly it's soap, I guess, would be the primary use. So I have one for tide for our laundry. I have another for our dishwasher soap. And I know I have one more I'm thinking on what it is, but I have one else, another one somewhere. I'd like to use one for beer in the fridge, but I don't think it would get there fast enough. I'm not going to wait two days. Maybe you could put it on the prime now. Maybe it's a prime now dash, but can you set that up that way? That'd be kind of convenient. I doubt it. You are. I need this to always be one hour delivery when I press this button. better fucking be here by the end of the hour. You know, I got something run in dry. That would be really cool. They're expanding it though. I think I wouldn't be surprised if you couldn't put like hard alcohol in there at this point, you know. They've got a ton of them. Yeah. They offer it up for dog food so I don't know why they wouldn't do it for other things like that too, makes sense. And that would work fine. I could probably get away with that. I could just order that on Thursday and make sure that it's there on time or maybe I order on Wednesday just to be safe. That's all I really have to say about it. It's just, I love having it. I picked it because I know we've been talking these things to death, but it really has altered the way that I do things in my routine. So where I would look things up before or, you know, to see the weather on my phone, or I can do a lot of things on the fly now. I'll ask it to do some more sophisticated multiplication that I can't do in my head, or if I'm in the kitchen, ask it to convert courts to ounces or something, you know, whatever. things like this. Yes. Set a timer. I use a timer function often. Oh, I use the timer every day for my coffee. Shit. Yeah, I do that. Hey, so the French press timer for three minutes, right? Yep. So a lot of things like that, especially if your hands are tied up, cooking or dirty or from making baking and that sort of thing, it's very nice to have the assistant nearby for that. And I use it a lot. So I only have the echo dot, the little puck device. So the sound on it is pretty subpar. But it does connect to my Sonos system. So it can control the Sonos system, but it can't broadcast its own sound through the speakers, if that makes sense. Yes, it just has a... Yeah, so it's kind of annoying in that respect. This is where having the play one would be really nice because the sound itself is going to come through the play one speaker, which is going to be very, very loud and good quality sound. So I may end up purchasing one of the play ones just strictly for that reason alone. We'll see. Awesome. On to the next item. My next item continues right alongside the sound items, and that's going to be my Bose sound link over the year Bluetooth headphones that I use every freaking day. I have them on my head all the time. I have them on my head right now, actually, as we record, yeah, religiously. Yeah, I love these things. I hear a lot of people talk about the air pods and all this other kind of crap, but I really, really love these. I love the ability not to have a cord. It's kind of stupid, but one of the things that drives me fricking insane is if you walk through somewhere and your cord catches on something and it rips the earbuds out of your ears. that like immediately sends me into rage and I don't know why but I freaking hate that. So yeah, having the wireless and just being able to get up and go and do whatever I want to do, I absolutely love it and I use them daily. So my other item that I had was Zip Car. Oh, that's a good one. I've been car free for almost three years. Has it been that long? Least two, two and a half years, I don't remember exactly now, but a while, I've been car-free, and we have a zip-car in our garage. I've had it in both places I've lived, and it saved my bacon tons of times. It's awesome. It saved me a ton of money. And out here in San Francisco, I think I mentioned this before maybe, but the pricing structure is different, so instead of just being a flat rate per hour, sometimes they offer discounts in in the summertime in Seattle. Sometimes they'll offer a break on the hourly rate, but here it seems to be more pronounced based on demand. So I've noticed a few times in the evening or Sunday morning when nobody's doing anything, I can get a car for three or four dollars an hour. And that's hard to beat because it comes with gas and endurance. So if I need to go run an errand, I took Lauren to the airport early one morning and it cost me six dollars to take her there and back. Pretty awesome technology. I mean, it's a car, but just being able to get in and get out and that sort of thing. And an extension of that too, I would say even car to go and reach now in those services. The fact that I can just pick up one of those bad boys and dump it off anywhere in the city limits has been very liberating for me. I like public transit and using that too, but that's not always very fast. Sometimes it's quicker to see it a car. And those services have been very life changing for me. we're thankful for those car sharing services. - I would definitely tag onto that and I agree with pretty much everything. He said their public transit tends to be fairly unreliable, but yeah, car sharing as a whole is a really, really good program and we utilize it quite a bit here as well. Car to go reach now. We don't use the car so much, but yeah, we definitely utilize the car sharing programs. Uber lift as well. Anything that we can do to not have to drive ourselves is generally pretty good thing to do. - Yeah, I should be more generic because yeah, Uber fits in there as well. There's a lot of those different things. And even here in San Francisco, we have Scoot, which I'm a member, but I haven't watched this safety video, so I can't ride yet until I do that. But there's little electric scooters that zip around, and they work kind of like car to go and reach now, or you can just pick one up and dump it off somewhere else on the side of the road, kind of like the bikes that are in Seattle right now. You just dump it off on the side of the road and somebody else will find it and you're good to go. - Just throwing like Washington's, I just thought it'd fall down the hill, man. I mean, as long as you and your trip first, you'll be all right, don't worry about it. (laughing) - So my last and third item is the software Plex, which I've recently started using. It was recently introduced to me and I hadn't heard of it actually really that much before this. And what Plex is, is it's a at home media server basically. So it'll index your photos, your music, your videos, pretty much anything you have as far as multimedia. And then it creates a server endpoint that you can then hook to with apps from your phone, from Apple TV, from Fire TV, from any of the major players have apps for Plex. and it'll let you stream your content anywhere you need to. So in my case, I had a whole library of iTunes audio that I never used anymore. I just pretty much relied on Spotify and everything kind of was, everything that I used to have from iTunes was kind of stored away on a drive that never got access to, never got used. And now suddenly all this content is available to me all the time. So I can play any of that music anytime I want. Same goes for any of my personal videos. They're now all indexed by Plex. I can pull them up anywhere. If I'm with my parents or something back in my hometown, I don't want to be like, hey, look at this cool video that we shot. I can pull it up right there without it being on my phone. Specifically, it's just streaming it over the wire. The other thing that's pretty cool about it is it'll actually transcode on the fly. So whatever server you have it running on, it will, if I'm on my mobile and this video happened to be shot in some crazy high-res 4K, there's no reason my phone should be streaming that. So it'll transcode it down to something that's more suitable for my phone to be displaying. And it just does all that automatically. So really, really awesome software. I really, really, really love it. Well, you know, if you want to put the username and password in the show notes, I'd sure appreciate that along with some of our... The Plexus Awesome. I don't have it personally, but I saw your demo. Then it was very impressive just all the different things you could do with it and how responsive it was. Yeah, I should do that. I used to have media center back in the day and did some media center stuff. So it's been a while, but that would be the way to go. If I did it again. - Yeah, and that's more or less what it is is a much, much more well thought out and much better built out media center. - Yeah, basically. - Yeah, that's sweet. That's awesome. I'm kind of, I wasn't prepared for this. I'm trying to think of a third item and I don't want to do it half-assed here, but I might be doing that anyway. I don't know. I thought of maybe like the Phillips Hue, although that's not a huge thing, but I do love having LED lights. I'm a big ambiance guy, and so it's very nice to have different colored lights in the house, and have some control over that. So maybe that would be one. I did think about adding that to my list as well. And did you see they released a new release here? I think they just released it this morning, at least to iOS. So now you can set your routines to turn on and off based on sunrise and sunset for your location, which was something they were missing and that really annoyed the shit out of me because I'd have to constantly adjust the on and off time in the evenings. Oh sure. So now you can just, you have based on sunset time. Nice. That's a good one. I'll have to see if I got the update on that yet. I would like that. Dim the lights a little. Can you have it just dim down to 20% or what, how does that work? Yeah, anything, anything you can do on a routine, you can base it off with sunrise or sunset. So whatever you wanted to do. That's awesome. I'll have to check that out. Yeah, I'm gonna leave it at that right now. I can't think of any of them. I'm sure I'm missing something big. Of course, my Kindle goes everywhere I go and I've got the remarkable tablets just having having my content digitally like that is really great because I travel so much and I enjoy having all my books with me at the same time. That'd be another one probably. And maybe the spin wants to get that? Well, it would have made my wish list if I had it in my house, but I don't know. We'll see. They're making good progress over there though. I've seen some more updates from people online and I can't wait. It's gonna be great. It's gonna be the best. It'll be on my list next year when we do this, when we do our Thanksgiving episode in 2018. Our favorite products of 2018. Yeah, that's right. That'll be like the New Year episode. You gotta do that like New Year's Eve episode. Favorite products. Ooh, you want to do an episode on New Year's Eve? Well, we recorded it earlier. I'm not gonna do it. I'm not going to be in any shape to do it in the suit on New Year's Eve. No, not really. So many interesting things might come out if we do that episode. We'll save that one. We'll record that in the studio well in advance of that holiday. That's great. Roomba, do you have a Roomba? No, I don't have a Roomba. I don't know. Is it worth it? I have a Roomba. I have a Roomba. And I do love it. I actually really do love it. It's nice that I can just kind of turn it on in the morning or something like that as I'm doing other things and it'll just kind of do its thing and pick up all the dog hair and cat hair and other random crap that's on my floor. And that all sounds well and good and the other thing that really peaked my interest was setting it up on a schedule. So I could say, you know, clean the house every day while I'm at work. So start at one o'clock in the afternoon or something and it would be done by the time I got home. Which sounds great, but the thing that you fail to think about or at least I did was that you have to empty the damn thing. Which, you know, if you don't remember, then it's just going to sit there and do nothing or it's going to sit there and complain that it's full or whatever it does. But beyond that, I definitely love the product. It does a pretty good job. It actually picks up a lot more stuff than I anticipated it would. The other problem that it does have that I've noticed is It has a hard time going from hard surfaces, which most of our floors are to carpet or rugs, which we have one of in our place. So it pretty much can't get up on the rug. - That's tough. Yeah, it's not a big lip either, I guess. It just doesn't have the oomph to get over that. - Yep, it detects it as a wall, 'cause what it does is it bumps into things, and once it bumps into that rug, it triggers whatever that little sensor is, the bumper and it turns around and goes the other way. So anyway, Rumba now added some additional functionality, not to the model that I have, but some of the more smarter additions. It now supports if this then that functionality, which is kind of cool. So kind of similar to what I was just describing instead of having it on a schedule, maybe you could say, as I exit the house, it should start cleaning and it can do that based off of if this then that from your phone. Or another example that they give in their article is if a phone call, if you answer a phone call, like maybe the roomba stops so that you don't have to listen to backhuming noise in the background of your phone call stuff. - Oh, that'd be nice. - Pretty cool functionality. They have quite a slew of options that you can interact with and I don't know why you do some of these, but there's anything from post to tweet when roomba finishes the cleaning job to posting on Facebook to the stuff you could do stuff with the hue lights even. - Yeah, flash the lights. - If there's something obstacle in the way, I don't know. - Or even when it completes the flashful lights or something to that effect. - Kind of a cool integration. My Roomba unfortunately is not quite smart enough to handle this, but still pretty cool stuff. - I like it. I was jotting down some ideas for some product ideas that I'm gonna get to work on after the show, building some ramps. Roomba ramp. Maybe any ramps out there? They will. There's some money to be made right there. The Roomba ramp for the trash can, so that thing can drive up and dump itself into the trash. I'm gonna work on that. (laughing) Yeah. And then, you know, a smaller ramp, just for getting up on the carpet, that sort of thing. (laughing) Drives are right up to your garbage can and unloads. Yeah, there's got to be a way to do that. I don't think that would be that hard to do. I think we can figure that one out, put it on our website. Well, very nice. That's cool. That's cool, tech. Lots to be grateful for like the end of the show. Grateful for that as well. (laughs) - Episode five in the can. - That's episode five, coffee code cast. Take us home. - You can contact us on Twitter at coffee code cast. Mike's Twitter is @PragmaMike, PR-A-G-M-A-M-I-K-E. Kyle's Twitter is @KyleP Johnson. If you want to shout out us or ask us a question, you can use the hashtag #Ask3C. That's number three. You can email us at coffeecodecast@gmail.com. We have a website. There's nothing there yet, but it's www.coffeecodecast.com. You can also use coffeecodecast.libsinn.com. That's currently where you'll find all our details. You can subscribe to us on SoundCloud, Stitcher, Google Play, Music, iTunes, and Tune-in. We do need to look at the SoundCloud integration. We'll get that fixed up here momentarily. And if you can take a minute to rate us like us, share us, tell a friend. Seriously, we'd love to have anybody with you. [Music]